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I / 2000

Curso de Verão
A Construção do Pensamento Filosófico na América Latina
Curso de Verão
Instituto de Filosofia da Libertação (IFiL)
19.–26.2.2000 — Curitiba, PR (Brasil)
  • Filosofia e História
  • Filosofia da Libertação em seu período emergente
  • Filosofia da Libertação no Contexto histórico atual
  • Filosofia e Realidade Brasileira
Shifting Borders, Negotiating Places
Cultural Studies and the Mutation of Value(s)
2nd Annual Interdisciplinary Conference
Rome Center of Liberal Arts, Loyola University
Facoltà di Sociologia delle Comunicazioni, Università di Roma La Sapienza
22.–23.2.2000 — Rome (Italy)
  • Globalization and consumption theory
  • Technology, media, and the limits of communication
  • Territoriality, ethnicity, and the integrity of local cultures
  • The emergence of European identities
  • Aesthetic expression and artistic production
  • Sexuality, gender, and feminism
  • Spirituality, transcendence, and changing values
Submission of proposals
A Cross-Cultural Dialogue on Knowledge and Livelihoods in the Context of Globalization
2nd International Conference
International Network for Cultural Alternatives to Development (INCAD)
Intercultural Institute of Montreal
Committee for Cultural Choices and Global Futures, Delhi
Pipal Tree and Alliance for Responsible and United World - Asia, Bangalore
8.–13.3.2000 — Bangalore (India)
The over-arching focus of this conference is to induce a process of decolonizing minds from the dominant knowledge system and recovering local/traditional knowledge systems in the face of globalization.
Submission of proposals
Thought and Practice in African Philosophy
6th Annual Conference
International Society for African Philosophy and Studies (ISAPS)
Philosophy Department, University of Nairobi
10.–12.3.2000 — Nairobi (Kenya)
  • Sage philosophy as an emerging practice in African philosophy
  • Analysis of African political thought and practice
  • Comparative philosophical studies
  • Philosophical analysis of African literary authors
  • Hermeneutical studies in African philosophy
  • African feminist or womanist critiques
  • Historical explorations of the beginnings of African philosophy
Ethnicity and Human Rights at the Millennium
Identity, Community, Nation
15th Biannual Conference
Canadian Ethnic Studies Association (CESA)
25.–27.3.2000 — Toronto (Canada)
Emergent diasporas, rights to identities, ethnic challenges to statecraft, reconfiguring institutional structures, and defining community at the millennium.
Submission of proposals
The Spirit of the Orient and Judaism
International Interdisciplinary Conference
Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion
Elon College
28-30.3.2000 — Elon College, NC (USA)
  • The Oriental beginning of western religions
  • The primacy of relations in Judaism and Eastern thought
  • The concept of unification in Judaism and Eastern thought
  • Reason, revelation and faith
  • Hindu-Buddhist and Jewish dialogue
  • Buber's dialogue with Gandhi
  • Kabbala
  • Biblical Judaism and the contemporary revolt against dualism
  • Realism, mysticism and monism
  • Eidos versus Tao and Brahman
  • Enlightenment
  • Teshuva versus awakening
  • Transcendence and immanence
  • Self and absolute
  • Selfless action and inaction
  • Cyclical and linear time
  • Reincarnation
  • Judaism – East/West
  • Israel and India: 21st century voices for unification
  • Problem of evil and suffering
The Female Principle
The Suppressions and Reassertions of the Female Principle in Human Cultures
International Conference
University of Texas at Arlington
30.3.–1.4.2000 — Arlington, TX (USA)
This conference recognizes the suppression of femaleness as a primary meaning of Western and other cultures over a long period, and opens this issue to renewed scrutiny. It seeks to identify, document, account for, and interpret the suppression of femaleness via the specific forms it takes from early periods to the present, and to identify and describe newly developing practices that counter it.
Action and Identity
Third Annual Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference
State University of New York at Stony Brook
Graduate Program in Philosophy
31.3.–2.4.2000 — Stony Brook, NY (USA)
Intentionality · Communicative Praxis · Autonomy · Freedom · Civil Disobedience · Game Theory · Individualism · Feminism · Multiculturalism · Libertarianism · Pragmatism · Relativism · Environmentalism · Equality · Rationality · Race · Gender · Labor and Capital · Justice · Religion · Rights · Knowledge · Marginalized Cultures · Direct Action
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