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Submission of proposals
Liberty and Justice
America and the Middle East
Interdisciplinary Conference
Center for American Studies and Research (CASAR), American University of Beirut
7.–10.1.2007 — Beirut (Lebanon)
In the United States, the words »liberty« and »justice« have been central to discourse about public issues of every sort – both those commonly considered domestic and those considered foreign. The notion that liberty and justice are peculiarly American values is based, in part, on the idea that America represents a complete rupture from the Old World, a place to begin again separate from corruption and limitation. Yet rupture or complete separation – represented by such dichotomies as New World and Old World, domestic and foreign – has always been a fiction that ignored multiple kinds of mixing and hybridity. Today, America is present in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) economically, culturally, politically and militarily; and the MENA is present in America in multiple if asymmetrical ways. This conference will examine current and past encounters between America and the MENA with a particular focus on the many ways notions of liberty and justice have informed, or might inform, those encounters.
Médecines, Anthropologies et Cultures
Colloque International
Institut de Recherches Philosophiques, Université Lyon
17.–19.1.2008 — Lyon (France)
L'objectif du colloque est de rassembler des experts du monde entier, philosophes, médecins, épistémologues, anthropologues, spécialistes des cultures et des relations interculturelles, afin d'étudier les points suivants: les défis lancés à la rationalité par la médecine technoscientifique moderne et les médecines traditionnelles et/ou alternatives, la correspondance entre les types d'hommes engendrés par les diverses cultures et les divers modèles de médecine, les possibilités d'un dialogue interculturel sur ces questions, avec leurs conséquences pratiques, politiques, éthiques et économiques.
Submission of proposals
The Re-Enchantment of Nature across Disciplines
Critical Intersections of Science, Ethics, and Metaphysics
2nd International Meeting
International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature, and Culture
National Autonomous University of Mexico, Campus Morelia
17.–20.1.2008 — Morelia, Mich. (Mexico)
  • Does the moral story of the »spiritual,« the »intangible,« and the »sacred« in contemporary environmentalisms present particular opportunities and/or dilemmas for the critical inquiry of religion, nature, and culture?
  • What do current developments tell us about the relationship between science, religion, and environmentalism in the contemporary world?
  • To what extent is the quest to save nature also a quest to save individual subjectivities from the presumed meaningless of the modern condition?
  • Are we witnessing a renewal of eco-centric and/or religious worldviews, or did they ever decline?
  • What is the role of indigenous traditional knowledge and indigenous religions in the Western re-enchantment of nature?
  • Does the re-enchantment of nature provide an answer to the problem of meaning?
  • Can we and – if so – how can we conceptualize emergent relations between the ethical, the religious and the political in ways that do not fit the paradigms of disenchantment/re-enchantment?
Einreichung von Abstracts
Workshop für NachwuchswissenschaftlerInnen
Netzwerk Terrorismusforschung
18.–19.1.2008 — Kassel (Deutschland)
Ziel des Workshops ist es, unsere Dissertations- bzw. Forschungsprojekte sowie Entwürfe für Vorträge und Veröffentlichungen zu diskutieren. Den thematischen Rahmen bilden Fragen und Probleme aus dem Themenbereich Terrorismus und Terrorismusbekämpfung.
Envío de propuestas
Despertando consciencia y formando alianzas
Comunidades indígenas y filantropía
Congreso Regional
International Funders for Indigenos Peoples (IFIP)
18.–20.1.2008 — Querétaro, Qro. (México)
  • Cultura, identidad y globalización
  • Derechos indígenas: la política y la práctica
  • Metodológicas y estrategias efectivas
Submission of proposals
Rethinking Religion in India
International Conference
Research Centre Vergelijkende Cultuurwetenschap, Ghent University
Centre for the Study of Local Cultures, Kuvempu University
Karnataka Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities (KASSH)
Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts
21.–24.1.2007 — Dehli (India)
  • Are there native religions in India?
