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IV / 2007

Submission of proposals
Multiculturalism, Pluralism and Globalization
Interdisciplinary Conference
Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies
Office of International Education and Department of History, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
4.–5.10.2007 — La Crosse, WI (USA)
  • immigration and diasporas
  • »clash of civilizations«
  • diversity
  • definitions of community
  • economic class and property
  • race, ethnicity and language
  • nationalism and the nation
  • separatism, tolerance, and integration
  • identity politics
  • national or tribal membership and identity
  • ecologies of place or of culture
  • human rights, civil rights and natural law
  • religious/ethical values and identity
  • class, caste and gender
  • sources of collective forms of violence
Submission of proposals
The Politics of Religion-Making
International Conference
Hofstra Cultural Center and Department of Religion, Hofstra University
4-6.10.2007 — Hempstead, NY (USA)
  • How exactly were the concepts of religion and world-religions discursively validated in particular non-Western localities?
  • How does the continuing globalization and appropriation of religion affect religious claims of authenticity and particularity?
  • In what ways have marginalized communities adopted locally valid concepts of religion as a means of religion-political emancipation?
  • How does religion continue to function in the contemporary global economy of ideas and commodities?
  • More specifically, what are strategies with which the institutionalized study of religion (academe) responds to the theoretical deconstruction of the concepts through which it is legitimized?
  • Can new theoretical work on the politics of religion-making impact upon our understandings of contemporary multiculturalism?
  • To what extent can locally specific, nationalized/ethicized conceptions of religion respond to the idea of religion as a universal, and contribute to larger political and philosophical debates about the nature of democracy?
Submission of proposals
Philosophy and Race
California Roundtable on Philosophy and Race
California State University at Northridge
5.–6.10.2007 — Northridge, CA (USA)
The roundtable brings together philosophers of race, and those working in related fields, in a small and congenial setting to share their work and to help further this sub-discipline. Papers are invited on any philosophical issue regarding race, ethnicity, or racism, and including those that take up race in the context of another topic, such as ethics, justice, culture, identity, feminism, biology, phenomenology, existentialism, psychoanalysis, metaphysics, or epistemology.
Submission of proposals
Crossing Over
Learning to Navigate the Borderlands of Intercultural Encounters
Interdisciplinary Conference
Cleveland State University
5.–7.10.2007 — Cleveland, OH (USA)
  • Gender Issues
  • Ethnicity
  • Race
  • Identity
  • Migration
  • Creolization
  • Nationality
  • Religion
  • Class
  • Caste
  • Age
  • Hybridity
  • Language Contact
Submission of proposals
A Humanitarian as Broad as the World
Abraham Lincoln's Legacy in International Context
International Conference
German Historical Institute (GHI)
5.–7.10.2007 — Washington, DC (USA)
  • How, why, and in what historical contexts have Lincoln's notions of political equality inspired reformist and revolutionary leaders in widely different societies worldwide?
  • What significance should we attach to the fact that his international reputation began to grow sharply after 1945—that is, just when former European colonies were asserting their independence?
  • Did Lincoln's legacy influence or even hasten the decolonization process?
  • How have the image and iconography of Lincoln been used to advance human rights in Africa, South and Central America, and elsewhere?
  • What do these perceptions of Lincoln tell us about those producing these images and symbols?
  • Has this self-made man and martyred president been perceived as a representative of the American dream or as a universal prophet of freedom and brotherhood?
Cultures of globalization and the globalization of culture
Interdisciplinary Conference
International Research Center for Cultural Studies
11.–13.10.2007 — Vienna (Austria)
  • Conceptualizing Global Cultures
  • Space, Place, Culture
  • Architecture, Urbanism, and the Postcolonial
  • Travelling Images and the Power of Vision
Submission of proposals
Tactics of Resistance
Limitations and Possibilities
Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference
Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism, University of Western Ontario
12.–13.10.2007 — London, ON (Canada)
  • Interdisciplinarity as an academic tactic
  • Redefining nationhood
  • Issues of resistance: class, citizenship and migration
  • Dissemination of local resistance
  • Global, local and transnational dynamics of resistance
  • First nations and the politics of citizenship
  • Feminist critiques of the narratives of resistance
  • Tactics of engagement
  • Humour, mimicry, parody, irony as tactic
  • Visual culture as a site of confrontation
  • The power of subaltern knowledge
  • The political unconscious
  • Resisting/existing queer identities
  • Artistic interventions
  • Resisting resistance
  • The (im)possibility of transgression
Modernity and Locality
Discrete Spaces in Global Culture
Interdisciplinary Symposium
Binghamton University
12.–13.10.2007 — Binghamton, NY (USA)
The current rise of transnational studies in the humanities and social sciences has made us aware of the constraints of traditionally bounded areas of area studies as well as those of national frameworks. Scholars respond in different ways to the current direction of transnational studies. Some emphasize the universalizing and homogenizing tendencies of global modernity, while others turn to the study of particular communities, places, and histories to expose the »parochialism of the West.« At this juncture, it is therefore urgent that we re-assess our methodologies and reconceptualize the relation between the local and the global, the particular and the universal, in an interdisciplinary forum.
