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II / 2007

Submission of proposals
Ethics, Culture and Justice
African and Africana Perspectives
13th Annual Conference
International Society for African Philosophy and Studies (ISAPS)
Rhodes University
2.–4.4.2007 — Grahamstown (South Africa)
  • Ethics: comparative perspectives
  • Justice: comparative perspectives
  • African and Africana conceptions of evil
  • Culture, ethics and justice
  • The future of African and Africana philosophy
  • Africana worldviews, ethics and justice
  • Western and African conceptions of ethics and justice
  • Multiculturalism and the alleged universality of values
  • Postcolonial discourse and ethics
  • Ubuntu and western communitarianism
  • Sexism in Minority and African Contexts
  • Race and Justice in South Africa
  • Xenophobia and Nationalism in South Africa
  • Reconciliation: Philosophical perspectives
  • Alternative epistemologies
  • HIV/AIDS in African and Africana Communities
  • Ethics and aesthetics in Africa
  • Development ethics
  • Religion and ethics in Africa
  • Language Ethics in Africa
  • The Ethics of Sex in Africa
  • Racism: philosophical, legal and/or other perspectives
  • Moral responsibility and the TRC
  • Liberalism and ethnic values: is there a clash?
  • Christianity in Africa: philosophical perspectives
  • Ethics and economic theory: African perspectives
  • The ethical function of African art
  • Ethics and community in Africa
  • The influences of Western philosophy on Africana philosophy
Submission of proposals
Models of God
American Philosophical Association Pacific Division
4.–5.4.2007 — San Francisco, CA (USA)
  • What is the philosophically most satisfying way to conceive the nature of the divine?
  • Well-known answers to the above question from any religious or philosophical tradition that has developed one or more models of God
  • Less familiar concepts of the divine already extant in the history of these traditions, or less obviously implicit in the work of other philosophers, e.g. Hegel's Absolute or Derrida's transcendental signifier
  • Discussions that offer new insight into models of God by comparing and contrasting models across religious and philosophical traditions
  • New answers to this question emerging from recent work in the philosophy of religion
  • Metatheoretical questions arising in connection with the topic
Submission of proposals
The Body in Asia
Interdisciplinary Conference
Asian Research Institute, National University of Singapore
12.–13.4.2007 — Singapore
  • Sociological (fashions, food culture, weight-loss, tattoos, health fads and cosmetics)
  • Religious (the sacred, purity, transgression, cleanliness and so forth)
  • Artistic (dance, performance, martial arts, and representation)
Submission of proposals
Nation, Community, and the State
12th Annual World Convention
Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN)
Columbia University
12.–14.4.2007 — New York, NY (USA)
  • Islam and Politics
  • Genocide and Ethnic Violence
  • Anthropology of Identity
  • Citizenship and Nationality
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Autonomy
  • Gender
  • EU Integration
  • etc.
Submission of proposals
Migration, Islam and Masculinities
Transforming Emigration and Immigration Societies
International Conference
Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg
12.–14.4.2007 — Oldenburg (Germany)
  • Migration and Constructions of Masculinities
  • Islam and Diaspora-Masculinities
  • Feminist Perspectives on ›Muslim Migrant Men‹
  • Masculinisation and Feminisation of the Labour Market
  • Representations of Masculinities, Migration and Islam
  • Counselling Men – Moving Masculinities
Submission of proposals
Social Justice and Individual Responsibility
34th Annual Conference for Value Inquiry
Adrian College
12.–15.4.2007 — Adrian, MI (USA)
The conference will be interdisciplinary, and our aim is to bring together scholars from diverse academic fields such as philosophy, English, the social sciences, law, and medicine, to provide an opportunity to discuss the theoretical and practical aspects of justice and moral responsibility. Possible themes to be explored include social justice and individual responsibility as it relates to: healthcare, business ethics, war and peace, the media, faith, and education.
