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IV / 2006

Envío de propuestas
Ética contemporánea y memoria histórica
Congreso Internacional
Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Campus Ciudad de México
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Madrid
Universidad Autónoma de México, Unidad Iztapalapa
Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos
2.–6.10.2006 — México, D.F. (México)
  • Memoria histórica
    • El enigma del sufrimiento y la no violencia
    • La mirada de las víctimas
    • Ética anamnética: recordar para no repetir
  • Ética y política
    • Ética y política
    • Ética y administración pública
    • Ética y derecho
  • Ética y medios
    • Medios de comunicación como empresas
    • Periodismo e información
    • Pluralidad y contenidos: del individuo a la participación ciudadana
  • Ética y educación
    • Educación en tanto tal
    • Educación en ética
    • Ética en la educación
  • Ética y desarrollo
    • Trabajo
    • Pobreza
    • Tecnología
    • Medio Ambiente
Submission of proposals
Decentralisation, Federalism and Conflict
Interdisciplinary Workshop
Centre for Research on Inequality, Human Security and Ethnicity (CRISE), University of Oxford
6.–7.10.2006 — Oxford (UK)
The question of whether or not federalism and decentralisation encourage or ameliorate serious violent conflict has long been an issue in political science and development studies. However, there is an increasing realisation that these terms cover a broad range of political and economic structures and practices, which are unlikely to have a uniform relationship with conflict. This workshop aims to bring together experts from a range of fields with differing geographical areas of expertise in order to examine under what conditions such structures have affected, or are likely to affect, conflict propensity. Proposals are welcome from all social science disciplines, and from both theoretical and empirical perspectives. We are particularly interested in papers that examine how decentralisation and federalism affect the conflict-inequality nexus.
The Future of Democracy
Human Development, Religion and Cultural Values
Interdisciplinary Conference
Department of Philosophy, College of William and Mary
6.–7.10.2006 — Williamsburg, VA (USA)
  • Church-State Separation, Scientific Education, and Methodological Naturalism
  • Religious Faith, Liberal Democracy, and Human Rights
  • How Security Drives Religious Values: Issues and Evidence
  • Perfectionism and Democracy
  • Reason in Politics
  • The Democratic Body Corporate
Pluralism and Causality
Philosophical Workshop
Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science, London School of Economics
9.–10.10.2006 — London (UK)
Causal methods play a key role throughout the natural and social sciences and causality has long proved a challenging and difficult topic for philosophers. In this workshop, leading philosophers of science and statisticians critically discuss pluralism and causality. They address key questions such as: is it possible to hold a unified view of causality that applies to all situations? Or is pluralism preferable, adopting sometimes irreconcilable views of causality for different contexts? What hope do different, current views of causality (e.g. counterfactual, mechanistic, probabilistic) hold for either a pluralistic or non pluralistic treatment of causality?
Envío de resúmenes
Paz, democracia y desarrollo
Congreso Internacional
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
11.–13.10.2006 — Toluca, Méx. (México)
  • Derechos Humanos, Democracia y Paz
  • Comunicación, Educación y Cultura de Paz
  • Ciudadanía, Violencia y Desarrollo
  • Genero, Migración y Grupos Vulnerables
En Defensa de la Humanidad
IV Encuentro Mundial de Artistas e Intelectuales en Defensa de la Humanidad
Ministerio de la Cultura y Consejo Nacional de la Cultura de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela
Embajada de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela en Italia
11.–13.10.2006 — Roma (Italia)
  • Defensa de la soberanía y de la legalidad internacional
  • Defensa de la solidaridad y la integración de los pueblos
  • Defensa de la participación popular
  • Defensa de la veracidad y la pluralidad informativa
Submission of proposals
Cheikh Anta Diop
A 20-Year Retrospective, 1986-2006
International Conference
Association for Kemetic Nubian Heritage (ANKH)
13.–14.10.2006 — Philadelphia, PA (USA)
Scholars who are committed to the advancement of Africology as a discipline rather than as an aggregation of subjects about African people and who are determined to underscore the classical foundations of the discipline with serious interrogations of ancient and contemporary Africa, Caribbean, and American realities are invited to send proposals dealing with the Afrocentric paradigm, theories of location and dislocation, Pan Africanism and Afrocentricity, methods of Afrocentric research, and the application of cosmological, axiological, epistemological, and aesthetics/technological modes of inquiry.