Gestión de la Diversidad
Encuentro Nacional
Cuerpo Académico »Estudios Interculturales«, Universidad Veracruzana y Universidad Veracruzana Intercultural
12.–13.10.2007 — Boca del Río, Ver. (México)
  • La diversidad ante el desafío de las migraciones
  • La diversidad en el contexto indígena / post-indigenista
  • La diversidad como diálogo intercultural e interactoral de saberes
  • La diversidad en las interacciones internacionales
Submission of proposals
Sensing the Other, Living in Nepantla
Colonial and Post-Colonial Remembering and Forgetfulness
Chimalpahin Conference 2007
Enkidu Magazine
International Society for Cultural History and Cultural Studies (CHiCS)
15.–18.10.2007 — Mexico City (Mexico)
  • Conquest and Continuity
  • Borders and borderlands
  • Intra-ethnic translations
  • Representations of otherness
  • Historical stereotypes in the construction of the past and the present
  • Gendered spaces
  • Reinterpretations of history and histories about colonialism and post-colonialism
  • Memory and archives
  • The interaction of categories like nation, gender, class, and religion
  • Education and nation-building in post-colonial societies
  • Identities in transition
  • Historical memory
  • Political memory
  • Narrative and linguistics
  • Narrative and myth
  • Voice and reflexivity in oral and written records
  • Story, dialogue and discourse
  • Testimonial narratives
  • Memory and written record
  • Language, authority and silence
Envío de ponencias
¿Es posible una filosofía humanizante en un mundo globalizado?
XIV Jornadas Filosóficas
Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Universidad Autónoma de Tlaxcala
17.–19.10.2007 — Tlaxcala, Tlax. (México)
  • Ética
  • Filosofía política
  • Epistemología
  • Filosofía mexicana y Latinoamericana
  • Filosofía de la educación
  • Filosofía de la cultura y hermenéutica
  • El filosofar de los pueblos originarios
  • Filosofía feminista latinoamericana
  • El filosofar nuestroamericano
Submission of proposals
Historical Perspectives on Engendering War, Peace and Justice
5th International Conference
Peace History Society (PHS)
Georgian Court University
19.–20.10.2007 — Lakewood, NJ (USA)
  • Just War theory and gender
  • the historical development of concepts of justice and their relationship to gender
  • the use of war and peace initiatives as justifications for rescuing women
  • masculine and feminine constructions of peacemaking and social justice
  • gender and war/peace talk; race, class, and gender-based constructions of justice
  • the interrelationships between gender, race and class in peace and social justice movements
  • religion, gender and peace
Submission of proposals
Global Security Challenges
When New and Old Issues Intersect
ISAC/ISSS 2007 Conference
International Security and Arms Control Section (ISAC) of American Political Science Association
International Security Studies Section (ISSS) of International Studies Association
19.–20.10.2007 — Montreal, QC (Canada)
In the post-Cold War era, considerable scholarly attention has been devoted to non-traditional security challenges such as pandemic diseases, environmental degradation, population growth, ethnic and religious conflicts, gender violence, transnational terrorism, and refugees. These threats often ignore borders, and so the intensification of globalization gives them new import. In the post-September 11th international system, there is a growing realization that new and old security challenges intersect and affect each other. The conference seeks to address the dynamics resulting from the meeting of new and old security challenges.
Submission of proposals
Peace in International Relations
Annual Conference
Millennium: Journal of International Studies
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
20.–21.10.2007 — London (UK)
  • What does peace mean today?
  • How has the concept of peace developed over time?
  • Who can make peace?
  • Should peace be the ultimate aim of international relations?
