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III / 2000

Submission of proposals
Cultural Collisions and Creative Interferences in the Global Village
2nd International Conference on Cultural Attitudes Towards Technology and Communication (CATaC'00)
Murdoch University
12.–15.7.2000 — Perth (Australia)
  • Communicative attitudes and practices in diverse industrialised countries
  • Communicative attitudes and practices in industrialising countries and marginalised communities
  • Impact of information and communication technologies on local and indigenous languages and cultures
  • Politics of the electronic global village in democratising or preserving hierarchy
  • East/West cultural attitudes and communicative practices
  • Role of gender in cultural expectations regarding appropriate communicative behaviours
  • Ethical issues related to information and communication technologies, and the impact on culture and communication behaviours
  • Legal implications of communication and technology
Submission of proposals
Communication, Conflict and Reconciliation
17th International Social Philosophy Conference
Wilfrid Laurier University
University of Waterloo
12.–15.7.2000 — Waterloo, ON (Canada)
Language, Thought and Reality
Science, Religion and Philosophy
International Interdisciplinary Conference
Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion
1.–4.8.2000 — Calcutta (India)
Knowledge and Reality · Appearance and Reality · Alternative Logics · Relativity and Relativism · Relativism and Absolutism · Moral Relativism · Ontological Relativism · Epistemological Relativism · Cultural Relativism · Deconstructionism · Existential Phenomenology · Culture and Meaning · Emptiness · Theories of Truth · Theories of Meaning · Theories of Consciousness · Eternal Sound · Realism and Idealism · Materialism and Spiritualism · Artificial Intelligence · Cognitive Science · Transcendence and Immanence · Skepticism · Agnosticism · Mysticism · Esotericism · Sociology of Religion · Science and Religion · Science and Philosophy
Filosofía, Globalización y Multiculturalidad
VIII Congreso Nacional de Filosofía
Departamento de Filosofía, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM)
1.–5.8.2000 — Lima (Perú)
  • Reflexionar en torno a la vinculación entre globalización, cultura, ciencia y tecnología en el mundo contemporáneo
  • Explorar los caminos que esa vinculación abre a la reflexión filosófica desde la perspectiva de nuestra comunidad pluricultural
  • Examinar las posibilidades reflexivas que ofrecen matrices culturales alternativas a occidente
Culture, Conflict and Belonging
2nd International Forum on Diversity within Unity
Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University
2.–6.8.2000 — Oxford (England)
  • Culture, cultural pluralism, and multiculturalism
  • Social antagonism, cultural identity, and ethnicity within and across states
  • Political influences on culture
  • Recognition, value, and equality
  • Tolerance, dialogue, and the intolerable
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Religion and religious pluralism
  • Class, hierarchy, and social groups
  • Communication, cooperation, and conflict
  • Psychological foundations of belonging
  • The need for roots
  • People, language, and land
  • Nations and nation states
  • Where do we belong?
Rationality and Irrationality
Wittgenstein Symposium
Österreichische Ludwig-Wittgenstein-Gesellschaft
13.–19.8.2000 — Kirchberg am Wechsel (Austria)
  1. Theories of Rationality
    • Procedures of Rationality
    • Reason and Decision
    • Logic of Rationality
  2. Cognitive Virtues
    • Values
    • Norms
    • Practical Reason
    • Reason and Action
    • Reason and Truth
  3. Pathologies of Reason
    • Superstition
    • Ideology
    • Postmodernism
    • The Sociology of Science
  4. Rationality and Anthropology
    • Biology and Culture
    • Memetics
    • The Evolution of Reason
    • The Transmission of Reason
  5. The Geography of Reason
    • The History of Reason
    • Philosophy: National and Cultural Traditions
  6. Reason and Faith
    • Religion
    • Truth
    • Justification
Is European-style Democracy the Only Way?
Approaching the New Millennium: Lessons From the Past – Prospects for the Future
7th International Conference
International Society for the Study of European Ideas (ISSEI)
14.–18.8.2000 — Bergen (Norway)
  • Can theocracic governments, such as those in the Islamic world, be viable players in the 21st millenium in the global economic market?
  • Because they are theocracies, are they able to represent their countries on the global poltical scene?
  • Is it necessary in Africa to have authoritarian governments in order to creat stability?
  • Will authoritarian or military governemnts follow patterns of revolution as set forth by authors such as Crane Brinton?
  • In order to develop, were the 1950 and 1960 developmentalists correct in asserting democratization must follow Western trends?
  • Have the Asian Tigers and Japan out Westernized the West?
  • Will they ever actually be democractic and plualistic societies?
  • What is the outlook for the future in conjunction with Europe and the West?
La construcción social de la cultura
Primeras Jornadas Internacionales de Estudios Culturales
Instituto de Estudios Sociales y Culturales "Pensar", Universidad Javeriana
15.–18.8.2000 — Bogotá (Colombia)
Las Primeras Jornadas Internacionales de Estudios Culturales reflexionarán sobre el modo en que la subjetividad, el género, la raza y el conocimiento, antes que fenómenos inscritos en la "naturaleza humana", son construcciones históricas a través de las cuales se expresa la lucha por la hegemonía social, económica y política.
