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Submission of proposals
Asia-Pacific Computing and Philosophy
5th Asia-Pacific Conference
International Association for Computing and Philosophy (IACAP)
University of Tokyo
1.–2.10.2009 — Tokyo (Japan)
  • Devices that Alter Perception
  • Intercultural Information Ethics
  • Cognitive Philosophy
  • Privacy and Technology
  • Social Construction of the Self
  • Hybrid Culture
  • Roboethics
  • Transhumanism
Submission of proposals
Philosophy and Race
6th Annual California Roundtable on Philosophy and Race
Hampshire College
2.–3.10.2009 — Amherst, MA (USA)
Philosophical papers are invited on any issue regarding race, ethnicity, or racism, and including those that take up race in the context of another topic, such as feminism, political philosophy, ethics, justice, culture, identity, biology, phenomenology, existentialism, psychoanalysis, metaphysics, or epistemology.
Submission of proposals
Beyond Boundaries
Media, Culture and Identity in Europe
International Conference
Bahçeşehir University
2.–3.10.2009 — Istanbul (Turkey)
  • Eurocentrism and its alternatives
  • Transnationalism and nationalisms
  • Global, regional, and local media and culture
  • Diasporic and migrant culture and identities
  • Gender equality and cultural diversity
  • Tactics and strategies of dialogue between cultures
  • Symbolic representations of Europe in various cultural practices
  • Theories of European cinema, media and culture
  • Challenges for European cinema, media, and cultural studies
  • European communication studies and strategies
  • The EU policies on media, communication, and culture
Submission of proposals
Crossing Over
3rd Interdisciplinary Symposium
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Cleveland State University
7.–9.10.2009 — Cleveland, OH (USA)
  • cultural borders
  • political borders
  • educational borders
  • religious borders
  • international borders
  • intranational borders
  • linguistic borders
  • age borders
  • tribe borders
  • social class/caste borders
  • identity borders
  • neighborhood borders
Submission of proposals
Ethnic Studies 40 Years Later
Race, Resistance and Relevance
2009 Conference
College of Ethnic Studies, San Francisco State University
7.–10.10.2009 — San Francisco, CA (USA)
  • Where is Ethnic Studies in the world today, and what are the similarities and differences between our contemporary goals and those of decades past that led to the creation of the field?
  • What fruitful relationships are possible – and what obstacles exist – between Ethnic Studies programs, local communities of color, and related diasporas?
  • How are social justice pedagogies relevant to the field of Ethnic Studies?
  • In what ways have our conceptual tools for discussions about race, racialization, racial formation, and power changed since the founding of Ethnic Studies? How are we addressing class, gender, sexuality, religion, and citizenship within Ethnic Studies?
  • What strategies allow for inclusion of a full range of ethnic experiences, philosophical perspectives, methods, and analytical frameworks within the field?
  • How might recent events such as restrictions of civil liberties domestically and internationally, the election of Barack Obama, ongoing wars, and the international economic crisis affect the field of Ethnic Studies and the centering of race relations?
Submission of proposals
African Identities in the Age of Obama
1st African and African American Studies Conference
African and African American Studies Program, George Mason University
8-10 October 2009 — Fairfax, VA (USA)
President Obama's rise to power alerts us to the complexity of African identities in the modern era, particularly now that the 21st century is being heralded as the »post race« era. While African Americans, African immigrants, Caribbean immigrants, Afro-Latino immigrants, and Afro-European immigrants may have black skin, their cultural perspectives, historical experiences, and evolving identities should suggest different conceptions of »Africanness.« The objective of the conference is to create opportunities to explore the complex ways in which African identities are constructed, expressed, and represented.
Submission of proposals
The Future of Statebuilding
Ethics, Power and Responsibility in International Relations
International Conference
Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Westminster
9.–11.10.2009 — London (UK)
  • Aspiration and Practice: How do we understand/explain the gap between the aims and achievements of statebuilding?
  • Failed States: Rhetoric and Reality: What is the true nature of the influence of failed states on contemporary international security?
  • The Responsibility to Protect: How has »R2P« changed the norms governing the use of force? Is this a progressive development?