Droits et cultures
Journées d’Études Internationales
Réseau Droit(s) contre Loi
Université Paris VII
24.–25.10.2007 — Paris (France)
  • La reconnaissance en question
  • Droit(s) et politique
  • Les échelles du droit
  • L'identité en question
Envío de resúmenes
La igualdad
Antiguos y nuevos desafíos
X Simposio de la Asociación Iberoamericana de Filosofía Política
Asociación Iberoamericana de Filosofía Política
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana
24.–26.10.2007 — México, D.F. (México)
  • El valor de la igualdad política ante el ocaso de toda metafísica
  • Estado, nación y derechos
  • Consumo, desarrollo e igualdad en América Latina
  • Espacio público, confesionalidad y democracia
  • Las paradojas del igualitarismo: la igualdad en las democracias pluralistas
  • Género e igualdad
  • Escenarios de la democracia y la igualdad en la era global
  • Justicia e igualdad: la discusión contemporánea
  • Igualdad, globalización y exclusión: el desafío filosófico feminista
  • Perspectivas críticas de la igualdad: entre los desafíos del poder y el derecho de las víctima
Submission of proposals
European Culture
IX International Conference
Center for European Studies, University of Navarra
24.–27.10.2007 — Pamplona (Spain)
  • Culture
  • Europe
  • Multiculturalism
  • Intercultural Dialogue
  • Cultural Transfer
  • European Identity
  • Migrations
  • Cultural Management
  • Cultural Politics
  • Economy and Culture
  • Borders and Frontiers
  • Small Cultures
  • Arts and Literature
Submission of proposals
Immigration, Minorities and Multiculturalism in Democracies
Interdisciplinary Conference
Department of Political Studies, Queen's University Départment de Science Politique, Université de Montréal
25.–27.10.2007 — Montreal (Canada)
  • Origins / history of ethno-cultural communities, immigrant and indigenous
  • The reciprocal impact of political and economic institutions on ethno-cultural communities
  • International and transnational dimensions of population movements
  • Multi-culturalism in theory and practice in liberal democracies
Submission of proposals
Muslim World in Transition
Contributions of the Gulen Movement
International Conference
House of Lords
School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)
London School of Economics (LSE)
25.–27.10.2007 — London (UK)
The so-called »Muslim World« is undergoing change and transition both politically and sociologically. This conference aims to explore the Gulen movement’s past, present and potential-future influence on this transition. The Movement's projects regarding North-South divide, East-West relations and development of a fully human society in Europe are of particular interest for the purposes of this conference. Gulen's re-reading and re-understanding of religious text will also be explored within the context of renewal and re-interpretation in Islam.
Submission of proposals
Ethics and National Security
Interdisciplinary Symposium
Ethics Centre, Saint Paul University
25.–27.10.2007 — Ottawa, ON (Canada)
  • Defining Security in various contexts: the information-based world, virtual nation-states, the post 9/11 era of fear, the broadened world order
  • The influence of ethics on national security policy
  • The influence of culture on ethics and security issues
  • Measuring ethical performance in a changing security environment
  • The ethics agenda in times of change
  • The role of ethics in a contemporary conflict environment
  • The role of culture, society and ethics in peace operations
  • Health and security: spread of infectious diseases, bioterrorism
  • National security and privacy rights
  • National security and public perception of it
  • The scope of security—from securing borders to affecting individual rights
  • Security and the environment
  • Security as a control mechanism: the curtailing of dissent
  • Security and indigenous peoples
  • Security and the rights of women
  • Security and the evolving nature of peace-keeping
Submission of proposals
Public Memory and Ethnicity
Interdisciplinary Conference
York Center for Public Memory Studies, Lewis and Clark College
26.–28.10.2007 — Portland, OR (USA)
This conference seeks to connect with and extend our understanding of public memory by considering its relationship with race and ethnicity. How does public memory carve up race and ethnicity? How do race and ethnicity constrain public memory? These questions only begin a long list of interesting problems found at the nexus of public memory and ethnicity. The conference will explore these issues and related problems regarding the influence of remembrance on the order of things.
Submission of proposals
Pathways of Human Dignity
From Cultural Traditions to a New Paradigm
International Conference
European Science Foundation
University of Linköping
31.10.–4.11.2007 — Vadstena (Sweden)
Human Dignity is a notion of central moral, legal, political and philosophical importance, as has been widely accepted since the United Nations adopted its Universal Declaration of Human Rights nearly 60 years ago. There is much that remains unclear, however, regarding the historical roots of the notion of human dignity, its role in the history of different religions and cultural traditions, and its internal relationship to human rights. Moreover, within current debates over international justice and bioethics, both the implications of this notion and its precise content are deeply controversial. The conference aims to bring together the various perspectives on and debates over human dignity and to identify, from the perspectives of different disciplines, what further research is needed.
Submission of proposals
Challenging Cultures of Death
Mercy Not Sacrifice
Cross-cultural Conference
Center for Gender and Women's Studies, Trinity College Dublin
Institute for Feminism and Religion
2.–4.11.2007 — Dublin (Ireland)
  • Theory:
    Given the violent history of the 20th century, the threats facing humanity and the Earth, and the resurgence of violent religious fundamentalisms in the 21st century, Enlightenment optimism toward the social order has now largely collapsed. Post-modernist thinkers variously interrogate the libidinal economy, the sacrificial social contract, biopolitics, the culture of the death drives, and the violence of mourning.
  • Resistance:
    In the most despotic regimes, isolated individuals, as well as many conscientious objectors, have resisted cultural imperatives. What enables them to resist?
  • Theology:
    The main Abrahamic faiths often represent their founding acts through narratives of sacrifice. How does this relate to the cultural valorization of death in combat, or martyrdom?