Submission of proposals
Conference on the Cardinal Virtues
D.B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership, Viterbo University
13.–14.4.2007 — La Crosse, WI (USA)
  • Justice and War
  • Economic Justice
  • Racial Justice
  • Injustice
  • Global Justice
  • Environmental Justice
  • Leadership and Justice
Submission of proposals
Politics, Pluralism and Religion
Interdisciplinary Conference
Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion
Department of Philosophy, Minnesota State University
13.–14.4.2007 — Mankato, MN (USA)
Religious pluralism, influence of religion on politics, science and religion, religion and human rights, religion and feminism, citizenship, separation of church and state, faith and reason, secular reason, religion and law, civic virtue, religious conviction, secular humanism, epistemology of religious belief, first amendment, liberty of conscience, religion and war, liberalism, liberal democracy, communitarianism, fundamentalism, legal moralism, religious arguments in the public domain, religion and myth, religious and political claims about e.g., stem cell research and gay marriage.
Submission of proposals
Multicultural Discourses
2nd International Conference
Institute of Discourse and Cultural Studies, Zhejiang University
13.–15.4.2007 — Hangzhou (China)
  • Concepts and theories of language/communication/discourse outside the dominant paradigms, as well as the related research and teaching traditions
  • Intercultural dialogue, postcolonial critique and cross-cultural fertilisation in discourse/language/communication studies
  • Globalisation of non-western intellectual heritages
  • Discourses that reflect the realities, issues, concerns and aspirations of marginalised or otherwise troubled groups and communities
  • New or alternative discourses of cultural cohesion and progress
  • Rules and needs for conducting intercultural and international communication
  • Localization of English as international language
Submission of proposals
The Dark Face of Nationalism
Violence, Extremism and the Nation
17th Annual ASEN Conference
Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism (ASEN)
London School of Economics
17.–19.4.2007 — London (UK)
  • Fascism
  • Revolution
  • Racism and Xenophobia
  • Terrorism and Religious Fundamentalism
  • Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing
Submission of proposals
Aliens and Nations
Citizenship, Sovereignty and Global Politics in the 21st Century
ALSP 2007 Conference
Association of Legal and Social Philosophy (ALSP)
Keele University
19.–21.4.2007 — Keele, Staffordshire (UK)
  • justice, war and international intervention
  • immigration and border controls
  • multicultural citizenship
  • citizenship, loyalty and identity
  • environmental citizenship
  • nationhood, citizenship and self-determination
  • citizens, refugees and asylum
  • gender and citizenship
  • outlaw states and international law
  • transnational jurisdiction, sovereignty and human rights
  • freedom, security and counter-terrorism
Submission of proposals
Negotiating Diversity
Transatlantic Exchanges Between Canada and Europe
Interdisciplinary Conference
Center for North American Studies, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University
19.–21.4.2007 — Frankfurt/Main (Germany)
  • Diversity and Cultural Difference: Approaches in Cultural Studies and the Social Sciences
  • Diversity in Europe and Canada: Social Structures and Political Discourses
  • Glocalisation? Concepts of Identity, Culture, and Belonging
  • The Individual and the Society in Europe and Canada
  • Cultural Citizenship
Submission of proposals
Diasporic Counterpoint
Africans and Asians in Global Perspectives
Interdisciplinary Conference
Center for African American History and the Program in Asian American Studies, Northwestern University
20.–21.4.2007 — Evanston, IL (USA)
  • Labor
  • Social movements and organizing
  • Migration patterns
  • Spirituality and religion
  • Cultural expression
  • Creolization and authenticity
Submission of proposals
Preserving Linguistic and Cultural Identity in the Age of Globalization
4th International Conference
Faculty of Al-Alsun, Minia University
23.–25.4.2007 — Minia (Egypt)
  • Linguistic Studies
  • Literature
  • Translation
  • Culture
  • Teaching and Learning Foreign Languages and Cultures
  • Linguistic and Cultural Identity in the Age of Globalization
  • Modern Technology
  • Media Language
Submission of proposals
Rethinking Citizenship Education in European Migration Societies
Political Strategies – Social Changes – Educational Concepts
European Conference
Federal Agency for Civic Education of Germany
Centro Cultural de Belém
26.–28.4.2007 — Lisbon (Portugal)
By looking closely at the most pressing challenges of migration and integration in Europe, we hope to contribute to a more informed debate on such basic concepts as citizenship, social inclusion, pluralism and tolerance. One defining feature of the conference will be the presentation and exchange of best practices of citizenship education in immigration societies, and it will bring academics and politicians together with experts, multipliers and practitioners involved in citizenship education in Europe.