  • Colonialism and religion in India
  • Evolutionary explanations of religion
  • Indians are Aryans, so what?
  • The caste system and Indian religion
Submission of proposals
Knowledge Rights and Knowledge Sharing in the 21st Century
Interdisciplinary Conference
University of Central Florida
30.1.–1.2.2008 — Orlando, FL (USA)
Submitters are invited to discuss how the flow of scientific information may be stifled within the scientific community as well as to the public at large. Topics may address issues such as private sector funding of research and the patenting of scientific technologies and information by private-sector companies and its impact on knowledge sharing as it relates to the greater good. With respect to the interaction between the scientific community and the public, topics may address what can happen when political policy overrides science through either shifts in funding or the dilution of scientific findings in the dissemination of information to the public. More generally, submitters are invited to discuss knowledge rights and issues in academic, personal, and social responsibility in information sharing.
Submission of proposals
Philosophy, Religion and Culture of Asian Countries
5th Torchinov Conference
Faculty of Philosophy and Political Studies, Saint Petersburg State University
Philosophical Society of Saint Petersburg
6.–9.2.2008 — Saint Petersburg (Russia)
  • Religious-philosophical traditions of Asia
  • Categories, images and symbols of Ancient Eastern cultures
  • Western culture in Eastern countries: acceptance and rejection
  • Eastern cultures in conditions of globalization
  • Adaptation and understanding of Eastern cultures in Russia and in the West
  • Artistic culture of traditional Asia
  • Modern religious movements of Eastern origin
  • Philosophy and methodology of religion
  • Eastern psycho-practices and mystic-religious experiences
Submission of proposals
Cultures in Contact
4th Annual Graduate History Symposium
Department of History, University of Toronto
8.–9.2.2008 — Toronto, ON (Canada)
Globalization, multiculturalism, ethnic tension – evidence of cultures in contact is all around us. History shows us that transnational and cross-cultural interactions are not unique to the contemporary world. For centuries, different cultural groups have come into contact. The effects have been both positive – enrichment of languages and art, technological advancement, exchange of knowledge – and negative – wars, imperialism, racism, discrimination. The aim of the conference is to explore scholarly research into cross-cultural relations. We understand culture in its broadest sense as a shared system of values and attitudes, and as such would encompass religion, race, ethnicity, nationality, politics, class and gender.
Submission of proposals
Globalization and Identities
Interdisciplinary Conference
Department of Sociology, Christ College Bangalore
8.–9.2.2008 — Bangalore (India)
  • Diaspora, Identities and Globalization
  • Identities and Popular Culture
  • Middle Class and Globalization
Culture, Suicide, and the Human Condition
Interdisciplinary Symposium
Department of Social Sciences, University of Kuopio
Department of Sociology, University of Helsinki
Helsinki Collegium of Advanced Studies
14.–16.2.2008 — Helsinki (Finland)
  • How is the definition of suicide based on western religious and philosophical ideas?
  • How is suicide defined and understood within various cosmologies across the cultures?
  • How is culture, nature, and society intertwined in our understanding of suicide?
  • How do the western ideas of the relationship between the self and society, embedded in social research on suicide, cause biases for research in non-western cultures?
Submission of proposals
A people that dwells apart?
Exploring the Boundaries of Jewishness
Interdisciplinary Conference
Australian Association of Jewish Studies (AAJS)
Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation, Monash University
17.–18.2.2008 — Melbourne, VIC (Australia)
The conference seeks to explore the borderlines between Jews and the nations of the world, between Judaism and other civilisations. Literary, historical, theological, political and sociological approaches to issues such as authenticity, uniqueness, commonality, anti-Semitism, multiculturalism, communitarianism and exchange between outside and inside are encouraged. In what ways are Jews »a people that dwells apart«?
