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III / 2007

Submission of proposals
Environments, Sustainability and Technologies
6th Global Conference on Environmental Justice and Global Citizenship
Mansfield College, University of Oxford
2.–5.7.2007 — Oxford (UK)
  • GM
  • Cooperative and Sustainable Development
  • Environmental Education and Intellectual Health
  • Citizenship, Technological Innovation and Sustainability
Submission of proposals
Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations
7th International Conference
Common Ground
3.–7.7.2007 — Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Dimensions of Diversity
  • Governing Diversity – Community in a Globalising World
  • Representing Diversity – The Influences of Global Tourism and the Global Media
  • Learning Diversity – Education in a World of Difference
  • Working Diversity – Managing the Culture of Diversity
Submission of proposals
National, Regional and Personal
76th Anglo-American Conference
Institute of Historical Research, University of London
4.–6.7.2007 — London (UK)
  • Changing perceptions of national, regional and personal identity across as broad a geographical and chronological range as possible
  • The value of the analysis of identity as a concept for historical understanding
  • The interaction of identities, national, regional and personal
Submission of proposals
Theory Faith Culture
International Interdisciplinary Conference
Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory, Cardiff University
4.–6.7.2007 — Cardiff, Wales (UK)
  • Theorising Belief
  • Philosophy and Religion
  • Islam in the West
  • Politics of Belief
  • Religion and Postmodernism
  • Religion and Language
  • Religion and Utopia
  • Religion and Colonialism
  • Religion and Post-colonialism
  • Religion and the New Right
  • Religion and Education
  • Religion and Partition
  • Religion and Gender
  • Religion and Emancipation
  • Religion and Patriarchy
  • Religion and Sexuality
  • Religion and Social Cohesion
  • Religion and National Identities
  • Religion and Nationalism
  • Religion in Multicultural Societies
  • Race and Religion
  • Religion in Wales
  • Fundamentalisms
  • Atheism
  • Philip Pullman and Religion
  • Derrida on Religion
Kabbalah and Modernity
International Conference
Centre for the History of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents, University of Amsterdam
4.–6.7.2007 — Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  • Kabbalah, Modernity, and Scholarship (the development of the academic study of Kabbalah within Jewish Studies since the 19th century)
  • New approaches in the study of Kabbalah (current scholarship and methodology of the field of study)
  • Kabbalah and politics (the relationship between Kabbalah and expectations of a Messiah, Zionism and Jewish nationalism in the 20th century)
  • Kabbalah, literature and the arts (the influence of Kabbalah on cultural expressions)
  • Romantic and Esoteric Readings of Kabbalah (the influence of Kabbalah – outside the traditional Jewish Studies – on romantic and esoteric currents in philosophy, literature and art since the 19th century)
  • Contemporary kabbalistic Schools (the revival and popularity of Kabbalistic movements from the 20th century until the present)
Submission of proposals
Multilingualism, Citizenship and the Future of Minority Languages
Ideologies and Practices of Linguistic Difference in Europe
11th International Conference on Minority Languages (ICML 11)
Research Institute for Linguistics and Research Institute for Ethnic and National Minority Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS)
Faculty of Political and Legal Sciences, University of Pécs
5.–6.7.2007 — Pécs (Hungary)
    The conference will bring together researchers working on linguistic minorities, different aspects of bi- and multilingualism, bilingual education, ideologies of language, language and identity construction, language policy, and especially on maintenance and revitalization of minority languages in the new Europe. Sociolinguistic, anthropological, historical, political, legal, economic and social approaches are all welcome.
Submission of proposals
Technology and Globalization
2007 Biennial Meeting
Society for Philosophy and Technology (SPT)
8.–11.7.2007 — Charleston, SC (USA)
  • Philosophical dimensions of globalization, including the impact of the Internet
  • The metaphysics, epistemology and ontology of globalization
  • The ethics of outsourcing in a global economy
  • The changing nature of space and time in a global economy
  • The Internet, globalization and changes in economics
  • The globalization of higher education, especially engineering education
  • The ethics of hegemony and empire, with particular attention to the role of technologies
  • Following Thomas Friedman's lead, comparisons between older versions of globalization and the current phenomenon
  • Technology and population movements
Submission of proposals
The ›New‹ ›Liberal‹ Europe?