  • The Peacebuilding Commission: What role can/should the UN play in intervention and statebuilding?
  • The Future of Statebuilding After Iraq: What will the legacy of the invasion and occupation of Iraq be?
Envío de propuestas
América Latina y el Mediterráneo
Ideas en contacto
XIV Congreso Internacional
Federación Internacional de Estudios sobre América Latina y el Caribe (FIEALC)
Facultad de Filosofía, Universidad Nacional y Kapodistríaca de Atenas
14.–16.10.2009 — Atenas (Grecia)
  1. Tradición y renovación en el pensamiento político: desde los modelos clásicos (democracia, república, etc.) hasta los planteamientos contemporáneos
  2. Formaciones políticas, movimientos sociales, conformaciones institucionales: permanencia, cambio, nuevos fenómenos
  3. Correlaciones económicas internacionales: del Mediterráneo a la economía-mundo, la globalización y la emergencia de nuevas comunidades internacionales
  4. Desarrollos tecnológico-científicos
  5. Del tiempo-espacio mediterráneo al tiempo-espacio americano: historia, sociedad, ambiente
  6. Tradición y renovación en el ámbito humanístico: lengua y cultura, arte y literatura
Submission of proposals
Postcolonial Actualities
Past and Present
6th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference
University of Texas at Austin
16.–17.10.2009 — Austin, TX (USA)
  • Literature of diasporic communities
  • Changing soundscapes
  • The city and the visual
  • Public and private spaces
  • Politics and aesthetics of translation
  • Dynamics of race and ethnicities
  • Projections of/on the future
  • Utopias and dystopias
  • Choices in language
  • The law of the city
Submission of proposals
Managing Diversity and Social Cohesion
The Canadian Experience
5th International Conference of Central European Canadianists
Central European Association for Canadian Studies
Sofia University
New Bulgarian University
16.–18.10.2009 — Sofia (Bulgaria)
  • Cultural diversity
  • Democratic processes and human rights
  • Social cohesion
  • Canadian polity
  • Social diversity in Canadian literature
  • Emigrant writing
  • The city in literature
  • Intercultural dialogues in literature
  • Canadian cultural narratives
  • Cultural regionalism
  • A nation in the making: historical perspectives
Submission of proposals
Corruption and Human Rights
International Conference
Maastricht Centre for Human Rights, Maastricht University
22-23 October 2009 — Maastricht (Netherlands)
  • Corruption as a Violation of Human Rights?
  • Corruption, Human Rights and the Natural Environment
  • Researching Corruption: Methodological and Cultural Challenges
  • Corporations and International Financial Institutions, Corruption and Human Rights
  • Towards a Fundamental Human Right to a Corruption-Free Public Service?
  • Police Corruption and Human Rights
Submission of proposals
Cultures of Empire?
Circulating, Exchanging and Confronting Cultures in Colonial and Imperial Situations
International Conference
Institut Universitaire de France
Centre national de la recherche scientifique
Centre des sciences de la littérature française, Université Paris X
22.–24.10.2009 — Paris (France)
The diversity of imperial movements, be they undertaken by material or immaterial objects, must be investigated by examining the paths and networks taken and the spaces that they traced out, invented or structured. Of particular interest are interactions around the mobile and fundamental support represented by language: vernacular, vehicular, oral and written; languages of dominance or resistance. Another major question centers on the political uses of culture. Explicit and implicit projects need to be studied at all three stages – from inception to implementation to adapting current practices – if we are to understand how politics interacted with culture.
Global Asias
Inaugural Conference
Asian Studies Program, Pennsylvania State University
22.–25.10.2009 — University Park, PA (USA)
  • Are there factors and themes common to Asian societies that are reflected in the spread of Buddhism and Islam?
  • Can we think of similarities in the imperial traditions of East and South Asia, and whether the same road was taken by these societies in the painful transformation from empires to nations?
  • How did Japan, China, Southeast Asia, and the Mughal Empire accommodate the new European powers?
  • How did Pan-Asian ideas develop at the height of western imperialism, and how were they abused by the rising Japanese empire?
  • What might be, if any, the common future of Asia in the global world?