Submission of proposals
Humanitarian Responses to Inflicted Suffering
International Conference
Humanities Institute and Human Rights Institute, University of Connecticut
13.–15.10.2006 — Storrs, CT (USA)
  • Slavery and Abolition
  • Apartheid
  • Colonialism and Decolonization
  • Genocide
  • Legal Institutions and Human Rights Commissions
  • Media and Visual Representations
Submission of proposals
Culture Matters
Understanding Development from the Perspectives of Marginal Communities
International Conference
Deshkal Society
13.–15.10.2006 — Dehli (India)
  • Alternative Indicators of Change and Well Being
  • Cultural and Ecological Resources, Communities and Survival
  • Solidarity, Communities and Development
  • Diversity, Multiple Voices and Development
  • Culture, Dignity and Empowerment
  • Capabilities, Culture and Marginal Communities
  • Social Taboos, Livelihood and Sustainability
  • Institutions, Communities and Modernity
  • Mobility, Marginality and Development
Submission of proposals
Identity Politics
Graduate Conference
Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism, University of Western Ontario
14.–15.10.2006 — London, ON (Canada)
  • feminist theory
  • queer theory
  • appropriation and containment of resistance
  • global strategies and local tactics
  • nationalisms and national identities
  • race and the racialization of identity categories
  • capitalism and identity
  • (dis)abilities and identities
  • politics of citizenship
  • First Nations
  • nation-state and indigenous identities
Submission of proposals
Colonial and Post-Colonial Remembering and Forgetfulness
Chimalpahin Conference 2006
Enkidu Magazine
16.–18.10.2006 — Chalco (Mexico)
  • Conquest and continuity
  • Borders and borderlands
  • Intra-ethnic translations
  • Representations of otherness
  • Historical stereotypes in the construction of the past and the present
  • Gendered spaces
  • Reinterpretations of history and history about colonialism and post-colonialism
  • Memory and archives
  • The interaction of categories like nation, gender, class, and religion
  • Education and nation-building in post-colonial societies
  • Identities in transition
  • Historical memory
  • Political memory
  • Narrative and myth
  • Voice and reflexivity in oral and written records
  • Storytelling, dialogue and discourse
  • Testimonial narratives
  • Memory and written record
  • Language, authority and silence
Envío de ponencias
Axiología y globalización
La filosofía frente a los retos del mundo actual
XIII Jornadas Filosóficas
Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Universidad Autónoma de Tlaxcala
19.–20.10.2006 — Tlaxcala, Tlax. (México)
  • El concepto de globalización y la filosofía
  • Ética y axiología ante los procesos de globalización
  • La educación en el contexto de la sociedad global
  • La reflexión política en tiempos de globalización
Einreichung von Vorschlägen
Dialog – Kultur – Philosophie
Philosophieren mit Kindern und Jugendlichen in einer transkulturellen Umgebung
Internationaler Kongress
Österreichische Gesellschaft für Kinderphilosophie
19.–22.10.2006 — Graz (Österreich)
  • Kultur und Erziehung
  • Transkulturalität und Transdisziplinarität
  • Citizenship und Demokratie
  • interkulturelle Kommunikation und globales Denken
  • lebenslanges Lernen, Aus- und Fortbildung
  • globales Lernen
Submission of proposals
Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
International Conference
Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy (SAGP)
Society for the Study of Islamic Philosophy and Science (SSIPS)
International Society for Neoplatonic Studies (ISNS)
Association of Chinese Philosophers in America (ACPA) Council for Philosophical Studies of Neoplatonism (CPSN)
Fordham University
20.–22.10.2006 — New York, NY (USA)
  • Ancient Greek philosophy
  • Medieval Christian philosophy
  • Medieval Jewish philosophy
  • Islamic philosophy
  • Asian philosophy (Chinese, Indic, Tibetan Buddhist and other Asian traditions)
Submission of proposals
Exploring the limits of global models for integration and use of historical and scientific information
International Workshop
Institute of Computer Science, Foundation for Research and Technology (ICS-FORTH)
23.–24.10.2006 — Heraklion (Greece)
Effective large scale information integration requires an agreement on the common semantics of the data structure elements and other categories employed. Recently, there has been increasing doubt about the possibility of global ontological models. However, knowledge integration based on mere similarity of categories, such as »inexact equivalence« does not allow for precise, global querying advanced reasoning, or interoperability. On the other hand, practical core ontologies such as CIDOC/CRM (ISO/PRF 21127) demonstrate a surprisingly wide validity over multiple domains.