Speculations, Fears, Visions
8th International Interdisciplinary Conference
Society of Applied European Thought (SAET)
8.–13.7.2007 — Skopje (Macedonia)
  • Models of civil society/state and supranational relations
  • Migration and asylum: Revisiting Fortress Europe
  • The clash of civilisations: Christian and Muslim worlds
  • Re-thinking identity, nationalism otherness
  • Political ideologies of inclusion/exclusion
  • Community, sameness and difference
  • Universalism and particularism
  • Recognition and redistribution
  • Liberalism, the market and democracy
  • Liberalism and its discontents
  • European Union and national interests/identities
  • New thinking on Europe, Europeans and Europeanness
  • Inside and Outside Europe – intersections
  • Europe in a changing world – international relations and anti-capitalism
Figures de l'Autre
Imaginaires de l'altérité et de l'altération
Colloque Internacional
Institut de formation et de recherche en intervention sociale, Conservatoire national des arts et métiers (Cnam-Iforis)
9.–11.7.2007 — Angers (France)
Les banlieues sont depuis plus d'un an sous les projecteurs médiatiques. Cette »crise« a mis en évidence une jeunesse qui vit son altérité comme une mise au ban de la société. Elle interroge d'autant plus les productions de l'imaginaire social que nombre d'observateurs n'avaient rien vu venir… La question des représentations de l'autre, de leurs évolutions et leurs altérations, sera l'objet du colloque. Afin de susciter la réflexion et le débat, seront proposées des interventions et de nombreuses études de cas à partir des pratiques suscitées par le soin, la création artistique, l'éducation, les politiques locales.
Globalization and Diversity
Theoretical and Applied Perspectives
International Conference
International Academy for Intercultural Research
University of Groningen
9.–12.7.2007 — Groningen (Netherlands)
Submission of proposals
The religious movements in the face of the conflicts and challenges of a world in crisis
5th International Meeting on Socio-Religious Studies
Department of Socio-Religious Studies, Center for Psychological and Sociological Research (CIPS)
9.–12.7.2007 — Havana (Cuba)
  • Religious plurality, freedom of religion and laicism
  • Dialogue, integration and macroecumenism
  • The so-called New Religious Movement
  • Politics, culture, globalization and religion
  • Daily Life and religion. Subjectivity and social praxis
  • Eastern religions in the West
  • Religion, gender and family
  • Theoretical and methodological prospects for the study of religion
  • Marginality, minorities, ethnic and religious conflicts
  • Conversion and reconversion processes
Submission of proposals
Responding to Genocide Before It's Too Late
Genocide Studies and Prevention
7th Biennial Meeting
International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS)
Institute for Research into Crimes against Humanity and International Law, University of Sarajevo
9.–13.7.2007 — Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Genocidal violence in the former Yugoslavia
  • Early warning signs of genocide
  • Prevention of genocide
  • The aftermath of genocide
  • Genocide in comparative perspective
  • Genocidal aspects of contemporary terrorism
Submission of proposals
Aesthetics Bridging Cultures
XVIIth International Congress of Aesthetics
SANART Association of Aesthetics and Visual Culture
Faculty of Architecture, Middle East Technical University
International Association of Aesthetics
9.–13.7.2007 — Ankara (Turkey)
  • Idealism and Pragmatism
  • Local and Glocal
  • Orientalism and Occidentalism
  • Pluralism and Egalitarianism
  • Sacred and Profane
  • Historicism
  • New Taxonomies of Art
  • Culture Industry
  • Aesthetics of Technology
  • Aesthetics and the Everyday – High/Low
  • Real and Virtual
  • Philosophical Approaches
  • Interculturalism and the Arts
  • Territory and Cultures
  • Art in Transhistorical Perspectives
  • Violence/Aesthetics
  • Aesthetics and Ethics
Selbstverhältnis im Weltbezug?
Eine interkulturelle philosophische Perspektive
Philosophische Arbeitstagung
Forschungskolloquium Interkulturelle Philosophie, Universität zu Köln
11.–12.7.2007 — Köln (Deutschland)
In welcher Weise kann eine Öffnung auch gegenüber vielfältigen nicht-europäischen Philosophien, in denen das Weltverhältnis noch an das wissende und wollende Selbstverhältnis gebunden bleibt, einen Weg in eine gemeinsame Fragestellung weisen? Die Fragestellung der Tagung ist auf die unterschiedlichen Weisen gerichtet, wie in den Weltphilosophien unser Selbst- und Weltverhältnis ausgelegt wird, – eher im Rahmen einer metaphysischen Theorie, der Ethik oder Moralphilosophie, der Anthropologie oder der Gesellschaftstheorie oder gar der Religionsphilosophie?
