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II / 2000

Submission of proposals
Indian and Comparative Studies
International Interdisciplinary Conference
Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion
Ferris State University
2.–3.4.2000 — Big Rapids, MI (USA)
Intercultural Dialogue · Interfaith Dialogue · Art, Religion and Society · Technology, Ecology and Values · Individual and Family Values · Indian Language and Literature · Gender Issues and Social Change · Popular Culture · Media and Film · Education · State and Public Policy · Sound · Language and Meaning · Meditation and Stress Management · Mantra and Meditation · Yoga and Trans Personal Psychology · Beyond Therapy · Eastern Herbal Medicine · Music and Creativity · Music: Classical and Contemporary · Music: Eastern and Western · Holistic Healing
The Anthropology of Consciousness
A 20 Year Retrospective
20th Annual Spring Meeting
Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness (SAC)
5.–8.4.2000 — Tucson, AZ (USA)
  • Shamanism and Consciousness Healing and Consciousness
  • Shamanistic Healing and Consciousness Medicine and Consciousness
  • Altered States of Consciousness Possession and Consciousness
  • Dissociation and Consciousness Dreams and Consciousness
  • Drugs and Consciousness Religion and Consciousness
  • Animal Consciousness Hominid Consciousness
  • Evolution and Consciousness Meta-Models of Consciousness
  • Political and Class Consciousness Gender and Ethnic Consciousness
  • Self, Society and Consciousness Historical Consciousness
  • Language and Consciousness Myth and Consciousness
The Culture of Toleration
International Conference
Association for Legal and Social Philosophy (ALSP)
6.–8.4.2000 — Exeter (UK)
  • The idea of Tolerance and its legal and political dimensions
  • Toleration and political neutrality
  • Toleration and civic education
Athens and Jerusalem
The Relationship between Christianity and the History of Philosophy over 2000 years
British Society for the History of Philosophy
Philosophy Department, Keele University
6.–9.4.2000 — Keele, Staffordshire (UK)
Rethinking the Human Sciences
Interdisciplinary Studies, Global Education, and the Languages of Criticism
Sixth Annual Conference
Program in the Human Sciences, George Washington University
7.–8.4.2000 — Washington, DC (USA)
  • What is the future of interdisciplinary scholarship?
  • How have interdisciplinary studies transformed the academy?
  • What methodologies contribute to an interdisciplinary approach to interpretive inquiry?
  • Has global capitalism impeded the development of interdisciplinary, transformative global pedagogies and scholarship?
  • How will the influential ideas of structuralism/poststructuralism and the languages of criticism impact interdisciplinary critical theory and scholarship?
Socially Engaged Buddhism
Traditions and Implications
Online Conference
Journal of Buddhist Ethics
Peace Movement · Nonviolent Resistance/Action · Social Justice · Politics · Discrimination against Minorities · Animal Rights · Women's Rights · Ecology · Third-World Exploitation · Right Livelihood · Role of Business and Economics · History of Engaged Buddhism
Value Inquiry in the Age of Globalization
2nd Virtual Symposium on Value Inquiry
Center for Applied and Professional Ethics, Central Missouri State University
Social, Moral, Political, Economic, Environmental, and Aesthetic Values, the Teaching of Values, and the Resolution of Conflict between Competing Values and between Theory and Practice.
Of particular interest are papers that discuss issues and conflicts of values that have arisen as a result of the social, political, economic, scientific, and technological developments involved with globalization.
Traditions and Implications
International Cross-disciplinary Conference
University of Utah
13.–14.4.2000 — Salt Lake City, UT (USA)
The purpose of the conference is to better understand the concept of forgiveness across history, languages, cultures and religions, and to help develop ways in which forgiveness can be used to further peace: both among ourselves in our everyday conflicts at the local and national level, and at the global level.
Submission of proposals
Values in an Age of Globalization
28th Conference on Value Inquiry
Lamar University
13.–15.4.2000 — Beaumont, TX (USA)
Social, Moral, Political, Economic, Environmental, and Aesthetic Values, the Teaching of Values, and the Resolution of Conflict between Competing Values and between Theory and Practice.
Of particular interest are papers that discuss issues and conflicts of values that have arisen as a result of the social, political, economic, scientific, and technological developments involved with globalization.