Envío de propuestas
Identidad y diferencia
XIV Congreso de Filosofía
Asociación Filosófica de México
4.–9.11.2007 — Mazatlán, Sin. (México)
  • Ciencias cognitivas y filosofía de la mente
  • Estudios cruzados sobre la modernidad
  • Ética institucional
  • Filosofía de la cultura
  • Filosofía del juego
  • Filosofía política
  • Filosofía y literatura
  • Humanidad y animalidad. Reflexiones en torno a su identidad y diferencia
  • La existencia de las diversidades culturales tradicionales
  • La enseñanza de la »identidad y la diferencia«
Submission of proposals
Spirituality, Social Capital and Self Reliance in Africa
Global African Colloquium
Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilization (CBAAC)
Pan-African Strategic and Policy Research Group (PANAFSTRAG)
L'Institut de Développement et d'Echanges Endogènes (IDEE)
4.–9.11.2007 — Ouidah (Benin)
  • Spirituality: Theoretical and Philosophical Foundations
  • Spirituality in Diplomacy and Conflicts
  • Legal and Judicial Processes
  • Government and Civil Administration
  • Arts, Crafts, Science and Technology
  • Commerce and Industry
  • Health Care Delivery System
  • New Religious Movements
  • Spirituality, Social Capital and Gender
  • Ecology and Environment
  • Music, Dance, Sports and Folklore
  • Family, Youth and Education
  • Media, Spirituality and Social Action
  • Spirituality, Poverty and Development
  • Religion, Spirituality and Social Capital
  • Religious Fundamentalism, Spirituality and Social Capital
Ethics in Democracy
International Conference
Centre de Recherche en Éthique, Université de Montréal
Embassy of Canada in Riga
Latvian Centre for Human Rights
5.–6.11.2007 — Riga (Latvia)
  • The Contemporary Evolution of Ethics
  • Pluralism and Citizenship
  • The Case of Public Education – Identity shaping
  • Deliberation – Legitimacy and Transparency of Political Decision-Making Process
  • Corruption and Dysfunctional Democracy
  • The Role of the Judge in Democracy
  • Extending Ethical Concerns – The Corporate Social Responsibility
Submission of proposals
Information and Communication Technologies, Transparency and Corporate Responsibility
Social and Ethical Considerations in the Global Economy
International Conference
Carnegie Mellon University
Universidade Católica Portuguesa
7.–9.11.2007 — Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Ethical concerns related to transparency in business organizations
  • Case studies of transparent business practices and their use of ICT tools
  • Ethical concerns related to transparency in other types of organizations (e.g. NGOs, educational, heath, and humanitarian)
  • Relationships and conflicts between the transparency and other ethical values (e.g. privacy)
  • Philosophical justifications and criticisms of the value of transparency
  • Transparency metrics: How to measure it?
  • Transparency and business performance: enhancement or obstacle?
  • The impact of ICT on transparency in business organizations
  • The impact of ICT on transparency in other social organizations (e.g. NGOs, educational, heath and humanitarian)
  • Wiki, Blogs and so on: social and ethical issues
  • The Digital Divide: does transparency matter?
Submission of proposals
Cultural Encounters and Historical Practice
International Conference
Nordic Network for Global Cultural History
Carlsberg Akademi
7.–9.11.2007 — Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • The concept of cultural encounter
  • Cultural encounters and structural change
  • Violent clashes and cultural confrontations
  • Pre-colonial, colonial, postcolonial cultural encounters
  • Economic structures and cultural encounters
  • Legal, intimate, and mission encounters in comparative perspective
  • Writing encounters with multiple perspectives – the problem of asymmetric sources
  • Strategies for writing the history of peoples without written documents
  • Europeans abroad – non-Europeans in Europe
  • Counting and quantification as a way of studying cultural encounters
  • Material culture and cultural encounters
  • Imperial ideologies as shaping or being shaped by concrete encounters
Submission of proposals
Debate in the Neighborhood
Community Outreach Through Debate
Interdisciplinary Conference
International Debate Education Association (IDEA)
Vytautas Magnus University
7.–9.11.2007 — Kaunas (Lithuania)
  • Educational Neighborhoods
  • Youth, Ethnic, and Gender Relations and the Neighbourhood
  • The International Neighbourhood
  • Community, Family, and Social Groups
  • Youth, Ethnic, and Gender Relations and the Neighbourhood
  • Mass Media and the Neighbourhood
  • Literature/Art/Music and the Neighbourhood
Submission of proposals
Tribes and Nations
Persistence and Adaptation of Indigenous Identities
2007 Meeting
American Society for Ethnohistory
Department of Anthropology, University of Tulsa
7.–10.11.2007 — Tulsa, OK (USA)
We particularly invite proposals that address the theme of the persistence of cultural identity over time through creative adaptation. We also welcome proposals that address issues of emerging nationalism in indigenous societies in all parts of the world.