Submission of proposals
Computer Ethics
Philosophical Enquiry
7th International Computer Ethics Conference
University of San Diego
12.–14.7.2007 — San Diego, CA (USA)
  • Online communities, the virtual and the »real«
  • Privacy, data protection, RFID, surveillance, CCTV, spam, phishing, and spyware
  • Global computing and intercultural information ethics
  • Information access, search engines, and the digital divide
  • Democracy and the internet; computing technology and natural disasters
  • Virtuality, simulation and reproduction
  • Computing, identity and difference: gender, ethnicity, race, religion
  • Open source; virtual ownership; intellectual property and copyright
  • Emerging technologies, such as nanotechnology, supercomputing, Internet2, robotics, biomedicine, bioinformatics and bioengineering
  • New military, security and law enforcement applications of IT
  • New developments in artificial intelligence, artificial agents, embedded systems and artificial life
Submission of proposals
Race and Diversity in the Global Context
24th Annual International Social Philosophy Conference
North American Society for Social Philosophy
Millersville University
12.–14.7.2007 — Lancaster, PA (USA)
Submission of proposals
Paideia: Education in the Global Era
19th International Conference of Philosophy
International Association for Greek Philosophy (IAGP)
Greek Philosophical Society
International Center for Greek Philosophy and Culture
Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy (SAGP - USA)
15.–21.7.2007 — Samos (Greece)
The Conference aims to provide a philosophical forum for exploring the principles, values, purposes, aims and the means of paideia, and more broadly of education, nurturing, and upbringing, within the framework of the common issues and problems that all corners of the world face in the present era of globalization. So the main questions to be discussed and investigated are whether and what conceptual changes should be concerning the content and the procedure of education and whether education understood as paideia should be considered of value in our technological global era. Seeing things from this point of view, nations and states have to consider the question whether and to what extend they have to make changes and to restructure their education system.
Submission of proposals
Justice and Identity in a Global Context
14th Annual Meeting
Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World
Universidad Latina de América
19.–24.7.2007 — Morelia, Mich. (Mexico)
  • Concepts of global justice
  • The ethics of globalization
  • Global wealth and poverty
  • Just war traditions, terrorism, humanitarian intervention
  • The significance or insignificance of nation states, nongovernmental organizations, international institutions (World Bank, World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund, United Nations, etc)
  • World government
  • Latin American, African, Asian, and Middle Eastern philosophical traditions
  • Human rights and responsibilities
  • Global feminism and women's rights
  • Cosmopolitanism and philosophy
  • Global immigration and human trafficking issues
  • Global media and the Internet
  • Globalization and cultural, ethnic, or racial identity
  • Globalization and indigenous cultures
  • Religion and religious identity in global context
  • Science and technology as transcultural phenomena
  • Global warming and environmental ethics
  • Mega cities and global ecology
Submission of proposals
Constructing Tradition
Means and Myths of Transmission in Western Esotericism
Inaugural Conference
European Society for the Study of Western Esotericism (ESSWE)
University of Tübingen
20.–22.7.2007 — Tübingen (Germany)
  • Theoretical and interpretational frameworks (concepts and ideas of tradition)
  • Mythical and literary approaches (myths and imagined tradition)
  • Historical approaches (actual practices and procedures of transmission)
Submission of proposals
Law and Legal Cultures in the 21st Century
Diversity and Unity
23rd World Congress of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy
International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR)
Jagiellonian University
1.–6.8.2007 — Cracow (Poland)
The main theme of the congress are differences and similarities between legal cultures. This theme is important both for theoretical and practical reasons. It is extremely interesting, especially nowadays – in the age of globalisation and terrorism – to try to examine how fundamental legal concepts are understood in different legal traditions. It may turn out that behind apparently significant diversities in understanding these concepts, some intuitions can be found that are common for all legal cultures. These theoretical issues have an evident practical dimension: without identifying these common intuitions, it seems hardly possible to attain a fruitful and genuine communication between representatives of different legal cultures.
This theme, though the main, is not the only one to be take up during the Congress: a number of workshops and working groups will be formed to provide appropriate grounds for discussion concerning almost all crucial topics in legal theory and social philosophy.
Submission of proposals
Sharing a Future in Asia
5th International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS 5)
Institute of Occidental Studies (IKON)
Institute of Malay World and Civilization (ATMA)
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
2.–5.8.2007 — Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  • Arts, Culture and Heritage
  • Development and Urbanization
  • Documentation, Resource Management and Technology
  • Economy, Business and Law
  • Environment and Energy
  • History
  • Knowledge and Philosophy
  • Language and Literature
  • Media and Communication
  • Politics and International Relations
  • Religion
  • Society and Identity
  • Welfare and Health
Submission of proposals
Conversations III
Aspects of Freedom
Cave Hill Philosophy Symposium (CHIPS) 2007
University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus
9.–10.8.2007 — Bridgetown (Barbados)
The conference will be focussed on aspects of freedom, an area chosen in recognition of the 200th anniversary in 2007 of the abolition of the slave trade in the British Empire. On this occasion we are particularly interested in contributions that explore the nature and value of freedom, both personal and political, the grounds for the rejection of slavery and similar conditions, and the tensions that our ordinary commitments and values relating to freedom face when confronted by the results or assumptions of scientific enquiry.