This workshop explores the limits of such global models for integrating and making use of historical and scientific information, in order to enhance both, our theoretical understanding of the limits of ontological agreement in a specific application setting, and our practical understanding of how to implement effective large scale knowledge integration services and exploit the power of global models.
Diálogo Oriente-Occidente
Encuentro Internacional
Casa Asia
23.–24.10.2006 — Barcelona (España)
  • Derechos de la mujer y empoderamiento
  • Diálogo entre culturas sobre democracia
  • Valores universales, religión y derechos humanos
  • La ciudad, espacio de convivencia »glocal«
Pueblos Indígenas de América Latina
Ciudadanía, Constitucionalismo, Derechos
Coloquio Interdisciplinario
Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales (CEPC)
Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional (AECI)
23.–24.10.2006 — Madrid (España)
Submission of proposals
Africa's Indigenous Science and Knowledge Systems
2nd International Conference
Global Africa Foundation
Department of History, Nasarawa State University
24.–27.10.2006 — Keffi (Nigeria)
  • Conceptual issues related to science and indigenous knowledge systems
  • Ethical issues surrounding Intellectual Property Rights, Compensation for resource persons and experts; Principles for knowledge management
  • Indigenous knowledge systems and the curriculum
  • Case studies from the Disciplines:
    a. The interconnections between science and religion in a specific area
    b. Indigenous mathematical systems in particular ethnic, linguistic or cultural regions across the continent
    c. The Medical, Therepeutic value of Traditional Health Care; The scientic basis of traditional remedies; Constraints and Challenges in Traditional Health Care; Indigenous Practitioners; HIV/AIDS and the way forwatd
    d. Mental care and traditional methodologies
  • Triumphs and constraints in indigenous technologies with respect to cloth making, beer and other beverages, soap and cosmetics, metallurgy, building materials etc.
  • Comparative Regional Studies and lessons to be learnt from South East Asia, South Asia, China, Japan, and other regions
Envío de resúmenes
Delito, justicia y castigo en América Latina
Congreso Internacional de Estudios Latinoamericanos
Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento
Universidad del Bío Bío
25.–27.10.2006 — Chillán (Chile)
La violencia y la inseguridad se han mostrado como unos de los problemas que más preocupan a las sociedades latinoamericanas: sin embargo, esa preocupación ha sido por lo general percibida (y explotada) por los medios de comunicación antes que por las ciencias sociales y las instituciones publicas. El congreso apunta a reunir a especialistas en estos temas que sean capaces de colaborar en una reflexión crítica, multinacional e interdisciplinaria sobre los fenómenos de la justicia, del castigo y del delito en la América Latina de los últimos dos siglos. Esta reflexión espera aprovechar un amplio, pero disperso, conjunto de avances y discusiones sobre estos temas, de manera tal de facilitar el dialogo y el intercambio.
Submission of proposals
Transatlantic Conflict and Consensus
Culture, History, and Politics
4th Biennial Conference
Maastricht Center for Transatlantic Studies
Teikyo University Holland
25.–28.10.2006 — Maastricht (Netherlands)
The organizers welcome submissions covering the gamut of transatlantic conflict and consensus from the fields of literature, sociology, history political science, journalism, cultural studies, and others. The conference organizers hope to engender a multidisciplinary discussion of transatlantic relations.
Submission of proposals
Negritude: Legacy and Present Relevance
Senghor Colloquium
University of the West Indies
26.–27.10.2006 — Cave Hill (Barbados)
  • Léopold Sedar Senghor
  • Aimé Césaire
  • Francophonie, Languages and Negritude
  • Post-colonial Literature and Negritude
  • Black Identities in the Francophone World
  • Movements heirs of Negritude: Antillanity, Créolness
  • Challenging and Debate on Negritude
  • Present day status of African and Caribbean Literatures
  • Creative Writings Independent from/outside Negritude
  • Post-colonial History and Cultures
  • Dialogue of Cultures and Globalization
  • Philosophies of Africa and the Caribbean
  • Filmic and Artistic Responses/Divergences towards Negritude
Submission of proposals
Gender, Race, Ethnicity and Power in Maritime America
Interdisciplinary Conference
Mystic Seaport Museum
Frank C. Munson Institute of American Maritime Studies
26.–29.10.2006 — Mystic, CT (USA)
The program will engage a wide community of scholars, teachers, researchers, museum professionals, and the general public in an inclusive conversation about issues of gender, race, ethnicity, authority and power in American maritime history very broadly defined, in local, national, and global contexts. Sessions will be organized to foster an interdisciplinary dialogue among participants about the state of scholarship in the field, new research, and public access through institutional, educational, and media programming.