Submission of proposals
Terrorism and Justice
The Balance for Civil Liberties
Multidisciplinary Academic Conference
Institute of Justice and International Studies, University of Central Missouri
18.–20.2.2007 — Warrensburg, MO (USA)
The conference seeks to investigate the breadth of issues underscoring the impact of counter-terrorism efforts upon the diverse concepts of justice at both domestic and international levels. In the efforts to counter the threats of terrorism, many observers see in assessing their effectiveness and an inherent conflict between the broad interests of security and the protection of individual rights and freedoms. The US Department of State's Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism observed that promotion of liberal democratic views of justice will be a tool in efforts to counter terrorist groups. Restorative justice principles may be invoked in these efforts as longer-term developmental solutions to terrorism.
Submission of proposals
Social Figurations of Violence and War Beyond the State
Interdisciplinary Workshop
Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology
Working Group ›Orders of Violence‹ of the German Political Science Association
21.–22.2.2008 — Halle/Saale (Germany)
  • Actors in violent settings
  • Violence and legitimacy – power and identity
  • Violence, subjectivity and the body
  • Transformations of violent orders
Submission of proposals
Empire and Identity
7th Biennial Conference
Forum on European Expansion and Global Interaction (FEEGI)
Georgetown University
22.–23.2.2008 — Washington, DC (USA)
For conference, work that engages the theme of »empire and identity« is especially encouraged. We will consider individual proposals on any theme in the fields of European expansion or global interaction during the early modern period, broadly defined as the 14th century to the middle of the 19th century. Panels are welcome, but may be re-organized to fit a larger program organized thematically, in order to encourage comparative thinking outside the bounds of regional histories.
Submission of proposals
Orientations – Language, Learning and Translation
Negotiating Cultural and Literary Spaces
International Conference
Sohar University
26.–27.2.2008 — Sohar (Oman)
  • Language learning and teaching
  • Translation
  • Identity, politics and language
  • Philosophy of language
  • Language – literature interface
  • Discourse analysis
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Anthropological linguistics
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Language acquisition
Submission of proposals
Religion, Community, and Conflict
7th Annual Graduate Student Symposium
Department of Religion, Florida State University
29.2.–2.3.2008 — Tallahassee, FL (USA)
  • sectarianism
  • religion and identity
  • interfaith relations
  • pluralism/exclusivism
  • (in)tolerance
Recognition and Self-determination
4th Annual Workshop
MCRI Project on Ethnicity and Democratic Governance
MCRI Project on Indigenous Peoples and Governance
Consortium on Democratic Constitutionalism (Demcon), University of Victoria
29.2.–2.3.2008 — Victoria, BC (Canada)
The workshops intends to explore at a theoretical level what is or should be meant by recognition, considering how recognition relates to self-determination, and to explore challenges associated with recognition in practice. Further, the workshop is expected to draw intensely upon empirical cases of recognition, especially current developments in institutions and practices that mediate the struggles between indigenous peoples and political institutions.
Submission of proposals
›Postcolonial‹ Futures in a Not-Yet Postcolonial World
Locating the Intersections of Ethnic, Indigenous, and Postcolonial Studies
Interdisciplinary Conference
Ethnic Studies Department, University of California at San Diego
5.–7.3.2008 — San Diego, CA (USA)
  • What are the epistemological frameworks that inform postcolonial, ethnic and indigenous studies? What is their relationship to modernity and how do they challenge and/or complement each other?
  • What constitutes the subject of postcolonial and ethnic studies? How does the construction of these subjectivities limit possible conversations with indigenous studies?
  • What are the limitations and pitfalls of sovereignty as popularly envisioned? How do postcolonial and indigenous communities reaffirm or rearticulate sovereignty within their respective contexts?
  • What are the different theories and strategies of decolonization as laid out by postcolonial and indigenous studies, and how do they inform each other?
  • How does the political status of indigenous peoples complicate dominant discourses on immigration and citizenship? Moreover, with regards to settler nation-states such as the U.S., how does the »nations-within-nations« status of indigenous communities complicate the project of ethnic and transnational studies?