Submission of proposals
Human Mind – Human Kind
Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Characteristics
Department of Psychology, University of Aarhus
15.–18.8.2007 — Aarhus (Denmark)
Man is a primate. He is a tool-making, culture-creating ape, highly engaged in competition, cooperation, and communication with his fellow flock members, just as the rest of his relatives. But is he more than this? If so: What are the uniquely human behaviours, social practices, and psychological structures that make man particularly human? The special characteristics of the human mind, so to speak.
Relevant data and theoretical considerations from a broad range of sciences are piling up, contributing to the puzzle of what makes us human. Researchers from various areas such as psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, archaeology, primatology, philosophy, and the scientific study of religion are invited to submit their empirical or theoretical studies on these issues.
Submission of proposals
Alternative Expressions of the Numinous
International Conference
Queensland Society for the Study of Religion (QSSR)
School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics, University of Queensland
17.–19.8.2007 — Brisbane (Australia)
  • Esotericism
  • Mysticism
  • Alternative expressions of major religions
  • Religions of re-enchantment
  • Popular culture religions
  • Indigenous religions
  • Paganism and Neo-Paganism
  • New Religious Movements
  • Personalised religion
  • Alternative methodologies
Multiculturalism and Social Citizenship
Social Policy in a Diverse Society
Queen's International Institute on Social Policy Conference
School of Policy Studies, Queen's University
20.–22.8.2007 — Kingston, ON (Canada)
  • Multiculturalism and Social Citizenship: What are our Goals? What are the Challenges?
  • The Immigrant Experience: Economic and Social Challenges
  • The Second Generations and Beyond: What does the data tell us?
  • A Progressive's Dilemma? The Politics of Difference and the Politics of Redistribution
  • Social Citizenship and Education
  • Social Citizenship, Inclusive Services, Participation and Interaction
  • Social Citizenship and the Limits of Accommodation
Einsendung von Vorschlägen
Nietzsche – Philosoph der Kultur(en)?
Internationaler Kongress
23.–26.8.2007 — Naumburg (Deutschland)
  • Kultur(en) und Religion(en)
  • Kultur und/als Text
  • Kultur und (Im-)Moral
  • Kultur und Körper
  • (Ästhetische) Kultur und Kunst
  • Kultur und Politik
Submission of proposals
Negotiating the Sacred
Tolerance, Education and the Curriculum
Cross-Disciplinary Conference
Research School of the Humanities, Australian National University
1.–2.9.2007 — Canberra (Australia)
  • Is a secular, non-denominational education system the best means of breaking down intolerance?
  • Does this involve the provision of an environment that is free from all religious symbolism and doctrine?
  • Should state education systems centralise the curriculum?
  • May this be considered an imposition of a specific form of materialism?
  • What is the role of teaching history and comparative religions in promoting tolerance and liberal freedoms?
  • Does the teaching of comparative religion lead to the idea that moral values are relative to culture and religion, and does relativism promote tolerance or undermine it?
  • Is the point of comparative religion an exercise in providing students with a means of comparing and evaluating different value systems, and hence promoting individual choice and autonomy?
  • Alternatively, is the point of teaching comparative religion to dispel prejudices that are the basis of intolerance?
  • Should the promotion of tolerance as a ›civic virtue‹ be a minimum requirement for public funding of religious schools?
  • If tolerance is a virtue, can it be taught as a topic within the curriculum or does teaching it involve a kind of modelling or some other educational method for behaviour?
  • What is the difference between the state using religious symbols, and its citizens using them?
  • Should state schools be rigorously secular?
  • Should they provide opportunities for religious education and worship, or is this a private, parental responsibility?
  • Does the failure to provide facilities for religious worship within public schools and universities create unreasonable barriers to equal access to education?
  • Should local schools be responsive to local pressure groups about what is included in the curriculum, and if so, should local groups be able to ban certain subjects from being taught?
Workshops in Political Theory
4th Annual Conference
Manchester Metropolitan University
3.–5.9.2007 — Manchester (UK)
  • Derrida and the Political
  • Hume and the Problem of Sociability
  • Property and Political Theory: Historical and Contemporary Understandings
  • Anarchist Thought: Classical and Contemporary
  • Political Theory and Science Fiction
  • Truth, Power, and Politics: Reflections on the Logic of Politics
  • Religion and political philosophy
  • The Contemporary Relevance of the Political Theory of Hannah Arendt
  • A global politics of recognition?