Submission of proposals
Multiethnic, Multiracial and Multicultural Society
Asia Culture Forum 2006
Asia's Future Initiative
26.–30.10.2006 — Gwangju (South Korea)
  • Migration within/to/from Asia
  • Migration policy
  • Integration and citizenship of newcomers
  • Irregular migration
  • Multiracial society
  • Multiculturalism
  • Picture brides
Submission of proposals
Levinas' Metaphysics
Right of the Other
International Conference
Department of Philosophy, Sofia University
27.–28.10.2006 — Sofia (Bulgaria)
The goal of the conference is to discuss the opportunities open by Levinas' Metaphysics. After centuries of modern reflective philosophy concentrated on the Self regarded as a subject and its relation to the world, objects, society, etc., Levinas' call to rethink this philosophy of subject' power and to take into consideration right of the Other, forms the great challenge of Postmodernity. According to Levinas, first philosophy is ethics rather than ontology, epistemology, logic, etc.
Submission of proposals
Gender and Religion in Global Perspectives
International Conference
Coordination for Gender Studies, University of Copenhagen
27.–28.10.2006 — Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • Gender and Religion. Troubling Agendas, Approaches and Practices in the 21st Century
  • Gender and the Power and Complexity of Symbols
  • Masculinities and Religious Mobilisations Around the Globe
  • Construtcion and Deconstruction of Gender. Global Value Surveys and Beyond
Submission of proposals
Security, Trust and Conflict
Annual Conference
Canadian Society for Women in Philosophy (CSWIP)
Trent University
27.–29.10.2006 — Peterborough, ON (Canada)
  • Political and economic security, security in the home, security of the body, food security
  • Issues related to war, peace, terrorism, and conflict resolution
  • Trust, distrust and related issues concerning privacy, fear, suspicion, honesty, and integrity
  • Medical, social and other forms of surveillance of bodies, individuals and populations
Envío de ponencias
Responsabilidad y Solidaridad
XI Jornadas Internacionales Interdisciplinarias
Fundación ICALA
1.–3.11.2006 — Río Cuarto (Argentina)
Se abordará el tema de las Jornadas en forma interdisciplinaria. Se espera que las ponencias hagan aportes relacionados con una comprensión de la responsabilidad en los diversos ámbitos de interacción: en el micro-ámbito de relaciones humanas (por ejemplo, responsabilidad padre-hijos), en el meso-ámbito de interacción (responsabilidad ciudadana) y en el macro-ámbito de praxis colectiva de la humanidad (responsabilidad para con las generaciones futuras). Se espera, asimismo, que las reflexiones filosóficas aborden cuestiones relacionadas con la articulación de la responsabilidad y la ética. Lo mismo vale para el concepto de solidaridad.
Submission of proposals
Conflict, Dialogue and Philosophy
International Conference
Royal Irish Academy
Irish Philosophical Society
2.–3.11.2006 — Dublin (Ireland)
The conference will explore the question of whether and how philosophy, and epistemology in particular, can play a role in attempts to understand and potentially resolve or mediate between conflicting belief-systems or rival narratives characteristic of such conflicts. Papers may focus on the more abstract side of the topic, its application to current situations and events, or ideally relate the two.
Submission of proposals
Trope, Affect, and Democratic Subjectivity
Interdisciplinary Conference
Center for Global Culture and Communication, Northwestern University
2.–4.11.2006 — Evanston, Il (USA)
The conference will feature plenary addresses by leading scholars in classics, comparative literature, political theory, communication studies, and other disciplines, as well as concurrent presentations. By »trope« we feature the productive capacity of discursive operations for transformation; by »affect« we mark the significance of latent economies of signification and social energy; by »democratic subjectivity« we orient towards the constitution of the political subject as a citizen capable of public participation and collective agency.