Submission of proposals
Normative Orders
Justification and Sanctions
Conference for Young Academics
Cluster of Excellence »The Formation of Normative Orders«, Goethe University Frankfurt
24.–25.10.2009 — Frankfurt/Main (Germany)
  • Moral Norms and Sanctions
  • Sanctioned Justifications: Censorship and Hegemony
  • The Moral Justification of Contemporary Liberal Eugenics
  • Normative Implications of the Subprime-Mortgage Crisis
  • Justifications of Normative Orders Beyond the Nation-State: Legislative Action in Legal-Historical Perspective
  • System of Rule and Religion: The Limited Impact of Sanctions and the Relevance of Political-Theological Narratives of Justification in the Foundation of Normative Orders in the Early Modern Period
  • The Struggle for Dogmatic and Hierarchical Norms in the Church Universal of Late Antiquity
  • Conceptualizing Global Orders
  • Democracy-Enhancing Multilateralism: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives
  • Translation of »Normative Orders« and the Limits of Translation
  • Narratives of Justification and Sanctions in Development Cooperation
  • Processes of Norm Diffusion: Cross-Cutting the International and Local Level
  • The Scope of Principles of Justice
  • Minority Issues: Justification Narratives and Normative Orders
  • Capital Punishment: The Roots of America's Support and Germany's Opposition
  • Is Criminal Law a Proper Instrument with which to Come to Terms with the Past?
Submission of proposals
Terror and the Challenges to Nation-State
International Conference
Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
29.–30.10.2009 — Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Retrieving sacrificial violence theories as a negative way of communication with the concept of totality and time transcendence and social differentiation – from ideological terrorism with no territorial claims to eco-terrorism.
  • Developing an analysis of the changes brought about at the level of state sovereignty, understood as the last juridical resort and as the monopoly of violence, together with a reflection on trans-national security measures and their legitimacy at intra-state level.
Submission of proposals
Toward a Peaceful World
Historical Approaches to Creating Cultures of Peace
Biannual Conference
Peace History Society
Winthrop University
29.–31.10.2009 — Rock Hill, SC (USA)
Proposals can include efforts to achieve peace or prevent war, including long-term efforts at sustainable development, diplomatic efforts to avert war or maintain peace, and popular social and cultural movements which seek to end war or reform the international environment to avoid future wars.
Submission of proposals
Theories of International and Intercultural Communication
International Conference and PhD Workshop
Network Intercultural and International Communication
Graduate Program »Formations of the Global«, University of Mannheim
29.–31.10.2009 — Mannheim (Germany)
  • Disciplinary intersections
  • Spatial patterns
  • Temporal structures
  • Building theory from comparison
Submission of papers
Climate Change as Challenge for Intercultural Inquiry into Values
Global Dialogue Conference
Aarhus University
3.–6.11.2009 — Aarhus (Denmark)
Climate change requires globally concerted initiatives that are based on practical interest and moral responsibility. But which moral norms could motivate such global coordination in our decision-making, both as individuals and communities? Do we already possess notions of future-oriented responsibility that can motivate decision-makers around the globe to take responsibility? The aim of this conference is to compare conceptions of responsibility across cultures and to explore the role of intercultural value research for the development of new models of ecological responsibility.
Submission of proposals
Practices of Citizenship, Sustainability and Belonging
ASA Annual Convention 2009
American Studies Association (ASA)
5.–8.11.2009 — Washington, DC (USA)
  • What are the practices that define us as citizens?
  • What are the practices that have sustained and can sustain human communities and the planet?
  • What are the practices that create a sense of belonging in our lives?
  • What costs are exacted by specific constructions of belonging and citizenship?
  • What is sustained, and how is power enacted, in the rituals and practices of individuals and institutions?
Submission of proposals
Diasporas, Migration and Media
Crossing Boundaries, New Directions
Interdisciplinary Conference
Diaspora, Migration and the Media Section, European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA)
Nottingham Trent University
Utrecht University
6.–7.11.2009 — Utrecht (Netherlands)
  • The local/global diasporic cultural experiences
  • Dynamics of migration and memory
  • Dynamics of representation, discourse and language
  • Subjectivity, emotion and identity
  • Diaspora, youth and media
  • Diasporic audiences
  • Diaspora and queer theory
  • Visual cultures and diasporas/migrants
  • Music and diasporas
  • Cultural citizenship
  • Cultural policy and diaspora
  • Web 2.0, social media and diasporas: what are they doing for diasporas and minorities?