Submission of proposals
Dialogue and Borders
Rethinking Latin America and the Caribbean
6th Annual Graduate Student Conference
Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program, State University of New York at Stony Brook
27.–28.4.2007 — New York, NY (USA)
  • Globalization and indigenous cultures
  • Trans-border relations
  • Citizenship
  • Race and gender identity
  • Intersections of local histories and global designs
  • Memory and truth-telling
  • Geo-politics
  • Linguistic borders and translation
  • Migration and labor
  • Wealth, poverty and development
  • Human rights
  • Philosophy and liberation
  • Technology and education
  • Social movements
Submission of proposals
Upheavals of Memory
Defining, Imagining, Creating, Contesting
International Postgraduate Conference
Humanities Institute of Ireland (HII), University College Dublin
27.–28.4.2007 — Dublin (Ireland)
  • The study of past ritual, practices, and ways of describing the past
  • The blurred relationship between the »real« past and the »imagined« past
  • The contention between a subjective narrative that employs lived experience and poetic conceit and a historical narrative that calls for critical distance and factual documentation
  • The political and socio-cultural contexts and conditions in which various groups clash for a specific version of public commemoration
  • The inclusion and exclusion of particularistic memories into historical narrative
  • The discontinuity, adjustment, and selectivity of the past
  • The construction and deconstruction of memory symbols and their meaning
  • The replacement of the past by the extended present and the blurring of the relations between public time and private time
  • The antagonisms of the ontological status of time and temporal experience
  • Past representations of urban life and culture
  • The nature and force of autobiography and personal testimony
Submission of proposals
War, Virtual War and Human Security
4th Global Conference
2.–5.5.2007 — Budapest (Hungary)
  • How do we Talk about War?
  • Representations and Experiences
  • History and Development of Warfare and War Fighting
  • Extent, Conduct and Morality
  • Rights and Security
  • The Boundaries of War
  • Prevention and Peace
  • Non-state Actors and NGOs in War
  • Future War: Revolutions in Military Affairs – Emerging Types of Warfare
Submission of proposals
Violence, Contexts and the Construction of Enemies
6th Global Conference
2.–5.5.2007 — Budapest (Hungary)
  • Perspectives for Understanding Violence
  • Motives and Goals of Violence
  • Generating Enemies, Being Violent
  • Contexts of Violence
  • Violence, Victims and Others
  • Resisting, Countering and Preventing Violence
  • Representations of Violence
Deliberative Politics and Institutional Design in Multicultural Democracies
Interdisciplinary Workshop
Forum for Philosophy and Public Policy, Queen's University
4.–5.5.2007 — Kingston, ON (Canada)
The workshop is part of a project to explore the linkages between contemporary debates on the theory and practice of deliberative democracy and debates on the theory and practice of multicultural citizenship. How do institutional reforms intended to enhance deliberative democracy affect issues of multiculturalism, and vice versa?
Submission of proposals
Memory and Nostalgia
11th International Cultural Symposium
Faculty of Letters, Ege University
American Studies Association of Turkey (ASAT)
9.–11.5.2007 — Izmir (Turkey)
The symposium aims to explore how memory and nostalgia collaborate to construct a meaningful space in a given culture, both individually and collectively, either through »the willing suspension of disbelief« or as a state apparatus, with reference to such issues as globalism, consumerism, nation-states, neo-conservatism, etc.