Cultural Studies and Interdisciplinarity
Difference, Otherness, Dialogue, Translation
Interdisciplinary Conference
Trinity and All Saints, College of the University of Leeds
25.–26.4.2000 — Leeds (UK)
It is time to re-open the question of Cultural Studies and its problematic "foundation" on the principle of interdisciplinarity. The variety of theoretical conceptualisations and general practices of "transgressing" (disciplinary) boundaries – interdisciplinarity, transdisciplinarity, alterdisciplinarity, etc. – continue to raise questions of translation, otherness and difference while generating possiblities for dialogue. The contributions are invited to address the conference topic from various prespectives:
  • the view from "inside" Cultural Studies
  • the view from "outside" Cultural Studies
  • the "hybrid" view
  • the view "from the boundary"
Submission of proposals
Black Thought and Movements in World History
French Department, Montclair State University
27.–29.4.2000 — Upper Montclair/NJ (USA)
Submission of proposals
The Next Fifty Years
On African Philosophy
International Conference
Department of Philosophy, Hamline University
27.–29.4.2000 — Saint Paul, MN (USA)
  • The state of the discipline (African philosophy at the start of the new millenium)
  • Connections between African philosophy and the larger discipline (challenges of assimilation or accommodation)
  • Feminist contributions to African philosophy
  • Developing sub-fields within African philosophy (ethics, political theory, epistemology, metaphysics)
  • Insiders and outsiders (challenges of diversity)
  • Religious contributions to African philosophy
  • Strategies and hopes for the future
Submission of proposals
Philosophical Explorations of Spatial Boundaries
2nd Annual Conference
Society for Philosophy and Geography
28.–30.4.2000 — Towson/Md. (USA)
Epistemology of Boundaries · Cognitive Mapping · Mapping Racial and Cultural Boundaries · Terrestrial and Extra-Terrestrial Boundaries · Greening of Space · Bioregionalism · Ecosystemic Boundaries · Physical-Spiritual Boundaries · Ethnic Boundaries · Mapping the Sacred · Eco-centric/Anthropocentric Boundaries · Indigenous Reconstruction · Hermeneutics of Boundaries · Politics of Zoning · Segmentation Theory · Marginalized Living
Envío de ponencias
A cien Años del Ariel de Rodó
Pensamiento latinoamericano e historia de las ideas en el marco de la regionalización e integración
III Encuentro del Corredor de las Ideas
Universidad de Playa Ancha
Universidad de Santiago de Chile
Universidad de Talca
Universidad Raúl Silva Henríquez
3.–5.5.2000 — Valparaíso (Chile)
  1. Pensamiento latinoamericano e historia de las ideas
    • Aportes históricos de Bolívar, Rodó, Sarmiento, Vasconcelos, Zea, Freire y otros
    • Integración cultural y pensamiento latinoamericano
    • Pensamiento e interculturalidad
    • Pensamiento femenino en América Latina; arielismo, juventud y reforma universitaria
  2. Regionalización e integración
    • Formas de integración y colaboración en el Cono Sur; nuevas propuestas
    • Integración y discurso militar
    • Análisis de las políticas educativas y culturales frente a la integración y las contradicciones de la globalización
    • Redes intelectuales, pensamiento e integración y las contradicciones de la globalización
    • Propuestas éticas y utópicas frente al amanecer del 2000
Submission of proposals
The Visible and Invisible in Literature and Philosophy
24th International Conference
International Society for Phenomenology and Literature
Harvard University
10.–11.5.2000 — Cambridge, MA (USA)
  • Literature's quest for the hidden, "true" reality
  • Inspiration and its search for expression
  • Cipher, metaphor, image, vision
New Cultural Perspectives in the New Millennium
5th Ege University Cultural Studies Seminar
Amerikan Kulturu ve Edebiyati Bolumu, Ege Universitesi
The Cultural Office of the U.S. Embassy
The British Council
American Studies Association of Turkey
10.–12.5.2000 — Izmir (Turkey)
  • Gender and Ideology
  • Technology and Ideology
  • Ethnicity and Ideology
  • Popular Culture as Ideology
  • Globalism and the New World Order
  • Post-Colonialism and Postmodernism: Will They Survive?
  • Locality or Universality in Artistic Creation
Rationality and Its Alternatives: Models of Health and Illness
2000 Annual Meeting
Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry
13.–14.5.2000 — Chicago, IL (USA)
Both within and without Western culture, the place of rationality in attaining knowledge and wisdom is often challenged. Philosophers and psychiatrists both make judgments about rationality and irrationality in their daily work. What theories and criteria guide these judgments? Are such criteria universal, or particularistic and culture-bound, and if the latter, how are specific rationality criteria selected? Once the issue of judgments is raised, further questions of power, responsibility, and ethical stance arise. Who should be empowered to make determinations of rationality, and what epistemic, ontological, and sociopolitical weight do they bear?
Pragmatism and Values
1st Central European Pragmatist Forum
Slovak Academy of Sciences
29.5.–1.6.2000 — Tatras Mountains (Slovakia)
  • Can pragmatism be adapted to very different cultural and intellectual contexts?
  • Is there a place for pragmatist philosophy within contemporary European culture?
  • Is pragmatism somehow compatible with European cultural traditions and contemporary conditions?
  • How can pragmatism enrich European as well as American cultures?
  • What new and valuable features can the new pragmatism bring into European cultures?
  • What sorts or types of pragmatism could be developed in central and eastern Europe?
Psychoanalysis and the Politics of Identity
Institute of Psycho-Analysis
Forum for European Philosophy
3.–4.6.2000 — London (UK)
Submission of proposals
Crossroads in Cultural Studies
3rd International Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference
Department of Cultural Studies and Sociology, University of Birmingham
21.–25.6.2000 — Birmingham (UK)
Cultures of Everyday Life · Media, Media Cultures and Film · Globalisation and Diaspora · New Technologies · Culture and Economy · Social and Cultural Theory · Difference and Identity · Power and Knowledge · The City: Space and Place · Cultural Policy · Postcolonialism · Cultural Studies · Pedagogy · Cultures of Work and Organisation · Consumer Culture
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