Der Sinn von Politik ist Freiheit
Politisches Denken im 21. Jahrhundert
Aus Anlass des 100. Geburtstags von Hannah Arendt
Internationale Tagung
Hermann-Cohen-Akademie für Religion, Wissenschaft und Kunst
2.–5.11.2006 — Berlin (Deutschland)
Die Frage nach der Bedeutung des Politischen zieht sich wie ein roter Faden durch das Gesamtwerk Hannah Arendts und steht grundlegend für ein Denken, das trotz der dunklen Befunde der realen Erfahrungen des 20. Jahrhunderts neue Wege der vita activa sucht in der Frage: Hat Politik überhaupt noch einen Sinn?
Okzidentalismus und Orientalismus stehen sich als zwei miteinander konkurrierende Weltentwürfe der Moderne gegenüber und versuchen sich beide mit politischen Machtmitteln durchzusetzen. Um gegen diese Entwicklung, der beide Seiten ausgesetzt sind, ansteuern zu können, müssen die Parameter von politischer, religiöser und geistiger Freiheit neu definiert werden, um nicht in die Gefahr zu geraten, Gewalt mit Gewalt zu beantworten, eine Entwicklung, die im Zeitalter der Globalisierung politische Systeme und somit den Weltfrieden zunehmend bedroht.
Wenn der Sinn von Politik in der Tat Freiheit ist, dann geht es darum, diese Freiheit gegen jegliche Vereinnahmung zu verteidigen.
Submission of proposals
1968: Global Resistance and Local Knowledge
Graduate Student Conference
Modern History and Literature Program, Caspersen School of Graduate Studies, Drew University
3.–4.11.2006 — Madison, NJ (USA)
  • Geographies of Protest
  • Gender Trouble
  • Protest and Print Culture
  • Popular Culture and the Media Massage
  • Political Ideologies
  • Theoretical Explorations
  • Counter-cultures
  • Technology
  • Religion
Slavery, Citizenship and the State
6th International ISOS Conference
Institute for the Study of Slavery (ISOS), University of Nottingham
4.–6.11.2006 — Nottingham (UK)
Submission of proposals
Translating Islam in the Multicultural World for Peace, Justice and Welfare
International Conference
Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Gunung Djati
7.–10.11.2006 — Bandung (Indonesia)
  • religion and human rights
  • religion and democracy
  • religion and gender issues
  • religion and science
  • religion, environment and health
  • religion and pluralism
Envío de ponencias
La construcción de América Latina
V Congreso Internacional de Pensamiento Latinoamericano
Red Continental de Pensamiento Latinoamericano
Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones Latinoamericanas (CEILAT), Universidad de Nariño
8.–10.11.2006 — San Juan De Pasto, Nariño (Colombia)
  • Pensamiento histórico, cultural y educativo latinoamericanos
  • Pensamiento económico, político y jurídico latinoamericanos
  • Pensamiento filosófico y cosmovisión andina latinoamericanos
  • Pensamiento literario e imaginarios latinoamericanos sobre el canon y los procesos de canonización de las literaturas y el arte en América Latina
Submission of proposals
The Locations of Power
International Symposium on Southern Africa
University of Cape Town
Emory University
10.–12.11.2006 — Atlanta, GA (USA)
  • The Problem of Authority and Power
  • State Formation and Capacity
  • The Sociology and Anthropology of Tyranny
  • Democratization in a Globalizing World
  • Violence and Memory
Un Siècle avec Levinas
Levinas – Blanchot, penser la différence
Colloque International
Levinas Ethical Legacy Foundation (LELF)
Association pour la Célébration du Centenaire d'Emmanuel Levinas (ACCEL)
13.–16.11.2006 — Paris (France)
  • Différence
  • Le dire et le dit
  • La présence du mal
  • Témoignage et communauté
  • Levinas, Blanchot et la philosophie contemporaine
  • L'alterité
  • L'être exposé
  • Le visible
  • L'éthique
  • L'amitié
  • Le judaïsme
  • L'écriture
  • La nuit, le neutre
Sociedad del Conocimiento y Diversidad Cultural
Simposio Interdisciplinario
Coordinación de Humanidades, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
13.–16.11.2006 — México, D.F. (México)
  • Problemas de la conceptualización de la sociedad del conocimiento
  • Generación, comunicación y apropiación social del conocimiento
  • Emociones, creatividad y conocimiento
  • Políticas sobre educación, ciencia, tecnología e innovación
Cultural Rights and Diversity
International Forum
Korean National Commission for UNESCO
Korea Culture and Tourism Policy Institute
Interarts Foundation
14.–15.11.2006 — Seoul (South Korea)
The main goal of this forum is to examine various perspectives on cultural rights and cultural diversity, including practical implications that are enshrined in international instruments. Also it will encourage the development of policies, programmes and projects to apply the principles as defined in the above mentioned UNESCO conventions. Moreover, in order to identify specific regional topics and issues, the forum will focus on cultural rights and diversity within the Asian context.