  • Marxism
  • Group rights and group representation
  • Language and Politics
  • Green Political Theory
  • Habermas and Violence
  • International Relations Theory
  • The ›Theory‹ of ›the State‹ today?
  • Rethinking Borders
  • Normative Political Theory and Public Policy
  • Hobbes Studies
  • British Idealism: Philosophy, Society and Politics
  • Anti-democratic Thought
  • Ethics, Work and Emancipation
Submission of proposals
Multiculturalism, Conflict and Belonging
1st Global Conference
Mansfield College, University of Oxford
3.–5.9.2007 — Oxford (UK)
  • Challenging Old Concepts of Self and Other
  • Nations, Nationhood and Nationalisms
  • Institutions, Organizations and Social Movements
  • Persons, Personhood and the Inter-Personal
  • Media and Artistic Representations
  • Transnational Cultural Interlacing of Contemporary Life
  • New Concepts, New Forms of Inclusion
Submission of proposals
Global Social Justice in Theory and Practice
Annual Conference
Global Studies Association (GSA)
Centre for the Study of Global Ethics and Department of Political Science and International Studies, University of Birmingham
3.–5.9.2007 — Birmingham (UK)
  • Theories of justice
  • Globalization
  • Human rights
  • Group and cultural rights
  • Post-colonialism and neo-colonialism
  • Conflict and post-conflict societies and justice
  • Gender and culture
  • Justice and pluralism
  • Scientific, technological and bioethical issues of justice
  • Environment and ecological issues of justice
Submission of proposals
Health and Well-Being in a Divided World
Ethical Challenges for Universities
3rd International Conference on Teaching Applied and Professional Ethics in Higher Education
Centre for Applied and Professional Ethics, Kingston University
4.–6.9.2007 — Kingston upon Thames (UK)
  • Changing contexts for ethics in higher education
  • Global and professional ethics of health and well-being
  • Faith, philosophy and dialogue in health and well-being
  • Universities and the teaching of applied and professional ethics
Submission of proposals
Global Justice and Social Justice
Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives on the Relationship
International Workshop
Centre for the Study of Social Justice (CSSJ), University of Oxford
7.–8.9.2007 — Oxford (UK)
  • To what extent do theories of global justice need to rely on empirical assumptions about the nature of the global order, the causes of world poverty, and the level of self-determination that nation-states still enjoy?
  • What are the connections between problems of domestic social justice and global normative concerns?
Submission of proposals
Culture(s) and Conflict(s), Culture(s) in Conflict
Religious Issues in the English-speaking World
Multidisciplinary Conference
Culture and Religion in the English-Speaking World Research Group (CRPA)
Jesus College, University of Oxford
7.–8.9.2007 — Oxford (UK)
  • conflict between religions
  • conflict within religions
  • the religious interpretation of conflicts as well as the interpretation of religious conflicts
  • religions conflicting with socio-cultural choices or as a vector of socio-cultural choices
  • religion as a socio-cultural filter
  • religion conflicting with other means of or filters for perceiving the world
  • the representation of conflict(s) as a source of conflict
  • the representation of conflict in religion(s)
World Poverty, Global Justice and Public Health
International Conference
Association for Legal and Social Philosophy (ALSP)
11.–12.9.2007 — Dublin (Ireland)
  • Pharmaceutical Innovation: Must We Exclude the Poor?
  • World Poverty: Causes and Responsibilities
  • Global Health and Access to Essential Medicines
Envío de propuestas
La hermenéutica y el filosofar actual
II Coloquio Nacional sobre Cuestiones Disputadas en Filosofía
Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla
12.–13.9.2007 — Puebla, Pue. (México)
  • La crisis de la modernidad
  • Hermenéutica y multiculturalismo
  • Lenguaje y filosofía hermenéutica
  • Disputas actuales en ética
Submission of proposals
Interrogating Terror
2nd Annual Conference
Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics, University Of Brighton
12.–14.9.2007 — Brighton (UK)
  • Theorising terror
  • Historicising terror
  • Religion and terror
  • The psychology of terror
  • The language of the »war on terror«
  • The terror of poverty
  • Guerilla warfare and postcolonial politics
  • Human rights, terror and the nation state
  • Fundamentalisms
  • Terror as ideological war
  • Populism and the politics of terror
  • The politics of life
  • The economics of the »war on terror«
  • The politics of oil
  • Rethinking 9/11
  • Torture and the American Empire
  • Iran, nuclear politics and »the west«
  • Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Palestine and Israel
  • Rethinking protest
Submission of proposals
Beyond the Nation?