Becoming Plural
The Political Thought of William E. Connolly
International Conference
Centre for the Study of Culture and Politics, Swansea University
11.–12.5.2007 — Swansea, Wales (UK)
  • Secularism
  • The politics of time
  • The body and technology
  • The politics of ethos
  • Pluralisation
  • Immigration and globalisation
Submission of proposals
Human Rights and Religion
4th International Conference on Human Rights
Center for Human Rights Studies, Mofid University
16.–17.5.2007 — Qom (Iran)
  • Religion and the Foundations of Human Rights
  • Human Rights, Concord among Religions, and World Peace
  • Religious Rights in the International Human Rights System and in Religion
  • Religion and the Implementation of Human Rights
Submission of proposals
Citizenship, Identity, and Social Justice
Interdisciplinary Conference
Centre for Studies in Social Justice, University of Windsor
17.–19.5.2007 — Windsor, ON (Canada)
The conference will explore historical, political, social, cultural, and intellectual trends in the conceptualization of social justice and its relationship to institutions and practices of citizenship. It will also consider how social and political struggles surrounding identity are interlinked with notions of citizenship and social justice. The conference will bring together internationally acclaimed scholars, researchers, and activists whose work addresses the complex relationships among citizenship, identity, and social justice.
Weltinnenpolitik 2007
Notwendige Vision einer Realpolitik?
Internationale Tagung
Evangelische Akademie Tutzing
18.–20.5.2007 — Tutzing (Deutschland)
  • Erkenntnis als Verantwortung
  • Frieden
  • Gerechtigkeit
  • Bewahrung und Schöpfung
  • Verantwortung als Wissenschaft
Faith, Reason and Peace in a Global Age
International Conference
Iranian Institute of Philosophy (IRIP)
Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (RVP)
18.–24.5.2007 — Tehran (Iran)
For peace in our day we need: (a) to expand reason in a broader, more open and sharing manner in order to recognize others horizontally across cultures, and (b) to deepen reason to its transcendent dimensions in order to appreciate the convergence of its highest, i.e., religious, aspirations and commitments. These now rise from the multiple peoples and cultures to the divine unity that is both their source and their goal. Conversely, we need: (c) to assure that these commitments in faith are not blind assertions on the basis of texts that are sacred but unreflected. Rather, their guidance must be received in deep meditation and active reflection with the expanded capacities of the human mind and heart which al-Ghazali refers to as not only tasting but savoring the holy truth.
Two dimensions are needed for this conference, the one is theory, the other is mutual personal discovery between persons.
Submission of proposals
Plotinus and the Confluence of Traditions
International Colloquium
Centre for Ancient and Medieval Philosophy and Department of Classical Philology, Babes-Bolyai University
23.–25.5.2007 — Cluj-Napoca (Romania)
To accomplish the complete translation of the plotinian works is accompanied by a research and evaluation program regarding the birth and evolution of ancient Neo-Platonism and its contribution to the confluence of Greek, Arab and Latin traditions in the configuration of medieval European culture. The underlying intention of this research is the assimilation of the great traditions of thinking generated by Neo-Platonism in the Eastern European cultural space, and thus the translation of plotinian works into Romanian offers the formal frame of the necessary dialogue.
Towards a Sociology of Human Rights
Theoretical and Empirical Contributions
International Workshop
International Institute for the Sociology of Law
24.–25.5.2007 — Oñati (Spain)
  • Currents of Human Rights Sociology
  • Constructing Human Rights
  • Human Rights between the Domestic and the International
  • Human Rights in Modern Society
Submission of proposals
Relativising Universalism – or the Clash of Civilizations?
Debating the Future of Human Rights
Human Rights and Global Ethics Graduate Conference
Centre for Global Ethics, University of Birmingham
24.–25.5.2007 — Birmingham (UK)
  • Is there a true conflict between the cultural relativist and universalist?
  • If so, how can this conflict be overcome, theoretically and practically?
  • Do we need a »third way« after all?
  • The role of intercultural dialogue in establishing a minimum human rights framework
  • Moral Theory and Human Rights
  • Women's Rights and Minority Rights
  • Political viability of Cultural/Universal Human Rights
  • The Limitations of International Human Rights Law for universalism/ relativism
  • Can/ should law be the foremost protector of human rights?