Submission of proposals
Postcolonialism and the Hit of the Real
International Conference
New York University
6.–8.3.2008 — New York (USA)
How valid, in retrospect, is the founding claim of the postcolonial that it offers a different view of the real? If the world outside the west had been understood through traditions of western representation which ignored the reality of what was actually there, silencing different cultures, epistemologies, and the lives that were lived in them, how successfully has postcolonial studies intervened to enable the former subjects of Western representations to determine the representation of their own realities? Reflecting a desire to address the materiality of questions that provided the original impetus for postcolonial thinking, scholars from a range of perspectives have attempted to reinsert the notion of the ›real‹ at the center of their academic praxis. We seek to confront through this conference one of the ongoing tensions in postcolonial studies: the concern for articulating aesthetic issues of realism and representation and theoretical reflections upon the ›real‹, with the complex postcolonial realities of underdevelopment, violence, political instability and gender inequality.
The Responsibility to Protect
A Framework for Confronting Identity-Based Atrocities
International Conference
Department of Political Science and Program in Holocaust and Human Rights Studies, Yeshiva University
10.–11.3.2008 — New York, NY (USA)
The aim of the conference is to explore the legal and political content of the R2P (Responsibility to Protect) doctrine, examine its relevance to ethnic conflicts and identity-based atrocities, and address operational and implementation challenges.
Envío de propuestas
Voces del pasado y del presente
Coloquio Internacional
Asociación de Literatura Indígena Latinoamericana (ALILA)
Programa de Investigaciones Multidisciplinarias sobre Mesoamérica y el Sureste (PROIMMSE), Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
10.–14.3.2008 — San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chis. (México)
  • memoria y literatura oral
  • mitos e historia
  • narración e identidad
  • literatura indigenista e indígena
  • oralidad y literalidad
  • mito y ritual
  • medicina
  • cosmovisión y espiritualidad
  • religión y filosofía
  • bellas artes
Borders, Nations, Translations
The Political Limits of Cultural Trans-Nationalism
International Conference
European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies (EIPCP)
14.–15.3.2008 — Vienna (Austria)
If home today is our globalized world, then its mother tongue cannot be but a translation, both linguistically and culturally. Should we form a nation of translation and claim its sovereignty in an independent state? Is it possible to articulate the emerging trans-national culture of translation in non-cultural terms or, in other words, are we able to translate a trans-national cultural space into a common trans-cultural political action?
Submission of proposals
Probing the Boundaries
1st Global Conference
14.–16.3.2008 — Salzburg (Austria)
  1. Questions of Definition
  2. Psychological Perspectives
  3. Legal and Political Perspectives
  4. Social, Cultural and Literary Perspectives
  5. Religion and Forgiveness
  6. Issues, Connections and Relations
Submission of proposals
Evil, Law and the State
2nd Global Conference
14.–16.3.2008 — Salzburg (Austria)
  • when and why is law evil or a source of evil?
  • state violence and coercion
  • enforcement of criminal law and other legal prohibitions
  • law, citizenship, and political identity
  • justifications for punishment, including capital punishment
  • whether and under what circumstances the adversary or inquisitorial models of legal process generate, tolerate, or allow evil outcomes
  • issues of equality and distributive justice in law
  • the consequences of legal error
  • the intersection of law with issues of choice, responsibility, and diminished responsibility
  • state responsibility for terrorism, war, intervention, ethnic cleansing, and other problems of international law and international relations
What is Comparative Philosophy?
International Colloquium
Wolfson College, Oxford University
14.–16.3.2008 — Oxford (UK)
The colloquium intends to explore fundamental and foundational problems and issues in comparative philosophy. What counts as successful, valid, valuable, useful or meaningful comparative philosophy? Can we determine criteria for progress in comparative philosophy? What are the appropriate methods to pursue? The colloquium seeks to encourage new reflection on old and familiar problems as well as debate current issues within, and about, comparative philosophy. The emphasis will be on Asian and western traditions.