Critical Reflections on Nations and Nationalism in Uncertain Times
Interdisciplinary Conference
School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy, Queen's University
12.–14.9.2007 — Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK)
  • New Modalities of National Self-Determination and Sovereignty
  • Theorizing Nationalism and the Nation
  • European Governance Beyond the Nation-State
Submission of proposals
Making Sense of a Pluralist World
6th Pan-European Conference on International Relations
ECPR Standing Group on International Relations (SGIR)
University of Turin
12.–15.9.2007 — Turin (Italy)
  1. Approaches to International Relations in an Age of Terror: Places, Spaces and Risks
  2. Central Concepts in IR: a meta-theoretical conversation
  3. Conflict Transformation – European Experience(s)
  4. Critical approaches to security in Europe
  5. Cultural Plurality in IR Theory and IR Practice
  6. Democratic Legitimacy Upheld? On the Politicisation of the Law and the Legalisation of International Politics
  7. Global governance, a critical encounter: depolitisation/repolitisation in theory and practice
  8. Global Health Challenges in/for International Relations
  9. Governing the service economy: International standards from a political economy perspective
  10. IPE, Developing Countries, and Development
  11. Liberalism and Peace
  12. Post-Modern Foreign and Security Policy in the Enlarged European Union
  13. Pragmatism and International Relations
  14. Religion, soft power and international Relations
  15. Security, Politics, Critique
  16. Small States in International Affairs
  17. Sovereignty and Agency
  18. State capacity, development, and peace
  19. The Contribution of Regional Studies to International Relations Theory
  20. The English School Approach to International Relations
  21. The Place of the Middle East in International Relations: Making Sense of Global Interconnection and Local Dynamics in Middle East Politics
  22. The UN in the globalized international system
  23. Towards a Post-Western West? The Changing Heritage of ›Europe‹ and the ›West‹
  24. Universality and Particularity, Time and Space, Continuity and Disjuncture: Historical Sociology meets International Relations
  25. Violence beyond the State
Submission of proposals
Stories of Empire
Narratological Directions in Postcolonial Theory and Practice
Interdisciplinary Conference
University of Vienna
13.–15.9.2007 — Vienna (Austria)
This conference is aiming to uncover the discursive strategies that disseminated attitudes and mentalities in favour of colonial enterprises. A major goal will be to re-assess postcolonial theory for its capacity to explain the illusions, fantasies and material promises disseminated through factual and fictional descriptions of the encounter between colonial ›masters‹ and their subjugated peoples. We welcome studies of the different kinds of narrative that tried to make sense of the cross-cultural encounters and called into existence fantasies of Western superiority. Further topics of interest relate to the conflict-ridden attempts to theorise sovereignty in overseas territories and the formation of postcolonial nation states.
Submission of proposals
Religion and the Body in Indian Religions
Annual Meeting
Conference on the Study of Religions of India (CSRI)
Albion College
13.–16.9.2007 — Albion, MI (USA)
  • religious movement including – but not limited to – bodily movement, dance, pilgrimage etc.
  • devotional bodies / bodily devotions
  • ritual and symbolic constructions of the body
  • mythical constructions of the body
  • body and sacrifice
Submission of proposals
Ideas Changing History
2007 Conference
Human Development and Capability Association (HDCA)
Graduate Program in International Affairs, The New School
16.–20.9.2007 — New York, NY (USA)
Key themes
  • philosophical foundations
  • measurement methods
  • conceptual and theoretical issues
  • policy applications
Special theme
  • intellectual freedom in academic institutions
  • economics in universities
  • the recent trajectory of development economics
  • human development and social movements
  • democracy and social movements
  • human development and development policy
  • institutions and ideas
Submission of proposals
Setting an Ethical Agenda for Health Promotion
2007 Conference on the Ethics of Health Promotion
Institute for Law, Ethics and Society, and Department of Public Health, Ghent University
Department of Public Health, Free University of Brussels
Flemish Institute for Health Promotion (VIG)
18.–20.9.2007 — Ghent (Belgium)
  • the moral necessity of tackling health inequalities
  • the use of coercion in public health interventions
  • the role of health literacy in avoiding paternalism in health promotion
  • empowerment versus repression in health promotion
  • health promotion as enemy or ally of individual autonomy
  • health promotion and imposing conceptions of ›the good life‹
  • health promotion and paternalism
  • the role of health promotion with regard to ›medicalization‹ and ›healthism‹
  • health promotion and individual responsibility
  • the use of marketing strategies in health campaigns
  • the applicability of the achievements of biomedical ethics within the context of health promotion
  • individual interests versus the common good
  • any other topic that deals with the ethical aspects of health promotion
Submission of proposals
Moralities at the Turn of Centuries and Millenniums
International Conference
Presov University
18.–20.9.2007 — Presov (Slovakia)
  • Theoretical reflection of contemporary moral problems
  • Contemporary philosophical theories of morality
  • Comparison of contemporary moralities with moralities in the past
  • Morality from the point of view of sociology, psychology, ethnology, theology and other disciplines
  • Moral issues in contemporary applied ethics
  • Comparing the moral systems of various cultures
  • Morality in Slovakia, in Central Europe and in the world
Submission of proposals
Spheres of Justice
2nd Critical Studies Conference
Calcutta Research Group
20.–22.9.2007 — Kolkata (India)
  • A Matter of Methods: Philosophies and Ethnographies of Justice
  • Forms of Justice (allocative, distributive, visions, summary forms, dialogic, minimal justice, retributive, restorative, transitional, etc.)