Submission of proposals
Oral History
The Art of Dialogue
International Conference
Institute of History, Jagiellonian University
8.–10.11.2007 — Krakow (Poland)
  • Cross-cultural dialogues
  • Collective memory vs. private memory: a dialogue
  • Disciplines in dialogue: oral history perspectives
  • Oral history and public history
Submission of proposals
Confucian Thoughts in Viet Nam
Studies from an Interdisciplinary Perspective
5th International Conference on Confucianism in Viet Nam
Institute of Han-Nom Studies, Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences
Harvard-Yenching Institute
8.–10.11.2007 — Hanoi (Vietnam)
  • The Historical Process of Confucianism in Viet Nam
  • The Circulation and Reception of the Confucian Classics in Viet Nam
  • Interdisciplinary Research on Confucianism in Viet Nam
Submission of proposals
Terrorism, Pacifism and the Culture of War
Interdisciplinary Conference
Bethany College
8.–10.11.2007 — Bethany, WV (USA)
  • Gandhi and the philosophy of non-cooperation
  • television, terrorism and war/peace discourse(s)
  • Muslim-Christian relations in an age of terror
  • origins of terrorism (past and present)
  • arts, war and peace
  • strategies for peace in a time of terror
  • peace narratives in contemporary film and literature
  • terror, politics and economics
  • the internationalization of terrorism
  • violence and religion post 9/11
  • Gandhi and MLK, Jr.: theories of resistance and nonviolence
  • the paradox of violence
  • film, war and a discourse of dissent
  • contemporary anti-war poetry
  • the paradox of violence
  • terrorism: what is it?
  • terrorism and the role of radical religions
  • suicide terrorism
  • the objectives of terrorism
  • »tradecraft« – the tactics of terrorism
  • terrorism, targeting, ethnicity and race
  • homeland security (anti-terror policy)
  • fundamentalisms, pluralism and the conditions for war and peace
  • terrorism and nationalism
  • Europe and Islamic fundamentalist terrorism
Submission of proposals
Multiculturalism, modernity and citizenship in Canada
Interdisciplinary Conference
Marc Bloch University
9.–10.11.2007 — Strasbourg (France)
  • Citizenship, multiculturalism and identities. The modernity of Canadian society
  • Nation or nations? What citizenship for the aboriginal native peoples of Canada?
  • Linguistic pluralism and citizenship: theory, policy and practice
Submission of proposals
Context-Dependence, Perspective and Relativity in Language and Thought
International Conference
Ecole Normale Supérieure
9.–11.11.2007 — Paris (France)
Submission of proposals
Globalization of the Gandhian Way
Sociology, Politics and Science of Satyagraha between 1906 and 2006
Satyagraha Centenary International Conference
Centre for the Study of Social Systems, Jawaharlal Nehru University
13.–19.11.2007 — New Delhi and Bheetiharwa (India)
  • Sociology of Satyagraha
  • Science of Satyagraha
  • Politics of Satyagraha
  • Philosophical Debates on Satyagraha: Violence, Non-violence and Civil Disobedience
  • Eminent Satyagrahis of the 20th Century: Their methods and contributions
  • Satyagraha and People's Movements in India in the 20th Century
  • Representation of Satyagraha in Popular Culture: Mass Media, Films, Literature and Art
  • Satyagraha after Gandhi: Global spread of Satyagraha
  • Globalization, Neo-Imperialism and Satyagraha
  • Racism, Casteism, Communalism and Gender violence and Satyagraha
  • Challenges for the Gandhian way in 21st Century: Re-discovering Gandhi today
  • Youth of today and the Gandhian way
Submission of proposals
Borders and Boundaries
14th Nordic Migration Researcher Conference
International Migration and Ethnic Relations Research Unit (IMER), University of Bergen
14.–16.11.2007 — Bergen (Norway)
  • Transnationalism and the relevance of borders
  • Mobility and gender
  • Globalizing idioms and human rights
Torture and Terror
International Conference
Law School, University of Hull
15.–16.11.2007 — Hull (UK)
Although prohibited by customary international law, the practice of torture has persevered worldwide and has long been regarded in security circles to be justifiable as a practical necessity. Against the backdrop of the war on terror, we have seen the recent dramatic development of an intellectual defence of torture: a number of respectable scholars, lawyers and politicians have begun to present sophisticated arguments seeking to justify torture in certain circumstances, in particular to prevent acts of terror. These claims, in conjunction with more established reasoning against the practice, make this an opportune time to re-examine the torture debate.
Submission of proposals
Matchpoints in Globalisation
The Knowledge-Based Economy, Identities and the Transforming State
International Interdisciplinary Conference
Political Studies Association of Ireland
Irish Department of Foreign Affairs
Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Danish Ministry of Economy and Business Affairs
University of Aarhus
15.–17.11.2007 — Aarhus (Denmark)
  • Globalisation and the role of the public sector
  • Social capital and social capability as factors in economic development
  • The knowledge-based economy: macro and micro-economic studies
  • Theorising globalisation
  • Globalisation as a challenge to social cohesion
  • Globalisation, regionalisation and the transformation of the state
  • Transnational management
  • Ireland, Denmark and EU: from modernisation to globalisation
  • Translation theory and intercultural communication
  • Identity and globalisation
  • Nationality and cosmopolitanism
  • Market, research and higher education
Submission of proposals
A Boon or a Bane?