  • The backlash against multiculturalism and/in the media
  • Diasporic/minority media: what is new?
  • Urban environments and multicultural encounters
  • Diasporic generations, communication and media
Submission of proposals
Communities of Justice
2009 Concerned Philosophers for Peace Conference
University of Dayton
6.–8.11.2009 — Dayton, OH (USA)
  • What constitutes a just community?
  • What obstacles do we face in creating Communities of Justice?
  • How can obstacles be overcome in order to make a community more just?
  • What is the relationship between local action and national or international action?
  • Who is oppressed and who are the oppressors?
  • How should, and how do oppressed groups respond to each other?
  • How should, and how do oppressed groups respond to their oppressor?
  • How can we learn from the past, making use of what is valuable, without being tainted by what is harmful?
  • What aspects of race theory and feminist theory are supportive of, or prevent creating Communities of Justice?
Submission of proposals
Bullying and the Abuse of Power
From the Playground to International Relations
1st Global Conference
6.–8.11.2009 — Salzburg (Austria)
  • Bullying in everyday contexts
  • From playground bullying to genocide / Bullying: How far can it go?
  • International relations
  • Multinationals, impoverished nations and corner shops
Submission of proposals
Pluralism, Inclusion and Citizenship
5th Global Conference
6.–8.11.2009 — Salzburg (Austria)
  • Challenging Old Concepts of Citizen and Alien
  • Nations, Fluid Boundaries and Citizenship
  • Institutions, Organizations and Social Movements
  • Persons, Personhood and the Inter-Personal
  • Media and Artistic Representations
  • Transnational Political Interlacing of Contemporary Life
  • New Concepts, New Forms of Inclusion
Submission of proposals
Interculturalism, Meaning and Identity
3rd Global Conference
10.–12.11.2009 — Salzburg (Austria)
  • Contemporary Rediscoveries and Redefinitions of Culture
  • Cultural Boundaries, Peoples and Nations
  • Cultural Formations
  • Politicising Culture
  • Art and Cultural Representations
  • Crossing Cultural Boundaries
Submission of proposals
Difficult Dialogues
2009 Annual Meeting
National Women's Studies Association (NWSA)
12.–15.11.2009 — Atlanta, GA (USA)
  • Thinking, Speaking, and Working Margin to Margin
  • Intersectionality as Theory, Method, and Politics
  • Reconceptualizing Women's Studies within the Transnational
  • Negotiating the Politics of Memory
  • Women's Studies 40 Years Later: Where Are We Going, Where Have We Been?
Submission of proposals
America, Islam, Violence, and Dogma
12th Annual »Building Bridges« Graduate Student Philosophy Conference
Department of Philosophy, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
13.–14.11.2009 — Carbondale, IL (USA)
The conference's topic envisions a dialogue between American and Islamic thought concerning issues of violence and dogma. We welcome novel connections among these four themes and encourage submissions that are interdisciplinary in their approach. We accept papers coming from all philosophical traditions and look forward to bringing these different perspectives into conversation.