Submission of proposals
Race, Gender, and Nation in the Imperial US
Reconfigurations of Power in the Local and Global
105th Annual Meeting
American Anthropological Association (AAA)
15.–19.11.2006 — San Jose, CA (USA)
  • Cross-race and/or cross-gender alliances along class lines or lines of political struggle
  • Criminalizing and racializing the poor as a form of middle class solidarity
  • Poor peoples' campaigns
  • Cross-group organizing on prisons, healthcare, education, property zoning
  • Differential use of »race« within US »racial« groups
  • Differential investments in »whiteness« among European Americans of different class backgrounds and trajectories
  • Sexuality, race, and gender in housing markets
  • Differential imaginings of US nationalism along race, gender, and or class lines
  • Race, gender and nationalism among Gulf War and »War on Terror« veterans and their families
  • Gender and nationalism in American religious life
Konfliktfelder und Chancen einer multireligiösen Gesellschaft
Interreligiösen Arbeitsstelle INTRºA
17.–19.11.2006 — Iserlohn (Deutschland)
  • Wie hängen Kultur und Religion, Kultur und Herkunft zusammen?
  • Was muss man voneinander wissen, um miteinander leben zu können?
  • Welche gesellschaftlichen und kulturellen Bedingungen braucht es, damit sich Religionsgemeinschaften in einer Gesellschaft weiter entwickeln können?
Pogge and His Critics
International Conference
University of Newcastle
20.–21.11.2006 — Newcastle upon Tyne (UK)
Thomas Pogge is well known as one of the most influential philosophers working on issues of global justice today, in addition to his work on the philosophy of John Rawls. This conference brings together Pogge with his critics, examining the full range of his work in political philosophy.
Submission of proposals
The Transformation of Higher Education
International Influences
International Interdisciplinary Conference
Université du Littoral Cote d’Opale (ULCO)
20.–22.11.2006 — Boulogne-sur-Mer (France)
  • What is the nature of the current transformation of higher education?
  • What issues do the current changes of policy raise for the present and the future?
  • To what extent is the government of a nation-state free to implement its own higher education policy?
  • What influence do the European Union (via the Bologna process, Socrates…) and international organisations (OECD, World Bank, UNESCO) have on policy-making?
  • To what extent are there international policy transfers?
  • Do the European Union and international organisations introduce new innovative policies to different countries or are they there to legitimate policies already planned by national governments but which only the authority of an international organisation can enable their implementation?
  • What is the impact of the results international comparative studies on national policies?
  • To what extent has the policy, practice and culture of the English-speaking world influenced higher education policy?
  • Are there general patterns of convergence emerging from the policies taken by the different states on higher education?
Submission of proposals
Memory, Narrative, and Forgiveness
Reflecting on Ten Years of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Interdisciplinary Conference
University of Cape Town
22.–25.11.2006 — Cape Town (South Africa)
  • Is the language of apology and forgiveness appropriate in societies that have suffered mass atrocities?
  • Do apology and forgiveness have a role to play in ensuring that today's victims do not become tomorrow's perpetrators?
  • What are the obstacles that might hinder dialogue between children of victims and children of perpetrators, and how might these factors inform our understanding of the nature of trans-generational conflict?
  • Do forgiveness and reconciliation have a role in healing of past traumas?
  • What is the role of real-life narratives and literary narratives in historical understanding of, and working through trauma?
