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 III / 2001
Submission of proposals
"Whiteness" and "Blackness" in Modern South Africa
University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
5.–8.7.2001 — Johannesburg (South Africa)
The questions we wish to pose about race are as much about the past as the present. Clearly the issue of race has a particular salience in contemporary South Africa, and a public debate on the subject will play a crucial role in the country's efforts to stabilise a non-racial democracy. However, the apartheid past weighs very heavily on the present, particularly in respect of the politicisation of race. So the conference will be as much an historical exploration of the construction of racial categories, as an engagement with the current politics of race. Although the primary focus of discussion will be on the South African experience, there are instructive comparisons with other countries which need to be drawn. These include a close look at the dynamics of race in other parts of Africa.
We see this as a thoroughly interdisciplinary project, drawing on contributions from sociologists, social anthropologists, historians, political scientists, psychologists, economists, literary scholars, media scholars, philosophers and educationists.
Summer School
A Transnational Perspective
Summer School
European Research Forum on Migration and Ethnic Relations (EUROFOR)
Università degli Studi di Firenze
7.–18.7.2001 — Cecina (Italy)
The Summer School programme will begin with a redefinition of concepts – diversity, identity, homogeneity, unity, minority – as they have served to describe the European context. It will consider spontaneous processes and the dynamics of hybridisation, formation of communities and transnational networks, as they operate within general political frameworks, and their role within patterns of multiculturalism, cultural pluralism etc., and the practices and experiences of institutions and organisations. Finally it will analyse the role played by international organisations and especially by the European Union, and the potential for international law to establish a common frame of rights.
INE Seminar
International Networking Events, The British Council
8.–13.7.2001 — Bristol (UK)
- From Images to Identities
- The Power of National Imagery and National Stories
- Rights and Responsibilities
- Strategies and Policies of the Future
Summer University Course
Central European University
9.7.–3.8.2001 — Budapest (Hungary)
The course will offer participants an in-depth analysis of the forces that will affect and challenges that will confront institutions and practitioners of global governance in the twenty-first century and various steps that might be taken to enhance the effectiveness of international institutions in responding to those challenges.
Partnerships for Sustainable Human Security
Summer University Course
Central European University
9.7.–3.8.2001 — Budapest (Hungary)
The course will offer participants an in-depth analysis of the forces that will affect and challenges that will confront global governance in the twenty-first century and various steps that might be taken to enhance the effectiveness of international institutions in responding to the challenges of promoting sustainable human development and human security.
Summer University Course
Central European University
Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
Hamline University School of Law
9.7.–3.8.2001 — Budapest (Hungary)
The course set in the context of Central and Eastern Europe's emerging democracies, will focus primarily on mediation and other consensual methods for addressing and resolving conflict and promoting understanding between peoples.
Submission of proposals
Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques
Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris
Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN)
9.–10.7.2001 — Paris (France)
- Changing notions of citizenship and nationality
- Mobilization, conflict and secessionism in the Caucasus
- Islam and politics in Central Asia
- Threats of regional disintegration in Russia
- Identity claims and economic development
- Consequences of EU enlargement and NATO expansion in Eastern Europe and Russia
- Diaspora and transnational politics
Presentación de resúmenes
IV Encuentro del Corredor de las Ideas
10.–13.7.2001 — Asunción (Paraguay)
1. La globalización y la mundialización en las ideas contemporáneas de América Latina
2. Los conceptos de naturaleza, cultura y civilización en el pensamiento Latinoamericano
3. Identidad, transculturación, multiculturalidad: Un debate con sabor americano
4. Nuevas tecnologías de comunicación y estandarización simbólica
5. Marginación, pobreza y exclusión en el debate intelectual latinoamericano
6. "Universalidad" e "identidad" de la Política, la Democracia y los Derechos Humanos
7. La educación en el siglo XXI vista desde el Sur
8. Pensar la esperanza y la utopía en el siglo XXI desde América
Submission of proposals
Annual Conference
The Australasian Society of Asian and Comparative Philosophy
The University of Hong Kong
12.–14.7.2001 — Hong Kong (China)
Suggested topics:
1. Whence China: New Confucianism, New Daoism, Chinese Liberalism?
2. Globalization of Knowledge: Traditions and Science (Medicine and Global Standards)
3. Moral Communities in Global Communication: Relativism, Communitarianism,and Individualism
4. Global Epistemology and Comparative Philosophy of Knowledge: Must Knowledge Converge?
5. Vertical and Horizontal Pressures: Is Tradition Relevant in a GlobalDiscourse?
Submission of proposals
How to Regain the Love of Wisdom
ISUD 4th World Conference
International Society for Universal Dialogue (ISUD)
Jagiellonian University, Cracow
12.–16.7.2001 — Cracow (Poland)
In the spirit of fostering dialogue, the papers discussed at the symposium will be published and distributed to all registered participants before the conference. Other than the invited keynote addresses, all sessions will be devoted to critical comments and responses to the published papers.