Submission of proposals
Bridging Multiple Divides
49th Annual Convention
International Studies Association (ISA)
26.–29.3.2008 — San Francisco, CA (USA)
The landscape of international relations (IR) research is diverse and vibrant, with a wide variety of ontological, epistemological, and methodological perspectives. IR scholarship is empirical and normative, conservative and liberal, systemic and individual, activist and academic, material and ideational, positivist and post-positivist. While these different viewpoints give us great leverage for studying international relations, they often create artificial barriers between scholarly communities. The theme for the 2008 ISA meeting seeks to bridge multiple divides in the international relations community by creating dialogue and integrative research between scholars from different communities and viewpoints. We encourage the submission of papers, panels, and roundtables that create synergies between disciplines, subfields, theories, and methods and that foster greater self-reflection about our research and teaching.
Submission of proposals
Global Civil Rights
3rd Annual Conference 2008
Scholars in Critical Race Studies (SCRS), University of Memphis
27.–28.3.2008 — Memphis, TN (USA)
  • The global community and the beloved community
  • Jewish responses to apartheid and to civil rights
  • Expressions of and responses to racism within material and intangible heritage
  • Politics and ideation of a post-racial state
  • What are the influences of national struggles for civil rights on global claims to civil rights?
  • The influence southern U.S. Civil Rights Movement on activist groups in other locales
  • The influence of other activist movements on the southern U.S. Civil Rights Movement, the role of race in contemporary civil rights struggles globally
  • Defining or narrating »civil rights« in other national contexts
  • Transnational dialogue or collaboration among activist movements
Prosperity and Inequality
Debates in India and China
Interdisciplinary Conference
India China Institute, The New School
27.–28.3.2008 — New York, NY (USA)
  • Cities, Capital Formation and Social Discontent
  • The Social Costs of Growth
  • Designs for the Future
  • Searching for Models: A New Asian Social Contract?
Submission of proposals
Global Justice
International Conference
Association for Legal and Social Philosophy
Centre for the Study of Social and Global Justice and School of Politics and International Relations, University of Nottingham
27.–29.3.2008 — Nottingham (UK)
  • Human Rights
  • Global Ethics
  • Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism
  • Justice and Development
  • Historical Perspectives on Global Justice
  • The Ethics of Climate Change
  • Indigenous Rights and the »New Colonialism«
  • Cultural Relativism
  • Global Governance
  • War and Justice
  • Global Poverty
Submission of proposals
International Conference on the Cardinal Virtues
D.B. Reinhart Institute for Ethics in Leadership, Viterbo University
27.–29.3.2008 — La Crosse, WI (USA)
  • Learning to be Courageous
  • Courage in Peace
  • Leadership and Courage
  • Cultural Variations on Courage
  • Fear, Anger, and Pride
  • Cowardice
  • Courage in War
Submission of proposals
Collected and Collective Identities
2008 NEXUS Interdisciplinary Conference
University of Tennessee
28.–29.3.2008 — Knoxville, TN (USA)
  • Cosmopolitanisms
  • Counterpublics
  • Border Cultures
  • Virtual Communities
  • Collective Memory
  • Fraternity and Sorority: Gendered Communities
  • Urban Planning
  • National Identity
  • Fundamentalist/Extremist Communities
  • American and International Regionalisms
  • Organized Dissent
  • Queer Cultures
  • Families and Domesticities
  • Linguistic Communities
  • Ethics of Interaction
  • Exile, Immigration, and Refugee
Submission of proposals
Libraries from Human Rights Perspective
International Conference
Ramallah Center for Human Rights Studies (RCHRS)
31.3.–2.4.2008 — Ramallah (Palestine)
  • Libraries and Human Rights
  • Libraries and freedom of expression, freedom of access to information, academic freedom and libraries/ academic libraries
  • Libraries and diversity, libraries and tolerance/ acceptance of the other
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