Assuming Cosmopolitanism
Critical Encounters between Cosmopolitanism and Development
International Conference
University of Manchester
Northumbria University
The Open University
23.–24.11.2006 — Manchester (UK)
  • Critiquing the assumed cosmopolitanism of international development theory and practice
  • Investigating the ways in which taking more nuanced cosmopolitan perspectives can illuminate development theory and practice, and reciprocally, how taking a developmental perspective can inform a critical cosmopolitanism
Global Ethics and Global Justice
International Colloquium
Center for Ethics and Value Inquiry, Ghent University
24.–25.11.2006 — Ghent (Belgium)
  • Varieties of Cosmopolitanism
  • Human Rights and Global Health
  • Cosmopolitanism and Trafficking for Forced Labour
  • World Poverty – Explanations and Responsibilities
  • Is a Global Ethic Possible or Desirable
Submission of proposals
Postcolonial Politics
International Symposium
Postcolonial Studies Research Network, University of Otago
27.–29.11.2006 — Dunedin (New Zealand)
  • Citizenship, Democracy
  • Capital, Labour, and Bio-politics
  • Bioethics, Ecocriticism, Politics of disaster
  • Migration, Immigration, Exile
  • Region / Religion / Politics and Culture
  • Empire, Globalisation, Terrorism, Aliens
  • Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Sexuality, Class, Indigeneity
  • Media, Culture, Arts, Literature
  • Food, Water, Epidemics and/or Pandemics
  • Sovereignty, Freedom, Justice
  • Opposition, Resistance, Complicity
  • Politics of Postcolonial Theory
Submission of proposals
Transformations 2006
Culture and the Environment in Human Development
2nd International Conference
Common Ground
Australian National University
27.–29.11.2006 — Canberra (Australia)
The focus of this conference will be on global and local trends in cultural diversity and sustainable development. Part of the agenda of the convening agencies of Transformations 2006 is to recognise, in a post-industrial, globalised world environment, that human development must be understood as a process that occurs both locally, but within a total environment. Furthermore, planning for development is not just a function of economics, social or political change, health advancement, human and cultural rights, the absence of physical violence, or sustainable physical environments. Rather, it is achieved within, and through, interplay of all these functions. We will analyse pressing tensions within local and international communities arising from the so called »clash of cultures« and government responses to evolving perceptions of religious, cultural, political and economic difference.
Submission of proposals
Southern Perspectives on Development
Dialogue or Division?
DevNet Conference 2006
The Aotearoa New Zealand International Development Studies Network (DevNet), University of Otago
30.11.–2.12.2006 — Dunedin (New Zealand)
  • Aid effectiveness and coordination
  • Climate change: implications for development
  • Completing the Pacific Rim – perspectives on Latin America
  • Community development in the international context
  • Contestations over water
  • Doing ›post-development‹: empowering the south?
  • General agreement on trade in services: Implications of current WTO negotiations for development
  • Indigenous peoples and development
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT): Potential for development or digital divide?
  • Linking sexual and reproductive health and poverty, the environment, HIV and AIDS
  • Monitoring the conversation between development partners
  • Pacific Island Countries (PICs) and Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs)
  • Politics of inequality
  • Post-conflict development (IPD)
  • Progress towards the Millennium Development Goals
  • Rural communities in the Pacific
  • Southern perspectives of human rights
  • Tourism and poverty reduction
  • Urban transformations in an era of globalisation
  • The state of development
Submission of proposals
Dialogue across Difference
Governance in a Multicultural Era
International Conference
Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University
4.–5.12.2006 — Canberra (Australia)
The conference will integrate empirical studies, social and political theory, and policy applications. Contributions will look at how governance across difference can proceed in legal systems, in innovative conflict resolution mechanisms, in decentralized governance networks, in the larger public sphere, and in transnational interaction. The conference will address different perspectives on culture and difference; whether there are grounds for dialogue across cultures, and what these might be; the motivation for members of diverse cultures to talk, and to listen, to one another; appropriate methods for cross-cultural communication; and the ways in which cultural differences have been seen as posing a problem of governance. A particular focus will be on the ways in which members of one culture pass judgment on and criticize the practices of another. This is a difficult topic, which raises a range of conceptual, normative, and governmental issues. These will be examined in relation to indigenous, immigrant, nation-state and trans-national communities.