Global Justice and Democracy
International Conference
24.–25.5.2007 — Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
  • On the Relation between Justice and Democracy for a Global Order
  • Situating Justice and Democracy in National and Transnational Contexts
  • The Universality of Justice and Democracy. Conceptual and Empirical Aspects
  • Democracy beyond the Nation-State
  • Global Civil Society, Democracy and Justice
Submission of proposals
Trajectories of Freedom
Caribbean Societies – Past and Present
Interdisciplinary Conference
University of the West Indies at Cave Hill
24.–26.5.2007 — Bridgetown (Barbados)
  • Language and Freedom
  • Independence and Political Freedom in the 21st Century
  • Education and Equality of Opportunity
  • Freeing the Imagination: the Arts
  • Thinking Freedom / Freedom Thinkers
  • Race and Representation
  • Gendered Identities
  • Ethnicity and Caribbean Identities
  • The Natural World
Submission of proposals
Rethinking Rights in Africa
The Struggle for Meaning and the Meaning of Struggle
Interdisciplinary Conference
Canadian Association of African Studies (CAAS)
New College, University of Toronto
24.–26.5.2007 — Toronto, ON (Canada)
The conference seeks to draw less recognized areas of study into dialogue with areas in which thinking about rights as a form of struggle has long been acknowledged. The bicentennial of the abolition of the trans-Atlantic slave trade in 2007 requires Africanists to open themselves up to the aspirations of people in both the diasporas and on the continent that created and moved the struggle against slavery forward. Many questions flow from reflecting on this anniversary. For example, do the often well-intentioned, if hollow, claims of abolition also highlight the dissonance between rights discourse as it was and is now applied to Africa and the African experience of rights defined in the West? What difference does it make that Western-dominated talk of rights in Africa usually ignores the specificity of local meanings of rights as part of its project to universalize its own culturally specific understandings? What do we mean by, and who gives meaning to, talk about African rights? Are these different from »universal« rights? What other meanings has freedom, for example, had beyond the struggle against slavery, racism, or colonialism? What has been the role of acts of imagination in moving forward thought and action about rights in African cultures and societies? How do we go about creating clearer and more nuanced understandings of the history and politics of aspirations?
Submission of proposals
Syncretism in South and Southeast Asia
Adoption and Adaptation
2nd SSEASR Conference
South and Southeast Asian Association for the Study of Culture and Religion (SSEASR)
Institute of Language and Culture for Rural Development and Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Mahidol University
Mahachulalongkorn Royal Buddhist University
Mahamakut Royal Buddhist University
24.–27.5.2007 — Bangkok (Thailand)
  • Ethnic Mosaic of South and Southeast Asia
  • Syncretic Systems in South and Southeast Asia
  • Language and Literature: Binding Force
  • Women and Religion
  • Symbolism (Art and Architecture), Communication and Religion
  • Education and Religious Studies
  • Faith and Survival: Diasporas from South and Southeast Asia
  • Polity, Trade and Religion
  • Religion: Peace, Violence and Dialogue
  • Tradition vis-à-vis Globalization
  • Religion, Health and Healing
  • Religion and Ecology
Submission of proposals
Human Being in Contemporary Philosophical Conceptions
4th International Conference
Volgograd State University
Stefan Cel Mare University of Suceava
International Simeon Frank Philosophical Society
Russian Philosophical Society
28.–31.5.2007 — Volgograd (Russia)
  • Metaphysics and Philosophical Anthropology
  • Human Being in Social and Political Philosophy
  • Philosophical and Social / Cultural Anthropologies
  • Man in the Circle of Existentialism
  • Philosophical Anthropology, Psychology, Psychoanalysis
  • Humankind, Information Society and High Technologies
  • Values of Modern Individuals
  • Globalization and Human Prospects
  • Philosophy of Man and Philosophy of Language
  • Humans in Communicative Environment
  • Phenomenology of Human Being
  • Philosophical Anthropology and Gender
  • An Heuristic Potential of Philosophical and Religious Anthropologies
  • New Approaches and Ideas in the Humanity Researches
  • Problems of Evolutional Anthropology
  • The Possibility of Integral Philosophy of Human Being
Submission of proposals
Cognition and the Study of Culture
International Conference
Language and Cognition Research Center, Zhejiang University
29.–31.5.2007 — Hangzhou (China)
  • Cognition and Cultural Studies
  • Linguistics and Cognition
  • Philosophy of Mind
Submission of papers
Responsibility in a Global Age
International Conference
Charter Facilitators Group
Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (RVP)
31.5.–1.6.2007 — Tbilisi (Georgia)
  • Relation of Rights to Responsibilities
  • Public Administration as Public Service
  • Responsibility and Education
Submission of proposals
Muslim Diasporas
Religious and National Identity, Gender, Cultural Resistance
International Conference
York University
1.–3.6.2007 — Toronto, ON (Canada)
The conference is part of a larger research project that brings scholars of Islam together with experts on immigration, multiculturalism, citizenship, ethnicity, and gender.