Submission of proposals
Philosophy in East Africa
Towards Critical Thinking, Professionalism and Democracy
International Conference
Philosophy Unit, University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM)
18.–20.11.2009 — Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
  • Philosophy in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi
  • Philosophy in Tanzania
  • Philosophy and Public Policy
  • Good Governance and Professional Ethics
  • Research Ethics
  • African Philosophy and International Cooperation
  • Philosophy and the Youth
Submission of proposals
Labour Migration Policy Issues
Labour and Global Justice Conference
International Global Ethics Association (IGEA)
Center for Ethics and Value Inquiry, Ghent University
19.–20.11.2009 — Ghent (Belgium)
  • how national immigration schemes affect labour markets
  • migrant worker experiences, both documented and undocumented, and from different categories (workers, diplomats, expats)
  • gender aspects of labour migration realities and policies
  • trafficking for purposes of labour exploitation
  • outsourcing and labour standards
  • assessments of policy instruments on labour migration
  • international trade unions and IFAs
  • effects on local labour markets caused by FDI
  • the potential of Global Governance with regard to labour justice
Submission of proposals
Religion and International Affairs
International Conference
Faculty of Humanities, AGH University of Science and Technology
Faculty of International Relations, Krakowska Akademia im. Frycza Modrzewskiego
19.–20.11.2009 — Krakow (Poland)
  • Law and politics
  • Economy and society
  • Culture
Submission of proposals
Migration, Citizenship and Intercultural Relations
International Conference
Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation, Deakin University
Asia Pacific Futures Research Network (Islam Node)
19.–20.11.2009 — Melbourne (Australia)
  • Multiculturalism, Identity and Citizenship
  • Race, Ethnicity and Intercultural Relations
  • Transnational Work and Temporary Migration
  • Muslim Diaspora in the West
  • Moving Beyond Xenophobia: Race Relations and Social Inclusion
  • Transnationalism and Global Ethics
Submission of proposals
Complexities of ›Europe‹
Between Knowledge, Power, Citizenship and Identity
Graduate Conference
Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH), University of Cambridge
20.–21.11.2009 — Cambridge (UK)
  1. Knowledge and Power
    • Periodizing »Europe«
    • »Europe« and the Academy
    • »Europe« Outside Europe
  2. Citizenship and Identity
    • »Europe« and Borders
    • A »European« Public Sphere?
    • »Europe« and Material Cultures
Submission of proposals
The Future Man
International Conference
Tehran University
Allameh Tabataba'i University
22.–23.11.2009 — Tehran (Iran)
  • Theoretical-Philosophical Aspects
  • Culture and the Arts
  • Society, Politics and Economy
  • Science, Technology and Nature
  • Ethics and Education
  • Religion
  • Iran
Submission of proposals
Challenges of Ethnicity
The Local and the Global
International Conference
Centre for International Programmes, Osmania University
25.–27.11.2009 — Hyderabad, AP (India)
  • New Directions in the Theories of Ethnicity
  • Ethnicity, Identity and the State: Global Perspectives
  • Ethnicity, Identity and the State in South Asia
  • India and its Ethnic Challenges
Submission of proposals
Global Village – Are We There Yet?
2009 Conference
Global Communication Association
Public Relations Council of India
26.–27.11.2009 — Bangalore (India)
  • Surmounting the Road Blocks
  • Media Challenges and Opportunities in the Digital Age
  • Globalization and Localization – Trends and Prospects
  • Media and Localization – New Approaches
  • The Business and Impact of Global Media
  • The Cinema of the Present and Future
  • Media and Cultural Regulations
  • Trends in Intercultural International Communications and Collaborations
  • Media Industry Challenges and Opportunities
  • Media Convergence – Myth or Reality?
  • Corporate Social Responsibly
  • Corporate Media and Global Hegemony
  • Print and Imprint: Changing Design of the Medium
  • New Wave in Radio Broadcasting: Trends and Possibilities
  • New Media and New Opportunities
  • Vision and Television for 21st Century
  • Deep Focus: Cinema of the Present and Future
  • Creative Dialogue: Media and Human Rights
  • Media Education – A Paradigm Shift
  • Media and Politics
Envío de propuestas
Estudios Indígenas y Coloniales
Jornadas Internacionales
Centro de Estudios Indígenas y Coloniales (CEIC), Universidad Nacional de Jujuy
26.–28.11.2009 — San Salvador de Jujuy (Argentina)
  1. Globalización. Culturas originarias e identidades
  2. La política de las narraciones de poder. Las Crónicas y desarrollo de la historiografía colonial (Siglos XVII-XVIII)
  3. Los pueblos originarios en Argentina en los siglos XX y XXI: políticas estatales y estrategias subalternas