  • Visions of Justice: Correcting Historical Injustices
  • Justice and Law
  • Cultural Representations of Justice
  • Administration of Justice: Justice and Governmentality
  • Rights and Justice: Justice as Supplement
  • Social Justice: Forms and Controversies
  • Is Feminism a Matter of Looking at Justice in a Different Way?
  • The Blindness in Perceiving Injustices
Einreichung von Vorschlägen
Europa denken im 18. Jahrhundert
Interdisziplinärer Workshop
Forschungszentrum Europäische Aufklärung Potsdam
20.–22.9.2007 — Potsdam (Deutschland)
  • Europa als internationales System und die diesbezüglichen Friedensprojekte
  • Europa als geschichtsphilosophische und zivilisatorische Einheit
  • Europas Selbstverständnis in Abgrenzung und Ausgrenzung von inneren und äußeren Alteritäten
  • Europa als kultureller, religiöser, literarischer, sprachlicher Raum
  • Europa in den Kunstwerken und anthropomorphen Darstellungen
  • Europa in den Karten, Enzyklopädien und Wörterbüchern
  • Europa als kollektive Identität und räumliche Einheit
  • Europas geographische Beschaffenheit und Grenzen
  • Europas Stellung und Aufgabe in der Welt (Kulturtransfer, Kolonialismus und seine Kritik)
  • Europas wirtschaftliche Strukturen und Handelsnetzwerke
Submission of proposals
Criminal Law Between War and Peace
Justice and Cooperation in Criminal Matters in International Military Interventions
XVth International Congress of Social Defence
International Society of Social Defence and Humane Criminal Policy (ISSD)
20.–22.9.2007 — Toledo (Spain)
  • The modernisation of military criminal justice, including the tensions and setbacks resulting from the rising number of conflicts and from the political and judicial debate over the »war against terror«
  • The criminal law framework applicable to military interventions abroad, as well as the ability of military forces abroad to perform criminal investigations
  • Peace as a value that must be protected also through criminal law – the definition of the crime of aggression on a national and international scale
  • Review of the most serious violations of fundamental rights which have occurred during recent conflicts
  • International tools for the protection under criminal law of journalists and means of mass communication in war-torn areas
  • Threats to peace which involve a criminal law dimension, such as the violations of international rules on nuclear weapons or the protection of systems and strategic data bases from attacks
Concepciones del ser humano e interculturalidad
Culturas de humanización y reconocimiento
VII Congreso Internacional de Filosofía Intercultural
Instituto de Misionología Missio
Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento (UNGS)
20.–22.9.2007 — Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • Concepciones del ser humano y vías de humanización en las culturas asiáticas
  • Concepciones del ser humano y vías de humanización en las culturas africanas
  • Concepciones del ser humano y vías de humanización en las culturas europeas
  • Concepciones del ser humano y vías de humanización en las culturas americanas
  • ¿Porqué y para qué el diálogo intercultural de las concepciones del ser humano?
  • Concepciones y rostros de lo humano en un mundo de exclusión y desigualdad
  • Lo humano en un orden tecnocientífico globalizado
Multination States
East and West
Interdisciplinary Workshop
Ethnicity and Democratic Governance Project
University of Toronto
21.–22.9.2007 — Toronto, ON (Canada)
  • What have been the main pressures leading to more recognition of multinational diversity in Europe/North America?
  • What are the pressures for such recognition and accommodation in Asia?
  • Why have these pressures led instead to resistance in Asia, and a reassertion of the nation-state?
  • What are the consequences of adopting certain institutions recognizing diversity in Asian cases, yet underming these through other policies and practices?