Submission of proposals
Identities in Transition
Enkidu Summer Conference 2007
Enkidu Magazine
International Society for Cultural History and Cultural Studies (CHiCS)
1.–5.6.2007 — Mexico City (Mexico)
  • Narrative and Linguistics
  • Linguistic borders and translation
  • Narrative and Myth
  • Storytelling in rituals, customs, and fetishism
  • Storytelling and Visual/Performing Arts and Music
  • Oral Tradition and Contemporary Chronicle
  • Postmodernity and its narratives
  • Voice and reflexivity in oral and written texts
  • Colonial and Postcolonial Narratives
  • Globalization and indigenous cultures
  • Story, Dialogue and Discourse
  • Memory and truth-telling
  • Testimonial Narratives
  • Memory and Written Record
  • Text, Context and Intertext in Storytelling and Performance
  • Children's Stories
  • Language, Authority and Silence
Submission of proposals
After Hiroshima
Collective Memory, Philosophical Reflection and World Peace
ISUD 7th World Congress
International Society for Universal Dialogue (ISUD)
1.–5.6.2007 — Hiroshima (Japan)
The Society hopes to stimulate philosophical reflection and discussion on topics related to its central themes of collective memory and world peace. Mindful of the event and setting of Hiroshima, the ISUD solicits papers that address questions concerning suffering, trauma, war, nonviolence, justice, international relations, genocide, human rights, nuclear power, international law, humanitarianism, reparation, and forgiveness. Papers on other related subjects are welcome, as are non-western, continental, or analytic philosophical perspectives.
Submission of proposals
Transdisciplinarity and the Unity of Knowledge
Beyond the Science and Religion Dialogue
8th Annual Metanexus Conference
Metanexus Institute
University of Pennsylvania
2.–6.6.2007 — Philadelphia, PA (USA)
The challenge of the 21st century is to integrate or synthesize the exponential growth in human knowledge into meaningful wholes. But is a unity of knowledge possible? This conference asks questions that transcend disciplinary boundaries.
Submission of proposals
Past and Present
International Conference
University of Dundee
6.–9.6.2007 — Dundee, Scotland (UK)
This conference will examine the idea that human beings should be viewed as members of a single community even if they are also divided into separate religious, ethnic and cultural groups, nations and states. We will consider this idea as a moral concept in the world today and as it has been expressed in different cultures in the past.
Where and when did the idea of a universal humanity develop? What are the alternative views? How have relations with outsiders or non-believers been conceptualised in different cultures? We will consider one-world ethics, overcoming borders, the ›other‹ in philosophy and religion.
This conference is intercultural and interdisciplinary. We look, for example, at Buddhism and Islam alongside ancient Greece and modern Europe. We look at the issues as they are treated in the disciplines of history, philosophy, politics, religious studies and international relations.
Submission of proposals
Dynamics of National Identity and Transnational Identities in the Process of European Integration
International Conference
Balkan Ethnology Department, Ethnographic Institute and Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
7.–10.6.2007 — Sofia (Bulgaria)
  • Theoretical and methodological framework for the research of euro-integration, globalization and nationalism
  • The development of national and trans-national identities and the challenges of EU integration
  • EU integration, globalization and national identification
  • EU integration and creation of new multiethnic states
  • EU integration and migrations
Submission of proposals
The Idea of Solidarity in Philosophical and Social Contexts
International Conference
Department of Philosophy, Adam Mickiewicz University
Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (RVP)
8.–9.6.2007 — Poznan (Poland)
The main aim of the conference is to thoroughly discuss the criticisms and objections voiced against the idea of solidarity. Also, conference participants will attempt to reflect on the problem of validity of the idea in the globalizing world of today, analyzing it from the three contexts in which it is markedly present: a) ethical and moral, b) social, and c) political and legal.