  4. Actores y escenarios. Indígenas y medio ambiente (Siglos XVIII-XX)
  5. Nuevos aportes para pensar las condiciones relacionales en el ámbito regional andino desde la reciprocidad y la redistribución (Siglos XVI-XIX)
  6. Representaciones del Sujeto Colonial y su descolonización en la literatura del NOA
  7. Resignificación de la realidad a partir del lenguaje de las comunidades indígenas evangelizadas (Siglos XVII-XIX)
  8. Procesos socioculturales y sistemas simbólicos
  9. Identidad, representaciones y resistencias en las sociedades americanas (Siglos XVIII a XXI)
  10. Impacto de las prácticas académicas en Ciencias Sociales sobre comunidades indígenas
  11. La escritura en el Nuevo Mundo: Sujetos y representaciones
  12. Proyectos, avances de investigación, seminarios y experiencias de trabajo innovadoras en Ciencias Sociales
Submission of proposals
Ethics of Human Development and Global Justice
Responsibilities of Institutions and Citizens for Action on Poverty
8th International Conference on Ethics and International Development
International Development Ethics Association
Universitat de València
Universitat Jaume I de Castelló
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
30.11.–2.12.2009 — Valencia (Spain)
  • Responsibilities of business, political, and civic organizations
  • Responsibilities of active citizenship
  • Grounds of such responsibilities in the ethics of human development
  • Grounds of such responsibilities in theories of global justice
Submission of proposals
Ethics of Human Development and Global Justice
Responsibilities of Institutions and Citizens for Action on Poverty
8th International Conference on Ethics and International Development
International Development Ethics Association (IDEA)
Universitat de València
Universitat Jaume I de Castelló
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
2.–4.12.2009 — Valencia (Spain)
  • Ethics of Human Development
  • Global Justice
  • Business, political and civic organizations
  • Active citizenship
Submission of proposals
Visions of Peace
The West and Asia
Multidisciplinary Symposium
University of Otago
10.–12.12.2009 — Dunedin (New Zealand)
The main, but by no means exclusive, focus will be on the »pre-modern« period (i.e. before 1800). General theoretical and historical questions to be addressed might include:
  • What did »peace« mean in a given tradition?
  • Was peace primarily political?
  • Was peace the end or a means for something else?
  • Is it achievable in this world?
  • What are the conditions of peace?
  • What are the contexts in which peace was valued?
  • What is the relationship between war and peace?
  • How did each tradition understand the legitimacy of violence?
Submission of proposals
Identity, Multiculturalism and Changing Societies
Challenges for Social Psychology in and about Asia
8th Biennial Conference
Asian Association of Social Psychology (AASP)
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
11.–14.12.2009 — Dehli (India)
Celebration of difference, respect for pluralism, recognition of ethnic and minority status and the avowal and redefinition of identity are matters that every society is in its own way grappling with today. Social psychology must not only provide answers but also today face the challenge of framing questions in a manner that will enable a deeper understanding of the factors that influence cultural continuity and change.
Submission of proposals
Spirituality, Morality and Social Justice
East and West
International Interdisciplinary Conference
Center for Spirituality, Ethics and Global Awareness, Davis and Elkins College
28.–30.12.2009 — Kolkata, WB (India)
Absolutism · Relativism · Fundamentalism · State and Church · Reason and Faith · Dogmatism and Rationalism · Peace and War · Pluralism · Monism · Spirituality and Media · Media and Global Peace · Sustainable Development in Spiritual Traditions of World Civilization · Humanism · Atheism · Morals and Customs · Deontological Theory · Virtue Theory · Utilitarianism · Rectification of Names in Confucius · Moral Relativism · Way of Nature in Daoism · Ethics in Health Care · Genetic Testing: Are we ethically ready? · Ethics and Information Technology · Peace and Social Justice · Ethical Treatment of Animals · Media Ethics · Market and Morality · Evolutionary Ethics · Morality and Medical Intervention · Gandhi on Capitalism · Plato's Vision of Ideal State · Analysis of Caste System · Social Justice and Poverty · Capitalism and distribution of Wealth · Socialism · Communism · Globalization and Colonization · Human Rights · Contemporary Theories of Justice · Social Justice from the Socialist Perspective · Liberty and Equality · Social Justice in ancient Literature · Social Justice and Health care · Gender discrimination · Child Labor · Racial Discrimination · Affirmative Action · Discrimination in the Work Place · Immigration Reform and Social Justice
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