Metaphysics for the Third Millennium
World Conference on Metaphysics
Istituto dell'Assunzione
5.–8.9.2000 — Rome (Italy)
  1. Metaphysics and Culture
    • Conceptions of the world and the search for meaning
    • The metaphysical interpretation of history. Neglect of personal being
    • Culture and meta-physical language. Hermeneutic and semiotic problems
    • Cultural reasons for indifference towards metaphysics
    • Revelation and cul-ture. The return or renewal of meta-physics?
    • Metaphysics for a new humanism
  2. Metaphysics and Science
    • The insufficiency of experimental models and methods
    • Metaphysical knowledge and scientific knowledge. The person as the foundation and measure of reality
    • Criticism, speculation, and life
    • The psychology and sociology of meta-physics
    • Can there be transcendental semiotics and hermeneutics?
    • Experience and metaphysical knowledge. The absolute and the relational constitution of the human person
  3. Metaphysics and Religion
    • Transcendental knowledge. Intelligence and revelation
    • The ontology of the religious sphere. Phenomenology and religion
    • Ethics and religion. The metaphysical basis for new proposals in ethics
    • Is there a specifically Christian metaphysics? The transcendent dimension of the human person
    • Is a metaphysics which integrates the domains of rational and revealed knowledge possible?
    • Metaphysics and religious experience. The ontological and mystical status of the human person
La filosofía de la cultura
IV Congreso Internacional de Antropología Filosófica
Sociedad Hispánica de Antropología Filosófica
11.–13.9.2000 — Valencia (España)
Submission of proposals
Mysticism, Reason, Art and Literature
East West Perspectives
Interdisciplinary Conference
Ferrum College, Philosophy and Religious Studies
13.–14.9.2000 — Ferrum, VA (USA)
Art, Literature and Religion, Mysticism and Romanticism, Art and Creativity, Art and Imitation, Illustration of Classical Literature, Art History and Literature, Magic Realism,World Folklore and World Mythology, Myth, Metaphor and Reality, Fact, Fiction and Forecast, Language, Thought and Reality, Realism and Idealism, Scepticism, Agnosticism and Dogmatism, Deductivism and Inductivism, Holism and Atomism, Ineffable and Unknowable, God and Absolute, Transcendence and Immanence, Reason, Revelation and Faith, Atman and Brahman, Tao and Inaction, Zen and Enlightenment, Vedanta and Sufism, Emptiness and Nothingness, Maya and Primal Nature, Creation, Reincarnation and Evolution, Deconstruction and Relativity, Process Theology, Existentialism and Essentialism
Ethik, Politik und Erziehung angesichts der Globalisierung
Eine interkulturelle Perspektive
Internationaler wissenschaftlicher Kongress
Gesellschaft für Interkulturelle Philosophie (GIP)
Philosophisches Seminar und Pädagogisches Seminar, Universität zu Köln
13.–17.9.2000 — Köln (Deutschland)
  • Migration und Integration
  • Globale Ethik und kulturelle Differenz
  • Theorie der Kulturbegegnung
  • Globalisierung und Subsidiarität
  • Menschenrechte und Gerechtigkeit
  • Interkulturelle Pädagogik
  • Ästhetik und Globalisierung
  • Die Rolle der Bildung bei der Kulturbegegnung
Submission of proposals
Relativism Reconsidered
3rd Annual National Alain Locke Conference
Department of Philosophy, Howard University
15.–17.9.2000 — Washington, DC (USA)
  • Rationality and Relativism
  • Pragmatism and Neo-Pragmatism
  • Relativism and Realism
  • Multiculturalism and Rights
  • Africana Philosophy
Crossing Boundaries
The African Diaspora in the New Millenium
Schomberg Center for Research in Black Culture
New York University
20.–23.9.2000 — New York, NY (USA)
  • Ethnicity and Slave Resistance
  • Carnival
  • Conjuring
  • Communities Religion as Resistance
  • Gender and Cultural Continuity
  • Cultural Transmissions
  • etc.
Submission of proposals
Worlds in Transition
Technoscience, Citizenship and Culture in the 21st Century
4S/EASST Conference 2000
Society for Social Studies of Science (4S)
European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST)
27.–30.9.2000 — Vienna (Austria)
Time and History, East and West
SACP 4th International Research Conference
Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy (SACP)
28.9.–1.10.2000 — Columbia, MO (USA)
  • The Author Meets His Critics: J.N. Mohanty
  • Tanabe Hajime's Standpoint of Absolute Nothingness
  • Chinese and Japanese Conceptions of Time, Culture and History
  • Indian Conceptions of Time, Culture and History
  • Conceptions of Time and History, East and West
  • The Philosophy of J.N. Mohanty
  • Buddhist Mind/Body Creativity
  • Perspectives on Epistemology, Ethics and Time, East and West
  • Conception of Time in Hindu Oral Tradition
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