Submission of proposals
Blacker Than Thou
Authenticity and Identity in the Diaspora
22nd Annual Conference on African American Culture and Philosophy
African Studies and Research Center, Purdue University
7.–9.12.2006 — West Lafayette, IN (USA)
  1. Configuring Blackness in specific geographic regions – especially explorations on:
    • Race in the »presence of absence« – invisibility, muted and/or silenced voices
    • Hyphenated blackness, as well as the adjective factor of nationality
    • Cross currents and tensions of being black and other
  2. Identify formation, including:
    • Implications of identity formation in children, including multi-racial adoptions
    • Cultural impact of »identifying black«
    • Structural plurality of identity formation and conflict
  3. Credentializing and centering blackness; interrogating blackness:
    • What is or isn't black – situational contextualization
    • Authentic representation of blackness in popular culture
    • Untangling the complexities of blackness
Justice in the Mirror
Law, Culture and the Making of History
Interdisciplinary Symposium
MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies, Yale University
8.–10.12.2006 — New Haven, CT (USA)
The symposium is designed to explore global developments related to recent international judicial, quasi-judicial and non-judicial mechanisms of international justice.
Submission of proposals
Towards a New World Civilization
3rd Global Symposium for Civil Society Organizations
Global Partnership for World Democracy
8.–11.12.2006 — Lucknow (India)
  • Structure of World Democracy and World Parliament
  • Education, Grassroot Movements and Role of Civil Society in building a ›New World Civilization‹
  • Nuclear Disarmament, Sustainable Development and World Peace
  • Inter-faith and Inter-religion dialogue and Conflict Resolution
  • Human Rights (includes Women and Children's Rights)
  • Role of Media in shaping a ›New World Civilization‹
Submission of proposals
The Borderpolitics of Whiteness
Interdisciplinary Conference
Department of Critical and Cultural Studies, Macquarie University
Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Association (ACRAWSA)
11.–13.12.2006 — Sydney (Australia)
  • whiteness and law
  • indigenous challenges/negotiations
  • whiteness and the beach
  • the Cronulla riots
  • whiteness and contested histories
  • race relations in community activism
  • whiteness in the work of contemporary artists
  • whiteness and sexual borders
  • whiteness and gendered borders
  • whiteness and the body
  • whiteness and language
  • white hybridities
  • whiteness and the state
  • whiteness and media technologies
  • whiteness and writing
  • whiteness and nationalism
  • whiteness and religion
  • whiteness and maps
  • whiteness and multiculturalism
  • whiteness and diasporas
  • whiteness in international relations
  • whiteness and terrorism
  • borders and war
  • whiteness and surveillance technologies
  • peacemaking processes
  • transnational whiteness
  • whiteness in institutional contexts
  • whiteness and medicine
  • whiteness and science
  • whiteness and education
  • whiteness and political economies
Submission of proposals
Global Communication of Fundamentalist Knowledge
International Conference
Globalization Programme, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Norwegian Air Force Academy
14.–16.12.2006 — Trondheim (Norway)
  1. Community, people and state
    • Concepts of power, religion and law in formations of communities and states
    • Concepts of power, religion and law in territorial disputes and international relations
  2. Fundamentalism and exegesis
    • Principles of epistemic and communal authority in exegesis
    • Esotericism, aestheticism and linguistics in exegesis
    • Exegeses and changes in communities, societies, states, and international relations
  3. Media and fundamentalist knowledge
    • The ways in which religious actors (whether states or trans-national networks) use global media to serve ethnic and national interests
    • The ways in which non-religious actors (whether states or trans-national networks) use global media to defend ethnic and national interests against religion
Submission of papers
Philosophy in the Emerging Age of Global Society
Interim World Philosophy Congress
Federation Internationale des Societies de Philosophie (FISP)
15.–17.12.2006 — New Delhi (India)
Plenary Sessions:
  1. Global Society for Peace and Progress: Problems and Prospects
  2. Science, Technology and Economy in Shaping Global Society
  3. Art, Literature and Ethics for Unity of Mankind
  1. Future of Civilization in the Post-Modern World
  2. Buddhism and Social Order
  3. Is Philosophy Regional or Global?
  4. Philosophy and Quality of Life in the Post-Modern World
Sections for Contributed Papers:
  1. Ethics, Aesthetics and Philosophy of Value
  2. Ontology, Epistemology and Phenomenology
  3. Social and Political Philosophy: Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights
  4. Philosophy of History, Culture and Religion
  5. Philosophy of Logic, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Cognitive Sciences
  6. Philosophy in Asia and the Pacific areas
  7. Philosophy in Euro-Asian World
  8. Philosophy of the New World: North and South America
  9. Philosophy of Africa and the West Asia
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