Submission of proposals
2001 Conference
British Society for Ethical Theory
13.–15.7.2001 — Glasgow (UK)
Papers may be on any aspect of ethical theory i.e. metaethics and normative ethics. Papers on topics in applied ethics or the history of ethics may also be considered provided they are also of wider theoretical interest.
Vorschläge für Referate
Rolle und Spielraum eines philosophischen Begriffs
7. Internationales französisch-deutsches Philosophie-Kolloquium
Zentrum für Philosophie, Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen
15.–21.7.2001 — Evian (Frankreich)
Die Internationalen französisch-deutschen Philsophiekolloquien haben es sich zum Ziel gesetzt, die kontinentale Philsophie, insbesondere die französische Philosophie der Gegenwart, mit anderen Philosophietraditionen in Gespräch zu bringen. Das Kolloquium möchte den Begriff der Intersubjektivität in einer systematisch ausgerichteten und historisch informierten Weise in die Debatte einbringen.
12th International Conference on Chinese Philosophy
The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
International Society for Chinese Philosophy
21.–24.7.2001 — Beijing (China)
Suggested topics:
 1. What great issues will confront human civilization in the 21th century? How should Chinese philosophy deal with them?
 2. How should traditional resources of Chinese philosophy, such as Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Mohism, and Theory of Changes, reveal their positive values in the 21th century, with certain creative explanation and transformation?
 3. What new features will there be in the trend of contemporary Chinese philosophy fusing with the knowledge from other parts of the world? How should Chinese philosophy keep and assert its characteristics and unique values?
 4. Comparing Oriental with Western civilization and their ways of philosophical thinking, how could the imperative and specific means of multiple cultures compensate one another and conduct useful dialogues.
Principles and Policies
Summer University Course
Central European University
30.7.–10.8.2001 — Budapest (Hungary)
The purpose of this course is to study the working of human rights systems through close examination of the human right to food and nutrition. Participants should gain an understanding of recent developments in nutrition rights, and also develop skill in applying the nutrition rights approach in specific contexts.
The South-East European Context
Summer University Course
Central European University
30.7.–10.8.2001 — Budapest (Hungary)
- Defining the concept of intercultural citizenship
- Citizenship in South-East Europe
- How to Rebuild Social Fabric in Conflicting Regions
- Human Rights and Peaceful Conflict Resolution
Cross-border Experiences in a Narrative Approach
Summer University Course
Central European University
30.7.–10.8.2001 — Budapest (Hungary)
The course aims to combine theoretical explorations of different concepts of identity from an interdisciplinary perspective (historical, philosophical, psychoanalytical, and sociological) with a workshop based on empirical exploration of east-west experiences and discourses.
International Conference
United Nations University (UNU)
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
31.7.–3.8.2001 — Tokyo and Kyoto (Japan)
The conference will contribute to the 2001 "United Nations Year of Dialogue among Civilizations" with a scientific exploration of the dialogue itself, bringing together academics from diverse cultural backgrounds for discussions aimed at a better understanding of what is necessary to realize a meaningful dialogue among civilizations.
Submission of proposals
Cultures of Violence
3rd Global Conference
3.–8.8.2001 — Prague (Czech Republic)
- Is violence part of human nature?
(Psychological and anthropological approaches)
- War, civil war, terrorism and the metropolis
- Policies of extermination
- Religion, religious institutions, and their role in curtailing or propelling violence; religious fundamentalism and violence
- Institutional life – including schools and hospitals
- Ethnicity, nationalism, and sub-nationalisms; racism and violence
- Violence in the private domain – abuse of women and children
- Violence in the public domain – the legitimation of violence, law, concepts of punishment, capital punishment
- State violence – militarism and arms competition
- Market economy and globalization; poverty and violence
- Violence and modernity – the role of science and technology
- Youth and violence – gang violence, children soldiers, hooliganism
- Can there be a culture counter to the culture of violence and how is it to be promoted?