Submission of proposals
Levinas and Community
2nd Annual Conference
North American Levinas Society
Purdue University
10.–12.6.2007 — West Lafayette, IN (USA)
  • What meaning can community take on in difference without reducing difference?
  • How are difference and community to be experienced according to Levinas' commentaries on humanism, responsibility, and sociality?
  • In light of the ethical, what tensions emerge between individualism and communitarianism?
  • How is community articulated differently in Levinas' Talmudic readings from his more properly philosophical work?
  • How do the different traditions from which Levinas works – that is, from Jerusalem or Athens – affect our conceptions of community, politics, and filial obligation?
  • In what provocative ways is Levinas' work being appropriated or addressed by new critical theory, philosophies of liberation, critical social theory, and radical philosophy?
  • How can considerations of community influence debates on public communication and mass media?
  • How is Levinas' work developed by feminist concerns and critique?
  • How do ethics, sociality, and community bear on questions of Judaism, Israel, and Zionism?
  • What is Levinas' attitude toward utopian traditions and literatures?
  • In what ways can we effect a reconciliation between Levinas' ethical singularity and Marx's critique of political economy?
  • Why do some political philosophers find in Levinas an apology for liberalism while others discover a radical call to anarchy?
  • How can we understand the differences, through Levinas' texts, between communities of the desert versus citizens of the polis?
  • In what ways can we engage Levinas' considerations of community with the philosophical work of Jean-Luc Nancy (The Inoperative Community), Maurice Blanchot (The Unavowable Community), or Giorgio Agamben (The Coming Community)?
Submission of papers
Defending Cultural Diversity
5th International Congress on Culture and Development
Cuban Ministry of Culture
Havana International Conference Center
11.–14.6.2007 — Havana (Cuba)
  • Favoring reflection, debate and exchange of ideas on the recognition of the cultural plurality and the diversity of its expressions, the culture of resistance, the cultural processes and development in a globalized world that urgently needs to preserve its cultures.
  • Favoring the analysis of the role of cultural industries, technological changes and cultural services and products commercialization.
  • Encouraging the exchange of ideas and projects to foster human creativity facing current challenges.
  • Promoting the search for common tendencies and the coordination of strategies and projects to foster cultural development by means of cooperation.
Submission of proposals
Nationalism and National Identities Today
Multidisciplinary Perspectives
CRONEM Annual Conference 2007
Centre for Research on Nationalism, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism (CRONEM), University of Surrey
12.–13.6.2007 — Guildford, Surrey (UK)
  • Conceptualising nationhood and national identities today
  • Comparisons of new and old forms of nationalism
  • Nationalistic reactions to globalisation and transnational flows
  • Reassertions of national and ethnic identities
  • National and ethnic acculturation processes
  • Secessionist and irredentist movements
  • Diasporic nationalisms
  • Failed states and nationhood
  • Civic nationalism
  • Ethnic conflict regulation
  • Nationalism and religion
  • Nationalism and gender
  • Nationalism and youth
  • Nationalism as ideology and mythology
Réception des propositions
Education et relativisme
Colloque Interdisciplinaire
Société francophone de philosophie de l'éducation (SOFPHIED)
Université Paris 5 (Amphi Durkheim)
15.–16.6.2007 — Paris (France)
La question du relativisme est essentiellement liée à la question de l'éducation. Il n'est que d'observer ce fait culturel avéré, que, du débat autour des sophistes aux mises en question modernes et post-modernes, en passant par la subjectivité piétiste en lutte avec l'orthodoxie institutionnelle, les »crises de relativisme« ont régulièrement accompagné des percées d'éducation. Mais en laissant ouverte la question, inévitable pour qui s'occupe de la conduite des hommes, de savoir comment guider l'action. S'ouvre alors un champ de réflexion qui sollicite tout spécialement la philosophie de l'éducation, dans la mesure où elle se doit de penser le positionnement paradoxal du pédagogue, contraint de construire sur un champ culturel qui se délite, et se délite sans doute plus que jamais.