International Conference
The Social Capital Foundation
15.–19.11.2007 — Honolulu, HI (USA)
Multi-ethnicity is subject to a heavily contested debate. Its importance for society is huge: first, because it developed considerably in the Western countries in only a few decades; second, because its emergence involves – beyond an increased ability for cross-cultural communication – the transformation of crucial ancestral dimensions, such as culture, biology, family relationships, and relation to ancestors, as well as concepts of sexuality and death, and belonging to a nation or community.
These transformations may have considerable impact on social behavior in a wide range of contexts, including economic life and political democracy. All these transformations are far from being an »easy process«, contrary to what political leadership may suggest.
This conference will bring together social scientists, economists, policymakers, social workers and the widest spectrum of the involved players to explore the issues arising in an increasingly multiethnic society.
Patientenverfügung aus der Perspektive einer kulturübergreifenden Bioethik
Interdisziplinäre Arbeitstagung
Ethik-Zentrum, Universität Zürich
16.–17.11.2007 — Zürich (Schweiz)
Die Patientenverfügung ist eine der Praktiken im Gesundheitswesen, in der zwei für die Ethik relevante Begriffe sichtbar werden: Autonomie und Identität. Es soll aus der Perspektive einer kulturübergreifenden Bioethik diskutiert werden, ob die Patientenverfügung nur in den Kulturkreisen zur Anwendung kommt (und kommen kann), in denen ein individualistisches Bild des Patienten oder der Patientin als autonomes, von anderen unabhängiges Individuum den Ausschlag gibt. Am Workshop sollen nicht nur implizierte kulturelle Vorannahmen in der Praxis von Patientenverfügungen aufgedeckt werden, sondern auch die Auswirkungen, die eine Kulturvarianz auf die begriffliche Formulierung von Autonomie und Identität nimmt.
Submission of proposals
The Erotic
Exploring Critical Issues
3rd Global Conference
16.–18.11.2007 — Salzburg (Austria)
  • The erotic and identity: disability, ethnicity, gender, class and otherness
  • The erotic, law and crime
  • The erotic in education and the education of the erotic
  • The erotic in popular culture
  • The erotic in literature and on the screen
  • The erotic and its relationship to pornography and exploitation
  • The erotic, ethics and philosophy
  • The erotic and the eroticised or de-eroticised body
  • The erotic: absence, control and excess
  • The erotic and sexual representation
  • The erotic in media – film, print, tv, internet
  • The erotic and (neo-)colonialism
  • The erotic as the making of the exotic
  • The erotic and the phenomenological
Submission of proposals
Pluralism, Inclusion and Citizenship
3rd Global Conference
16.–18.11.2007 — Salzburg (Austria)
  1. Challenging Old Concepts of Citizen and Alien
  2. Nations, Fluid Boundaries and Citizenship
  3. Institutions, Organizations and Social Movements
  4. Persons, Personhood and the Inter-Personal
  5. Media and Artistic Representations
  6. Transnational Political Interlacing of Contemporary Life
  7. New Concepts, New Forms of Inclusion
Submission of proposals
Image of Man and the World in ›Mahabharata‹ and ›Bhagavad-Gita‹
2nd International Conference
Department for Philosophy and Religion Study, Vladimir State University
Philosophical Society of Vladimir
Society for Russian-Indian Friendship
20.–21.11.2007 — Vladimir (Russia)
  • Tolerance in the society , dialogue of cultures and becoming of the new order of the civilization
  • Hermeneutics and intertextuality of culture
  • Concretization and contextualization as the strategies of culture
  • Interdisciplinary study of text; ancient knowledge in the terms of modern science
  • Avatara: a genesis of philosophical concept (from Vyasadeva to Badieu)
  • Discreet and continual in the translation of the tradition
  • Dialectics of orthodoxy and orthopraxy in the Hindu religious experience
  • Gift economy of traditional societies
  • Value of Indo-European tradition for the formation of ethically motivated intellectual elite
  • Vedic Tradition and its role in the globalization of cultures
  • Vedic Tradition in Russia. Russia as a global intellectual center between East and West
Human Security and Globalization
4th Edition of the East-West Dialogue
Casa Asia
Ajuntament de Barcelona
21.–22.11.2007 — Barcelona (Spain)
  • Women Waging War for Peace and Sustainable Development
  • Energy and Democratic Leadership: the Debate on Human Security
  • The Nuclear Debate
  • Migrations and Identities: an Intellectual Eyesight from the East and the West
Etnia y nación
¿Conceptos contrapuestos?