Submission of proposals
The Paideia Retreat 2001
The Paideia Retreat
4.–9.8.2001 — Quetico Centre, Ont. (Canada)
The Paideia Retreat is an intellectual retreat in a wilderness setting. It is designed as a small gathering of academics and community leaders to discuss culture in a globalized world. The perspectives range from the social science and liberal arts, to anthropology and communications theory. We think this interdisciplinary approach will benefit all the participants and generate new ideas.
World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCR)
31.8.–7.9.2001 — Durban (South Africa)
- To review progress made in the fight against racism and racial discrimination, in particular since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and to reappraise the obstacles to progress in the field and to identify ways to overcome them;
- To consider ways and means to better ensure the application of existing standards and their implementation to combat racism and racial discrimination;
- To increase the level of awareness about the scourge of racism and racial discrimination;
- To formulate concrete recommendations on ways to increase the effectiveness of the activities and mechanisms of the United Nations through programmes aimed at combatting racism and racial discrimination;
- To review the political, historical, economic, social, cultural and other factors leading to racism and racial discrimination;
- To formulate concrete recommendations to further action-oriented national, regional and international measures aimed at combatting all forms of racism and racial discrimination;
- To draw up concrete recommendations to ensure that the United Nations has the necessary resources for its activities to combat racism and racial discrimination.
Submission of proposals
Institute of Ethics and Development Studies, Uganda Martyrs University (UMU)
3.–6.9.2001 — Kampala (Uganda)
- the historical underpinnings of various ethnicities
- social structures and ethnicity
- politics, ethnicity, and nation-building
- ethnicity and conflict – local and international experiences
- ethnicity and globalizations
- culture and ethnicity
- ethnicity and Africa in the twenty-first century
Envío de resúmenes
Seminario Internacional de Expertos
Universidad Internacional de Andalucía
Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional (AECI)
10.–14.9.2001 — Sevilla (España)
Paneles temáticos:
1. La domesticación del estatuto jurídico de los pueblos indígenas: ejecutorias diplomáticas y remedios jurisdiccionales
2. La lucha por el reconocimiento constitucional de los derechos de los pueblos indígenas: mediación constitucional al derecho indígena
3. Espacios de negociación y acuerdo en el ámbito internacional: el Proyecto de Declaración Universal de Derechos de los Pueblos Indígenas de Naciones Unidas
4. Reconocimiento tribal y soberanía indígena: los tratados como títulos jurídicos en el Federal Indian Law de Estados Unidos
5. Recursos y estrategias para la ratificación y/o aplicación por Estados multinacionales del Convenio 169 de la OIT
6. Morfología y casuística de acuerdos constructivos entre Pueblos y Estados: hacia un espacio de autonomía indígena
International Conference
School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London
12.–14.9.2001 — London (UK)
- The Ethics and Philosophy of Dialogue
- Dialogue and Difference
- Cross Cultural Dialogues
- Is it 'good to talk' or the Refusal of Dialogue
- Dialogue and Identity
Submission of proposals
4th Annual Alain Locke Conference
Howard University, Washington
13.–15.9.2001 — Washington, D.C. (USA)
The organizers are particularly interested in papers with Africana themes.
IV International Congress of Intercultural Philosophy
Shanthi Sadhana Research Institute, Bangalore
Missionswissenschaftliches Institut Missio (MWI), Aachen
17.–20.9.2001 — Bangalore (India)
Propositions de communications
Nouveaux espaces, nouvelles complexités?
VIII Congrès International de l'ARIC
Association pour la Recherche Interculturelle (ARIC)
Université de Genève
24.–28.9.2001 — Genève (Suisse)
Les disciplines touchant aux questions interculturelles sont nombreuses. Cependant, les définitions encore trop floues des concepts qu'elles utilisent retiennent certains chercheurs à s'inscrire dans ce champ bien qu'ils le traitent dans leurs travaux. Ce congrès a l'ambition de travailler aux clarifications qui s'imposent et de privilégier les approches pluridisciplinaires.
Submission of abstracts
International Conference
The Centre for Democracy, University of Queensland
25.–28.9.2001 — Brisbane (Australia)
- Theory and practice: the history, theory, philosophy, politics and current developments in Indigenous self-determination
- Comparative perspectives: experiences, models and case studies from Australia, Canada, Scandinavia, New Zealand and elsewhere
- Law: legal practice, constitutional models and institutions of self-determination. The interface between international and domestic law
- Governance and accountability: accommodating indigenous self-determination in liberal democracies, the accountability interface, models and case studies
- Consensual conflict processing: conflict resolution, mediation, negotiation
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