Submission of proposals
Collective Memory and Collective Knowledge in a Global Age
Interdisciplinary Workshop
Centre for the Study of Global Governance, London School of Economics (LSE)
17.–18.6.2007 — London (UK)
  • Critical engagement with the 'global'-ization of academic concepts
  • Conceptualisation of memory and knowledge in a 'global' context
Submission of proposals
Values and the EU
Liberal Neutrality, Perfectionism, and Supranationalism
Interdisciplinary Workshop
University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES)
University of Edinburgh
19.–20.6.2007 — Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)
How far should substantive values feature in EU policy formation, law, and institutional or constitutional change? And which values – if any – ought the EU to support? There is a developed body of thought in political philosophy on the role of substantive values in politics, but most recent work on the EU has not been informed by it; on the other hand, that body of thought has so far not been extended to encompass the EU. How might supranationalism modify the theory? Our workshop aims to draw together political philosophers with EU scholars from a range of disciplines to consider areas where values intersect with politics and law, in ways that are theoretically as well as empirically informed, to address these questions.
Historiography and the Question of Non-Western Pasts
International Conference
La Trobe University
21.–22.6.2007 — Melbourne, VIC (Australia)
Historiography is itself an elaborate construction, not simply an attention to ›evidence‹ and ›fact‹ rather than ›superstition‹ and ›fancy‹. If this is so, is there any reason to accord this mode of thinking epistemic privilege – treating it as superior to so-called myth, epic, legend and the dreaming? What is the epistemic status of these and other modes of thinking and representing the past?
De/Constructions of Occidentalism
A Gender-Critical Intervention in the Construction of the Self through the Other
International Conference
Graduate Research Group »Gender as a Category of Knowledge«, Humboldt-University
21.–23.6.2007 — Berlin (Germany)
  • Knowledge/Religious Belief
  • Criticizing Hegemony: Theories in Dialogue
  • Critical Occidentalism
Submission of proposals
Brave New World 2007
11th Annual Postgraduate Conference
Manchester Centre for Political Theory (MANCEPT), University of Manchester
27.–28.6.2007 — Manchester (UK)
  • Ethics and Politics
  • European Philosophy and Politics
  • Theories of Rights
  • Gender and Politics
  • History of Political Thought
  • Theory of International Relations
  • Theory of Democracy
  • Political Theory and Jurisprudence
  • Theories of Distributive Justice
Submission of proposals
CLR James, Direct Democracy and Political Economy
4th Meeting
CLR James Society
Caribbean Philosophical Association
University of the West Indies
27.–30.6.2007 — Mona (Jamaica)
Animated by the 60th anniversary of CLR James' »The Invading Socialist Society« (1947), and a desire to shift from a predominant preoccupation with his life and work from the perspective of literary and cultural studies, we seek new formulations. From his studies of Ancient Athens, Hegel, Marx, Rousseau, and Michelet; his theory of »state capitalism« and critiques of vanguards; the one party state and the welfare state, and trade union bureaucracy; James' advocacy of workers self-management, and his re-evaluation of the peasantry and party politics; we seek to place these legacies in conversation with African, African Diaspora, and Third World political economies.
Submission of proposals
Law and Philosophy
Moral, Legal and Political Perspectives
International Conference
University of Stirling
29.6.–1.7.2007 — Stirling, Scotland (UK)
  • Criminal justice and theories of punishment
  • Paternalism and legal moralism
  • Theories of rights
  • Theories of distributive justice
  • Natural law theory and legal positivism
  • State authority and political obligation
  • Conceptions of liberty
  • Conceptions of equality
  • Global justice and international law
  • Liberalism and value pluralism
  • Citizenship and national identity
  • War and terrorism
Einreichung von Vorschlägen
Interdisziplinärer Workshop
Netzwerk Terrorismusforschung
29.6.–1.7.2007 — Berlin (Deutschland)
Ziel des Workshops ist es, Dissertations- bzw. Forschungsprojekte sowie Entwürfe für Vorträge und Veröffentlichungen zu diskutieren. Den thematischen Rahmen bilden Fragen und Probleme aus dem Themenbereich Terrorismus und Terrorismusbekämpfung.
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