Seminario Interdisciplinario
Centro de Investigaciones Sobre América Latina y el Caribe (CIALC), Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
21.–22.11.2007 — México, D.F. (México)
Contactos y Cooperación a través de las fronteras
Pueblos originarios y afroamericanos. Convenio 169 OIT
XVII Jornadas Lascasianas Internacionales
Universidad Rafael Landívar
21.–23.11.2007 — Quetzaltenango (Guatemala)
  • Literatura, lengua y derecho
  • Fronteras, desarrollo y etnodesarrollo
  • Fronteras nacionales y fronteras étnicas
  • Fronteras y derechos humanos
  • Contactos y cooperación a través de las fronteras
  • África en América
The Future of Representative Democracy
International Workshop
Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB)
European Science Foundation
22.–24.11.2007 — Berlin (Germany)
  • representative government
  • post-representative democracy
  • democratic performance
  • institutional failure
  • challenges to democracy
Einsendung von Vorschlägen
Ethik und/oder Gerechtigkeit nach der Postmoderne
Revisionen der Medien, Politik und Künste im 21. Jahrhundert
8. interdisziplinäre, internationale Graduiertenkonferenz
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen/Nürnberg
Gradnet e.V.
23.–25.11.2007 — Erlangen (Deutschland)
  • Ethik der Dekonstruktion/Dekonstruktion der Ethik
  • Gerechtigkeit zwischen Erinnerung und Geschichte
  • Ethik und Narration
  • Interkulturalität, interkulturelle Ethik und Hermeneutik
  • Ethik und (kulturelle) Übersetzung
  • Medientheorie als Medienethik
  • Gouvernementalität und Biopolitik
  • Ethisches Handeln zwischen Subjektivation und Selbsttechnologie
  • Gender und Gerechtigkeit
  • Konstruktion von (nationalen) Identitäten
  • Eigenes und Fremdes; Inklusion und Exklusion
  • Neuer Antisemitismus
  • Grenzen (politisch, ästhetisch, religiös)
  • Grenzen des Humanen
  • Religiösität und Fanatismus, Terrorismus und Fundamentalismus
  • Transmarxistische Kulturkritik, postmarxistische Politik
  • Grenzen des postmodernen Liberalismus
  • Weltgesellschaft - Weltethik
  • (Gast-)Freundschaft
Submission of proposals
Language, Culture and Power
12th Annual Conference
Association for Promoting Nigerian Languages and Culture (APNILAC)
Imo State University
25.–29.11.2007 — Owerri, Imo State (Nigeria)
The conference, as its central theme suggests, explores the critical issues that are thrown up when the concepts of language, culture and power have interplay of roles.
Submission of proposals
Religious Innovation in East Asia
International Conference
Australian National University
28.–30.11.2007 — Canberra (Australia)
  • New religious movements
  • New formations of Buddhism, Islam and other established religions
  • Cultivation and self-cultivation, especially qigong and related activities
  • Religious innovation in the diasporas
  • Theoretical and methodological issues related to religious innovation
  • Popular religion in contemporary societies
Submission of proposals
Demokratische Legitimation ethischer Entscheidungen
Interdisziplinäres Forschungskolloquium
Unabhängige Nachwuchsforschungsgruppe, Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht
29.–30.11.2007 — Heidelberg (Deutschland)
  • das Verhältnis von Recht, Moral und Ethik
  • Expertenbeteiligung und Demokratie (Ethikkommissionen/-räte, Technikfolgen-Abschätzung)
  • (demokratische) Legitimation von Rechtsetzung auf supranationaler und internationaler Ebene
  • demokratische Bewältigung von Dissens und abweichenden Ansichten in moralisch-ethischen Fragen
  • die Möglichkeit und Grenzen universeller Standards und rechtlicher Regelungen in bioethischen Fragen
  • aktuelle Fragen der Biomedizin und Biotechnologie als Anwendungsbeispiele des Spannungsverhältnisses von Moral, Ethik, Recht und demokratischer Legitimation
Occupying ›The Other‹
Australia and Military Occupations from Japan to Iraq
Interdisciplinary Symposium
Centre for Asia Pacific Social Transformation Studies (CAPSTRANS), University of Wollongong
29.–30.11.2007 — Wollongong, NSW (Australia)
In the early stages of justifying the invasion and occupation of Iraq, the Allied Occupation of Japan was held up as a successful model to follow. Yet how much is really understood about the nuances of the practice of occupation power and the hierarchical relationships between occupier and the occupied? What are the legacies of occupation? How do we define occupation? Most of the scholarship on the Allied Occupation is dominated by the US-Japan relationship, yet Australia also played a significant role, sending tens of thousands of people to participate in the British Commonwealth Occupation Force, based mostly in the prefecture of Hiroshima. Australia has since played a role in occupation and/or peacekeeping missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, East Timor and so on. How are we to understand this ongoing military commitment to the region, and how can the occupation of Japan contribute to understanding this commitment and, more generically, the role of military occupations today?