Submission of proposals
Rethinking the Ethics of Armed Interventions
Annual Conference
Ethics Society of South Africa
St Augustine College
24.–25.9.2007 — Johannesburg (South Africa)
Submission of proposals
Expressions of Traditional Wisdom
International Symposium
Royal Academy for Overseas Sciences
27.–28.9.2007 — Brussels (Belgium)
  • Religion
  • Philosophy
  • Gender Studies
  • The Afterlife
  • Family Life
  • Justice
  • Education
  • Power/Authority Politics
  • Contemporary Literature
  • Material Culture
  • Linguistics
  • Health
Submission of proposals
Globalization and Democracy
Interdisciplinary Conference
Center for Globalization and Governance, Princeton University
27.–28.9.2007 — Princeton, NJ (USA)
The conference is designed to explore the theoretical, empirical and historical connections between democracy and globalization. We anticipate participation and attendance by scholars across disciplinary boundaries. As such, we welcome papers that examine the causal connections between democracy and globalization broadly conceived.
Submission of proposals
Xenophobia and Other Forms of Intolerance
Nature, Causes and Ways of their Elimination
International Conference
Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science, Saint Petersburg State University
27.–28.9.2007 — Saint Petersburg (Russia)
  • Variety of the world, cultures and public valuables
  • Race, color, sex, nationality, religion, political opinions, property and social origin as factors of unity and differences
  • Historical forms of a xenophobia and intolerance, their roots and evolution
  • Social-economic factors of the rapprochement and separations of the peoples
  • Religion, xenophobia and intolerance
  • New forms of manifestation of the xenophobia and their causes
  • Role of the education and training in elimination of the xenophobia and shaping of tolerance
  • National and world politics as factors of integration and disintegration of societies and cultures
  • Influence of the mass medias on shaping of a cosmopolitism and xenophobia, tolerance and intolerance
Submission of proposals
The Plural States of Recognition
International Workshop
Centre for Research in Ethics at the University of Montreal (CREUM)
27.–29.9.2007 — Montreal, QC (Canada)
  • Struggle for recognition
  • Politics of recognition
  • Ethics of recognition
Submission of proposals
Ethnicity, Civil Society, and Public Policy
Engaging Cultures in a Globalizing World
19th Biennal Conference
Canadian Ethnic Studies Association
27.–30.9.2007 — Winnipeg, MB (Canada)
The Canadian Ethnic Studies Association invites proposals for papers, sessions, panels, roundtables, and poster presentations that address the topics of ethnicity, immigration, diversity, and multiculturalism in Canada, particularly in relation to civil society and globalization.
Submission of proposals
International Conference
GRAAT, François-Rabelais University
28.–29.9.2007 — Tours (France)
There are two main definitions of the term »justice,« both remarkably broad: one predominantly institutional, based on positive law (which refers to all the legal rules and regulations in force in a given state), the other more philosophical and moral, akin to natural law, i.e. unchanging principles founded on fairness and common sense, and defined as superior to the law itself. The object of this conference is to compare and confront both concepts of justice through artistic representation (novels, plays, poems, paintings, films, television shows) and through civilisation (history, history of ideas, sociology, political science) in order to bring to light the idiosyncrasies of justice in the English-speaking world, one of which is the common law, other examples of which can be found in the field of institutional justice (English justice v. Scottish justice, British justice v. Canadian justice).
The conference will also aim at studying the opposition between the universal and relative qualities of justice which reflects the strained relationship that exists between on the one hand the administration of justice and on the other hand a true adherence to morality, reason, truth and fairness as outlined by the second definition.
Submission of proposals
Culture, Society, and Knowledge
International Symposium
Canadian Society for Epistemology
Université de Sherbrooke
28.–29.9.2007 — Sherbrooke, QC (Canada)
This symposium is devoted to current researches at the interface of epistemology and the social sciences. Contributions with respect to the analysis of knowledge in the light of social and cultural parameters are all welcome.
Submission of proposals
Diverse Ethics in a Pluralistic World
2007 Annual Conference
International Studies Association-West
28.–29.9.2007 — San Francisco, CA (USA)
The theme calls for papers which analyze diversity and value conflicts in the 21st century world. Since Samuel Huntington revived the term »clash of civilizations« a decade ago, global politics has been littered with talk of cultural clash and value conflict in a diverse world. »Civilizational lines« become delineators in global political negotiations on issues as diverse as trade relations, the environment, and security concerns. Cultural differences have important impacts in global politics, as do manifestations of cultural bias or prejudice. In the era of the »clash of civilizations«, scholars of global politics are obligated to understand and analyze the ethics of communication, negotiation, and action in a diverse world. The theme seeks to explore the ethics of these interactions, as well as their application to manifestations of cultural conflict in military conflicts, ethnic cleansing, media battles, and other forums.
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