Submission of proposals
Moving Cultures, Shifting Identities
Migration, Connection, Heritage and Cultural Memory
Interdisciplinary Conference
Flinders University
3.–5.12.2007 — Adelaide (Australia)
  • The demographics of people flow: who moves where? and why?
  • Forced migration in the Asia Pacific
  • Cultural, political and economic factors shaping migration. How are connections made?
  • Bordering the nation: migration and national security
  • Transnationalism, citizenship and sovereignty
  • Gender and generational issues in the migration experience
  • Linguistics, diaspora and migration
  • Settling down, settlement patterns and return migration
  • Can multi-cultures and multi-ethnicities produce one nation?
  • Multiculturalism
  • Language maintenance in the new culture
  • Foodways
  • Migration, place and situated identities
  • Connections with the new place and (re)negotiating with the old
  • Home and Away: What is transferred from the home culture to the new culture? What cannot fit in the baggage?
  • Imaginary homelands: life-writing, creative writing and film responses to the migration experience
  • Unsettlement: the idea of the settler colony
  • Cultural memory: heritage and exchange
  • Transplanted cultures as tourist attractions
  • Fusion, ›cultural hybridity‹, cosmopolitanism
Submission of proposals
Dialogues in Place
ASCP 2007 Conference
Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy (ASCP)
University of Tasmania
5.–8.12.2007 — Hobart, TAS (Australia)
The conference will focus on the conception of dialogue in philosophy, but with particular emphasis on the opening up of philosophical dialogue between traditions and cultures especially between east and west and on the way the happening of dialogue in place sheds light on both the nature of dialogue as well as on the place in which such dialogic engagement takes place.
Submission of proposals
Racisms in the New World Order
International Conference
Centre for Multicultural and Community Development, University of the Sunshine Coast
Institute for Community, Ethnicity and Policy Alternatives, Victoria University
6.–7.12.2007 — Caloundra, QLD (Australia)
  • Manifestations of racism
  • Responses to racism – current practice of what works and what does not
  • Nationalism
  • Developing anti-racist futures – visualising alternatives for the future
Submission of proposals
Secession as an International Phenomenon
Interdisciplinary Conference
Association for Research on Ethnicity and Nationalism in the Americas (ARENA)
University of South Carolina
6.–8.12.2007 — Charleston, SC (USA)
Open to all disciplines and to studies of separatism in all parts of the world, the conference is designed to encourage conversation and exchange particularly among scholars in history, politics, philosophy, sociology, and law. We invite papers that deal with historic or contemporary separatist movements and their opposition, or with theoretical approaches.
Submission of proposals
Knowledge, Creativity and Transformations of Societies
Interdisciplinary International Conference
Research Institute for Austrian and International Literature and Cultural Studies (INST)
6.–9.12.2007 — Vienna (Austria)
The conference expects to gather a wide international and interdisciplinary range of participants for the purpose of examining and explicating important, central questions about the role of knowledge and creativity in social transformations and thus about the importance of the arts, sciences, research and education. Contributions dealing with fundamental isues are expected at the conference, but also a number of presentations, which will advance proposals from the point of view of the speaker's particular professional discipline, from the perspective of an interdisciplinary polylogue or also on the basis of findings in dissertations, other studies and transdisciplinary projects as well as from personal experiences.
Submission of proposals
New Worlds, New Sovereignties
A Cross-Community Interdisciplinary International Conference
Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service
University of Melbourne
Victoria University
10.–14.12.2007 — Melbourne (Australia)
  • Thematic
    • Indigenous concepts and practices of sovereignty
    • Historical genealogies of European concepts of sovereignty
    • Limits and contradictions of sovereignty
    • Sovereign subjecthoods – individuals, human rights and the nation-state
    • Overlapping and coexistent sovereignties – Natives, minorities, and the nation-state
    • Sovereignty and the new global order
  • Case Studies
    • Aboriginal Australia/Torres Strait Islands (a): Local agreements, delegated sovereignties
    • Aboriginal Australia/Torres Strait Islands (b): Camp Sovereignty
    • Native North America
    • Palestine
    • Timor Leste
    • Post-Soviet Europe
    • Refugees, asylum seekers and national borders
Submission of proposals
Authority and Hegemony
International Conference
Egyptian Philosophical Society
15.–17.12.2007 — Cairo (Egypt)
The conference discusses the different manifestations of the concept of Authority in its relation to the concept of Hegemony as a philosophical inquiry.
Submission of proposals
Citizenship in Wartime
International Workshop
Institute for Advanced Studies, Tel Aviv University
27.–31.12.2007 — Tel Aviv (Israel)
The workshop will explore the theoretical and practical implications of war and terror situations for the institution of citizenship in democratic states. Citizenship, as a concept and an institution, is a keystone of Western democratic society, in war and peace. But in wartimes, including low-intensity wars, democratic societies face different challenges than the ones facing them during peace, in areas such as human rights, the status of minorities, immigration, the state's obligations to its citizens, and the meaning of social solidarity.
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